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random thoughts...here & there
Well hello there! Not really sure what I am doing, but here goes. just sharing thoughts here and there...few stories from my imagination..just as it says...random thoughts and I hope you enjoy...
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surprise from an old friend.
Posted:Mar 14, 2014 8:13 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2020 2:05 am

recently i reconnected with an old friend..not that kind,lol, but a friend whom i have always known, been able to call on for anything and he was there..both married to others over the yrs, seperated few times,but our lives always entwined as friends only. have i thought of crossing that line..sure, but the friendship was always so important. we fade apart but recently say hello again, and he flirts as always but it was different this time...both of us with those same spouses again (ugghh, those curveballs from life)...but this time...this time i take that chance...he tells me his feelings have always been as mine...treasuring the friendship but wanting and imagining more..well we have met twice, and although strange to begin with, the comfort we have always had with each other took over and we have shared some amazing sexcapades..lol we look at each and laugh,,thinking of all the missed chances over the years and lean in for another kiss with thoughts of whats to come... oh my what shall i do..
sweet nectar
Posted:Jan 20, 2014 6:40 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2020 2:13 am
she walks into the room.. she had left..
had a few errands to run.. and what the hell he was sleeping
peacefully... rushing back... she finds him still in a
slumber.... she carefullly and so quietly places her stuff
down.. slips off her sandals... her shorts... and slides
in the bed beside him... he doesnt move.. we were up late
til am hours... but so peaceful.... she knew how to wake
him.....she slides down lower on the bed beside him....
still no underwear... she liked that....ah... yes...
she slips off away from the bed.. finds the bag she is searching
for... the fresh peaches she had purchased from the little
fruit / veggie vendor..... they were still warm... and
so soft... she slices a few of them.. places a few ice cubes
around on them..... she returns to the room... he has rolled
over sorta on his right side... perfect position really
she thinks.... back to her knees.. beside the bed.. with
her surprise for him.... she slips the sheet away from him...
and admires him... remembering how very much he had pleasured
her the night before.... their first meeting.... they
both knew it would go that way.... but now.. she had something
to share with him.... she picked up a piece of the cooling
fruit.... the juice ran down her fingers....oh yes.. this
would be fun.... she bites into it.. with the sweet nectar
all over her lips... she slowly leans over him... allowing
just a few droplets of liquid to touch him there... she makes
sure he doesnt notice....she bites again.. allowing more
sweet nectar to fall down on him... it is warm and cool..
she leans closer to him... she sees it glistening on him..
it is so sweet.. she takes her tongue and gently removes
it from his skin...he flinches for a moment.. oh not yet..
dont wake... rest.. dream....he begins to harden almost
instantaneously.... she smiles... she bites a few small
nibbles of the moist fruit.. and allows her mouth to slowly
begin to take the tip of his cock into her mouth..... the
warmth from her mouth... the cool fruit... the memory so
vivid... of the nite before.. she wasnt sure what it was..
but.. he took a very deep breath .. as she looked up at him..
she knew he was wide awake now.... and she could tell.. this
was a very good way to start his day.... he sits up.. grabs
her.. and turns her around on the bed... snatches her panties
off.. and begins to slowly moun
t her...
friday afternoon at the office....
Posted:Jan 20, 2014 6:35 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2020 2:09 am
I sit at my desk.. mostly going over things from the wk... trying to remember all the little things that Iforgot to write down .... the crews are gone.. paid... and off for whatever adventure for the wknd.... only one service tech remained... he ran into a problem at his last emergency call out and said he would probaly just head home after that call. all the paperwork... invoices to do and i just wanna take off these shoes... and these stockings and get comfy... Had a meeting with a potential new customer,, had to dress for the position today.... soft silky knee length black skirt... yellow long sleeve silk blouse... lacey black bra and bikini panties... I rarely dress... but when i do, i can feel some of the crew admiring my features. I just wanna shed this business attire... but i have to finish things... What the hell.. its my office... right?, I stand and remove my shoes.. and slowly raise my skirt up high on my thigh and begin to remove the stockings... when I hear someone clear their throat. Startled I turn to see that last faithful service tech... standing there with paperwork in hand, looking so tired from a week of hell work, but yet.. so very vulnerable at the same time. I quickly slid my skirt down and sat down in my office chair.. trying to reassemble my attire.. but trying to finish removing the already half removed stockings..... he apologizes for intruding.. but didnt think anyone would still be at the office.. and he wanted to tie up loose ends while they were fresh on his mind. He started about 6 months ago.. hard worker, but shy.... very competent in his work but, not much of a social bee from what I could tell about him. I invited him to stay and finish his work, as I was tidying up my desk also... the moment of uncomfort seemed to have passed and we both began our own projects...... I could see him sitting at the desk diligently working and found myself watching him.. instead of doing my own work.. he sat there.. in just his tshirt now... slightly slumped over the desk.... he was a very attractive guy and for some reason, I was finally seeing him as that , instead of a just a service tech.. another co-worker. My work and my family & consume my time, I dont have the energy to even think about the guys that I work with in any other manner than co-workers and what their purpose within the company is. I am lost in thoughts.. of work.. but mostly thoughts about this man before my eyes.. when I realize that he is looking straight at me... I look away ,slightly blushing and he just smiles... gets up and walks into my office and sits on the corner of my desk and begins to talk to me as a woman.. not a co-worker.... we had chatted , but only about work.. never personal .. up close I noticed that he had those type of eyes.. that tell you, let's just do it... u know u wanna.... we talk for a few mins.. laughing, him still leaning on the corner of my desk.. me sitting in my chair.. i notice his eyes are looking down.. and i follow them.. my skirt had shifted up and you could see high upon my inner thigh.. and he likes what he sees.. i take my hand and slowly begin to slide it back down and he reaches down and stops me... begins telling me that he has wondered what i wore under those skirts when I had to dress like a lady... i smile and continue to look down, not wanting to gaze into his eyes.. for if I did, he would surely have me... i tried to stand and walk away, this was not a good situation and i knew it.. but damn.. i hadnt felt that feeling in a long time... that feeling of passion that was rising.... he put his hand on my shoulder to stop me from running away, then he stepped up behind me and began to move into me closer both hands on my shoulders.. caressing ... then i felt his warm breath upon my neck.. oh god.. this couldnt be happening... his hands seemed to be devouring me as his lips teased me with gentle kisses... he slowly moves around in front of me.... and lifts my head to look into his eyes... and i knew right then.. nothing else mattered.. that this sweet gentle young man would be mine right then... and there.......
Never saying Goodbye...i so miss my friend...
Posted:Oct 31, 2013 7:41 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2020 2:10 am

