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Adult resort fantasy  

sensualmaninmn 59M  
208 posts
3/9/2011 7:37 am
Adult resort fantasy

I was having a conversation recently with a friend that is very active in the lifestyle, and has been to numerous adult parties and resorts in Minnesota and Wisconsin. It brought to mind a long-standing fantasy I have....

I am at an adult campground, where clothing is optional. I go to the tiki bar, grab a drink, and begin socializing with people. I strike up a conversation with a woman (never mind that neither of us have clothes on). We sit down and have a wonderful conversation about our lives, interests and the lifestyle. Pretty soon, we begin to notice a few couples that have stepped away from the bar area, and gone to be intimate in the nearby grass leading to the lake -- off in the distance, yet still in full view of everyone. We both glance at one another, smile, and take one anothers hand as we go off to find our own place on the grass.

The summer sun is shining as we lay down and wrap our bodies around one another -- passionate kisses, our hands moving briskly over each other, glancing into one anothers eyes, and then we enter one another. Seeing other couples (without gawking) nearby enjoying themselves in complete freedom in the great outdoors is a real turn on for both of us, and we soon found ourselves becoming one with each other and nature. We both have earth-shattering orgasms (hmm perhaps the earth was shattering because of the other couples nearby, lol). After "afterglowing" in each others arms, we get up and return to the larger group at the bar area, our smiles evident to everyone there

Have any of you (men or women) ever fantasized about this or a similar scenario? Furthermore, have you actually lived this out? Would love to read your thoughts and experiences.

Gottdatgood 55F  
1322 posts
6/2/2020 4:28 pm

That sounds like something we should do, wow, how intense would that. Earth shattering orgasms definitely.


author51 57F  
96519 posts
6/2/2020 11:41 pm

I have never been to one but would love to do precisely this with a man of interest...Sounds like a great fantasy...

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

sensualmaninmn 59M  
519 posts
6/3/2020 5:06 am

At the time I wrote this, I was talking with a woman that was in a open "Menage-A Trois" relationship. She and her man were vendors at adult campgrounds in Minnesota and WIsconsin when they had special events. She described the open atmosphere that the campgrounds, and it inspired me to write the above piece. The major difference between then-and-now is that I have matured and become much more sensual in that I tend to bond with a woman I am sexual with, meaning if the chemistry I wrote about transpired, I would be very disappointed and perhaps hurt if it were just a one time thing. That has happened in less fanciful situations, so I suppose for the sheer joy and and fulfillment, it is still a risk worth taking.

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