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Are you "Shy"?  

sensualmaninmn 58M  
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12/8/2019 6:51 pm
Are you "Shy"?

I confess -- By nature, I am. However, through both education and taking the initiative put myself " there", I have overcome shyness and can easily initiate a conversation with a stranger, either in person or over the phone.

I have come believe most of us understand that communication on the internet has allowed us practically all defenses and speak our minds, fantasies and desires. Those of us on Facebook, Twitter, and other mainstream social media platforms see this on a daily basis when comes the political and social issues of our day. But for the sake of the fact we are on a hook-up site, I am going limit the focus of this post tp meeting people online.

AdultFriendFinder, et al, allows us "cut the chase" and be upfront about our desires meet people of like-mind share friendship, companionship, sexual intimacy, and perhaps more. The downside this type of this still-modern way of hooking up is that it has established what I would an "Alt-reality" where many people are living their fantasies online (often in explicit detail), but when confronted with reality would never step of their comfort zones and live them out in the real world with a real person. In many cases, both men and women are shy or otherwise socially awkward find comfort and satisfaction from living a certain scenario up to , and including, making plans with someone, and then reality hits when the sincere, willing person on the receiving end is stood up.

Are you what is considered "shy"? Don't get me wrong--I don't have anything against shy people --There are those that carry baggage from any if situations including emotional and physical abuse, and it's a long journey back to healing and trust. However, please try grasp that in the mist of your pain and awkwardness there are others with feelings and emotions on the other end of this seemingly cold technology. If you are looking for cyber and other online .. that is perfectly fine -- just state your intent . For those that are upfront about not wanting meet people in person, I want say thank you so much -- You have utmost respect!

BiggLala 48F  
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12/9/2019 11:08 am

Shyness could be one reason why some people are 'all talk, no action'. However, that doesn't matter much. The impact is the same...those people are not here to personally meet other people.

I've learned to not engage in overly and overtly sexual conversations, sexual chat or sexting with men (because that's who I seek). Those men strictly want virtual wank fodder. I think we can have sexual discussions to learn about the other person's interest and desires. Conversations that start with 'I like your mouth. Can I fuck it?', is another matter.

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sensualmaninmn replies on 12/10/2019 3:43 pm:
"Virtual Wank Fodder" -- I like it! If you recall the days when phone sex was very popular (pre-internet), a common scenario was that when two were going at, the man (and sometimes the woman too) would hang up immediately after cumming. No sharing of afterglow thoughts. No cooling down together. No expression of appreciation. Just wham, bam, done. Similar scenario today, just dynamics are different, as typing on a screen provides a great deal more anonymity than interacting on the phone.. well within the comfort zone of even the most shy. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insights-- probably a good idea not to get into sexting and overly sexual conversations online. If you are ever in Minnesota....

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