After 6 years, 6 exciting years.... oh my...
had it been that long since their first beachside meeting?,
it had been.. oh yes... and her mind begins to wander to some
of their encounters... the emotions flood through her
as she remembers all the pleasure that this man has given
her...the limits that he has pushed... and now he is leaving
her. But how can he be leaving her.. he was never really hers..
nor did she ever belong to him. They only shared stolen moments
together... when life allowed them.

He had been and become many things to her... her lover, her
"bitch" at times.. her .. haha.. but
not in the way that most would think.... he has made her laugh,
and think, and cry.. but the good kind of crying, and most
importantly.. he is her friend. She knew that this day would
come.. this day always came. It seems as if every time she
opened herself up.. allowed herself to be true to herself
with anyone... they eventually left. Was that why she chose
the ones that she did... because she knew they would eventually
leave.. before things got ... well for lack of a better word..
tricky. She began to slowly distance herself from him..
to stop thinking of their times together.. of how he filled
her completely and pushed her to one orgasm after another
so many times.... of how he just knew what she needed from
him.. when she walked in the door.. and she always knew exactly
what he needed most from her... her .. naked.. on her knees
in front of him within 5 mins of walking in the door. Oh how
she thought about his lovely thick cock... and taking him
into her mouth... and she cant forget how he would only cum..
when she wanted no more...when she couldnt cum again...and
only when she told him it was okay.... how would she deal
with not having that wonderful pleasure available upon
demand basically...... Im not sure where her dear friend
will go... but she hopes that he remembers her wetness..
the way she would gasp everytime he entered her... like
it was their first time... but with something so familiar
and right about it. whoever becomes his new friend.. where
ever he may land... is truly a lucky lucky lady. She may have
to tell him goodbye.. but she will always smile when she
remembers their times together.. and of course.. get so
very very wet.
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Posted:Oct 26, 2013 5:24 pm
Last Updated:Mar 11, 2014 2:53 pm

