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Fear of growing close to someone..  

sensualmaninmn 59M  
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10/22/2010 10:08 am
Fear of growing close to someone..

Well, not me, lol, but I am finding that many women I have met are afraid and/or not interested in the intimacy that comes with sex. To be, intelligent conversation, touching, kissing, caressing, sucking etc. is a necessary element to get me hot and ready to enter my partner. It is a sensation almost beyond description to feel one with your partner, give your all to them, and vice-versa. I have met many women that want their needs met, but only a small number that desire intimacy....

lighthousecollec 57F  
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4/26/2020 5:31 am

I for one like the intimacy. I love to cuddle afterwards. I have meet a few guys who do not and when they ask to come back I say no. It's not satisfying to me in the least. To me I need all of the kissing, touching and so forth to completely enjoy my time with my partner and it makes me that much hotter when you are touching and frenck kissing each other.

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sensualmaninmn replies on 4/26/2020 6:31 am:
Wow. That post is 10 years old, but unlike others, it is still very relevant and true today. Thanks for digging deeper and exploring the complexities of this sensual man.

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