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The 2019 Biking Season is History..  

sensualmaninmn 58M  
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12/16/2019 3:23 pm
The 2019 Biking Season is History..

And referring to bicycling, though I am sure most motorcyclists have their suicide machines parked for the winter too, least here in the Upper Midwest.

Even still, with snow and ice everywhere, you see brave (or foolish) souls traversing the city streets and trails on their bicycles. I understand that for some it is their only mode of transportation. For others, the thrill and freedom of bicycling can't be confined to the relatively snow-free months of the year in Minnesota, so they outfit their bikes with snow tires (fat, with deep grabber treads) and brave the elements and obstacles.

Not me. Although the cold (unless it is extreme) doesn't bother me, the fear of encountering ice and wiping out does-- A fear that intensifies as you get older-- Therefore, I am content to just let my bicycle hang in the garage, cherish the 2019 memories, and start planning trips for 2020. Want to join me?

Here are some highlights from the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2019...

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