she anticipates the actual meeting.. she has thought about it all the way there.. well here she is.. stop waiting... she knocks at the door... and turns to look out into the blue sky.. the sun shining bright... she hears the door knob and turns to see him... she looks up and catches his glaze... eyes meet and they both smile... both just knowing.. that all is well.. and what is about to happen...... he extends his hand to her.... and welcomes her ... she enters... and immediately slips off her sandals.... and turns toward him....his hand has never left hers... as he begins to caress her arm.. upward to her shoulder.. as she turns to him.. he reaches down... for that first kiss.. that first hello.... their lips meet gently at first.. and he feels the tip of her tongue caressing the countours of his lips.. and he pulls her to him.. and they share a deep wet passionate kiss.... their tongues beginning the exploration.... he feels her hands on his back...tracing the outline of his shoulder blades... his back... as he begins to feel her softness.... they both know.. and they have known that when they finally met.. it was going to be an afternoon to remember for a while.. as they continued their journey into friendship.. of open trust... but no expectations other than sharing smiles... and a few ooohhs and ahhhs i hope....

they share a few laughs.. a few stories of each other.... he offers her something to drink.. which she gladly takes......hot day ..... and she is nervous.. almost giddy from finally meeting him.. all the teasing.. all the emails....... they flirt... they make each other smile.. i mean really smile... each of them taking the chance when presented to touch the other.... knowing what both have in mind.... how much more could they each stand..... she gets up and walks by him.. and he reaches for her... she stops and looks back at him.... nothing else needs to be said....she leans into him.. takes his face into her hands.. she peers into his eyes.. and she knows.. that she wants this man.. no... she has to have this man.. right now..... she allows her lips to touch his so softly.. he begins to kiss.. and she pulls away.. and smiles... she leans in and kisses his cheek softly.. his earlobe... his neck.... slow.. easy kisses... teasing kisses.... slowly running her tongue along his jawline.....and she kisses him passionately... pulling him into her.... then slow laying him back onto the bed..... caressing his shoulders... his chest.. oh yes.. that sweet gorgeous chest.. she has thought about it.. down his tummy area.. she can feel herself getting so wet... oh how long she has dreamed of getting him in this very position... kissing... tracing certain areas with her tongue.... working her way slowly down.. she needs to feel him... taste him... make him writhe with enjoyment beneath her skillful tongue.. lips.. and hands.....
afternoon on a creekbank...with a new friend
Posted:Oct 26, 2013 5:20 pm
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2020 2:11 am

The day started out hurried as usual.. but she knew it would become a peaceful relaxing day soon. She had no plans for the day.. other than giving herself some much needed rest. After all her usual things to do, she decided to take a break and head down to the boat launch area for some much needed sun. She enjoyed the peace and solitude of being down there.. knowing that only an occasional fisherman on a boat would ease down the creek, but otherwise her am would be uninterrupted. Slowly she spreads out her blankie and positions her stuff around.. her earphones.. her towel.. her lotion... ahhh the lotion... it was so warm from the sun heating it... she begins to spray it carefully over her already tanned skin... yes it felt good. She walks around the area.. wading a bit out in the cold river water....it was nice for sure, and no sign of fishermen around.. that was a good thing.... returning to her blankie.. she positions herself down on her tummy to begin with.... sun shining bright on her back and her smooth ass... yes.. definitely need sun there today....as the time passes she thought she heard a boat.. but looking up.. nope. no sign of anyone... so she returns to her music and worshipping the sun gods..... okay.. she hears the noise again. she is certain this time... she sits up, removing the earphones so she can see and hear better... but still nothing... must just be a little paranoid... lying on her back now with the sun glistening so hot on her body.. her breast soaking up the sun like a sponge.... she can feel someone there.... can sense their eyes upon her. She peeks quickly and sees him standing there.. at the edge of the tree line... this isnt the first time.. she has seen him before watching her from a boat once... he must be the guy that has the house boat at the entrance to the small creek, but why was he down here.. after all .. it is private property.. wanting to see just how far he would go.. and what his reaction would be... she decides to tease him a bit... pretending to be relaxed she begins to wiggle a bit on the blankie.. caressing her sweaty skin... running her fingertips lightly across her breast.. making those nipples stand to attention... tracing the stomach line .. down further.... slipping the ends of her fingers beneath the bottom of her swimsuit.. yes she can see him definitely now.. but he doesnt know she is watching him also. He just stands there.... watching her.. leaning against a big old cypress tree. Unsure if it was just the heat... the fact that she was so horny this am when she woke anyway.. or the fact that this man was watching her so intently and seemed to be enjoying it immensely... but she could feel herself becoming even more moist and wanting someone to tease and play with her. How far will he go.. will he stay if she gets up.. will he walk away back into the safety of the woods or will he finally acknowledge that he has been watching her for weeks...What the hell.. she decides to chance it and she sits up on the blankie... and pretends to look around for the first time... as if coming out of a slumber..... but he is gone... where.. how did he get away that quickly. She was sure that he would not leave this time.. but he vanished. Not today she thinks.. it is too perfect of a day... it's time to discover who this man is. Quickly she just slips a thin shirt over her sweaty, oily tits and slides her feet into her shoes and off down the woodsy trail she goes. It is a easy trail.. he has apparently made the trip down the creek bank more than once.. she easily finds his houseboat.. back amongst the trees.. anchored there. But no sign of him... where is he.... so very sneaky she approaches, , determined to become the hunter instead of the hunted. She hears a noise as she rounds the side of the boat and there he is... just about waist deep in the cold water.. how could he stand it.. it was still so very cold...... he was positioned with his back to her.. she could finally get a good look at him... you could see the muscles under the tanned skin... working back and forth as he bent back and forth up and down in the water....not a bad specimen of a man afterall.. she could really finally see him and oh my... very nice indeed... wavy brown hair... and a very kissable chest indeed... she positions herself to watch him... to admire him.. and she does for a few mins... but she gets too comfy watching and doesnt realize that he has turned completely toward her and she now has become the hunted again. She looks up and realizes he is smiling at her.. and walking toward her now... what should she do... too late to pretend that she wasnt staring.. too late to run back to her safe area... she smiles back as he extends his hand to her with a very polite .." hello maam'.. i really didnt mean to disturb you earlier ". He has such a rustic woodsy appearance , but yet an innocent vulnerable smile. He continues to talk to her.. tell her how he would walk that trail every day.. just to see if she was sunbathing that day..... he had watched her so many times he tells her and admired her, but always worried about approaching, how she would react. She had teased him over and over again without even knowing it.. and now.. he had her there.. right in front of him... and all inhibitions and concerns were vanished. He tells her how much he has wanted to make slow passionate love to her right where she sunbathed, how many times he wanted to just walk up to her and begin kissing her thighs....she is slightly blushing now.... thinking how she would have loved to wake from a light slumber to see this man enjoying her...she looks up to his sweet eyes in time for him to place his hands on her chin and pull her to him for a gentle kiss.... gentle beginning.. but turns into a hard.. passionate kiss, exploring each other.... discovering how very hungry each one truly is... as she pulls back away from him.. she knows that deep within she wants him.. that everything within her is telling her to go for it.. to have some fun.. to explore with this stranger...he can see it in her eyes also.. that she wants him as much as he wants her.. so he decides to wait no longer.. he carefully lies her back and begins kissing her upper thighs... rubbing his hands alongside the outer thigh....as she caresses his shoulders and his small curls.. inviting him. welcoming him to share her body.... he moves slow kisses and nuzzles up her tummy.. pushing her shirt up.. up higher.. higher kisses.... until her breast are exposed.. and now he is above her.....watching, , admiring....as he begins to tease one nipple first.. and then the other.... gentle nibbles... oh god .. she hasnt felt so alive in so long.. what was it.. the outdoors.. the stranger there, , who cares.... she wanted it to not stop...she gets so lost in the fact that he was devouring every inch of her body.. like he couldnt kiss enough.. touch enough... as he began to slide his hand between her legs.. pulling back the side of her bathing suit... she knew if he touched her clit.. that she would be lost.. that she would be his to do with however... and oh god.. he did.. it felt like an electric pulse shooting through her body... she knew he could tell how her pussy responded to him, because he looked at her and smiled. His kisses were closer... his breath so warm... as he pulls her suit to the side once again and slides his tongue gently down her lips.. one then the other. teasing her... he knew he had her now.. she would do as he wanted .. without question. He reaches up and pulls her up to a sitting position and then down on her feet... he has watched her wiggle that ass around for weeks now.. he had known how he would take her, , when the chance presented itself... he turns her around and instructs her to bend over the end of the boat.. she can almost feel herself dripping from anticipation of what was coming... he did not know that what he was about to do was exactly what she wanted and had needed for weeks..he kisses her neck.. reaching around pulling her back to him as he squeezes her breast, , teasing those hard nipples...then he pushes her down and reaches down.. his cock is so hard.. it has been.. since he looked around and saw her standing there at the end of his boat... he takes the head and gentle rubs it up and down her wet slit... she wiggles beneath him..... wanting him so much now.. but not yet.. he has to make her want him so badly.. she cant take it no longer. he wants her to ask for it.. to almost beg him to take her... he positions his hard cock.. just enough that it teases her pussy.. slides to her clit... he whispers to her.. "tell me what you want".... and she mumbles ... he asks her again" tell me what you want".. "you cant have it until u tell me..."..... as he strokes her clit again... she cries" i want you to fuck me... fuck my wet pussy so hard for me" and before she finished her statement he has shoved his hard cock deep into her warm wet pussy... oh god .. he never imagined how good it was going to feel.. he thought about it.. but never thought it could be like this... she is wiggling beneath him... pushing back onto his cock... damn she needs to be fucked so bad right now.. she is incredibly horny...and his cock fills her completely.. she cant get enough of him... as he continues to stroke her pussy.. slow and gentle they tease each other... then faster, as he spanks her ass gently and asks her if she likes it like that... she moans oh yes baby as she reaches under to caress her clit.. and tease his swaying balls.... god he feels divine and him having his way with her like this has made her mad with lust..... she pulls away from him and leads him to this outstretched lawn chair on the deck of the boat.. she tells him to sit.. that it is her turn to have some fun with him... as she kneels in front of him.... she finally gets a really good look at how thick his cock is... and damn so hard.... as she makes him lean back.. she stands above him and straddles him... his cock sticking straight up .. wanting more.. so much more... as she positions her wet pussy right above him and slowly squats back down on his cock.. he takes a deep breath and holds it for a moment..... she looks down at him and smiles.... squatting there.. working her pussy back and forth on his cock.. he reaches up to tease her nipples.. to caress her tits.... she continues to stroke his cock and listening to his breathing .. she knows he isnt far now... as she repositions herself completely down on him.. so she can grind her wetness all over him... He pumps up and down wanting to fuck her more and more.. as she continues to pivot on his hard cock.... he reaches up and pulls her down to him.. he kisses her deeply and passionately as they continue to work their bodies as one.. and as he begins to release her from his kiss.. he can feel her body.. reacting.. tensing up.. her pussy is pulsating around his cock.. and he cant take it any longer.. he rolls her over and mounts her .. her legs highup by her ears now.. as he fucks her... so hard.. he knows she is cumming for him right now.. he can feel it all over his cock... and he cant take anymore.. he feels himself building to explosion.. and as he begins to cum.. he sprays all over her nicely tanned tummy... she reaches down and massages it deep within her skin.. like it was her tanning lotion..... as she gazes up at him and smiles.. her blue eyes so bright and still so very hungry.. and they both realize.... lazy days on the creek will never be the same for either of them again.....
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you truly cant go back...
Posted:Aug 16, 2013 7:09 pm
Last Updated:Aug 5, 2014 5:41 pm

recently I reconnected with a good friend that I have known and shared many laughs and hopes/dreams with over the last 9 yrs....even though miles seperate us we have kept in touch and remained close. We had the chance to spend a few days together...and I was very excited to see him..as it has been almost 3 yrs. Its funny how you dont realize how much you have changed in such a short time. The memories you share sometimes should remain just that..memories. Treasure them, keep them safe and bring them down every now and then when you are feeling nostalgic...but never try to go back and recapture more. Chances are that the circumstances the people involved..arent anywhere near the same as they were...and a little piece of that happiness from those memories slowly dies away...and your heart breaks just a bit...
summer is upon us....
Posted:May 28, 2013 5:19 am
Last Updated:Dec 28, 2017 8:46 am

....and that means that my work schedule is beginning to be more steady... friday to mondays usually of course... and that leaves a few days a week of free time. My youngest is still at home, and out of school for the summer.. but as he enters teenagehood (14 this year).. lol... hanging out with mom isnt the cool thing to do any longer.... Life has my other sons busy and I rarely see them, which saddens me, but makes me proud in other ways.. that I have raised them to be self sufficient and handle their own shit without coming to mama. So with all this free time... what ever shall I do with myself.... Any ideas...

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