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Silent Observation

1 - Two people actively write here. ( Email & IM's too )
2 - One is male; One is female.
3 - The female usually inserts photos into posts.
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It's Official My Panties Are Wet ( Her )
Posted:Jul 2, 2019 6:51 am
Last Updated:Jan 14, 2020 1:54 pm
I don't get excited much these days. And I'm officially excited. I'm coming out of retirement -- after my last relationship break up oh probably 2 years ago ( Not with my husband with my other partner, I'm Poly ) and then with my husbands medical issues, surgery -- etc ( Bladder Cancer ) I've been pretty much, not meeting anyone.

Hubby is back to his normal self, he's even courting a new woman he can explore his Sadistic side with. So I figured I better get some distractions and start meeting new people; possibilities as well.

I've engaged with 5 individuals and a few have my interests. One in particular who is looking for one Mistress and he is bisexual. He's even gotten me to contact former submissives ( who emailed and are game ) to fulfill his desires.

is what has me wet. MFM with 2 bisexual males...… . .. .

cock sucking males. oh fuck 'll tease me beyond belief.

Things are going to get interesting. Quick.

( Others are writing.. )

I swear me being aroused gets me like 20 new friends.

butt Princess does love her dolls.
The Ghost of Myself
Posted:Mar 12, 2019 8:07 pm
Last Updated:Aug 7, 2019 3:12 am
I just love feeling
of my clothes
leaving my skin
gently following my form
on their journey
their fall
to the floor

how my eyes open in moment
how I smile
and how I know then
it is time to move forward
to take step
into the marble
as the mist
almost tells me in a whisper
to close my eyes
to make a wish
I step in to the hot water
with my dreams
joining amongst the drops
as it cleanses me
and shows me
what it does

I take to the chore
of washing my hair
my skin
feeling it remove the soap
as lovers removed many a negligee
I even, giggle and move away
playfully, almost feeling those kisses
upon my shoulders
hold such passionate promises....
and I ran into a friend there
oh you boys do like 2 girls
it was a girl. a woman
and oh how the water brought my attention
to her form... her belly
her sexual -- healing
between those legs
so wet, so warm ---
how her laughter just echo'd
deep within my core
as she reminded me
of something I had forgotten
in a mischievous kiss
a deep, playful kiss

she reminded me of marathon sex
INTENSE, marathon sex
how without realizing it, I feel
perhaps, I clenched
those worked out areas
until I was where I was
In the shower
how ---
the hot water
caused this full release
as I'd let go
and become this cat
on a hot tin roof
grabbing onto walls
slippery walls
unable to hold on to anything
and I'd squirt
release fully
the water
bringing the final orgasm of the night
and I'd giggle to myself
as I'd stand in the water
being cleansed, smiling
like I did tonight
when I met,
the ghost of myself

written by Her

Posted:Feb 1, 2019 1:19 pm
Last Updated:Jul 1, 2019 12:27 pm
"FANTASY" will be a new series of posts. Interactions often inspire fantasies and as I come out of retirement so to say I think it will be fun to chronicle for if I come attached to a fantasy I will make it a reality. Most are fleeting moments though. Like this one.

He said he won't apologize for my teasing video to have aroused him.

And a smile came to my face. The knowledge---
That, if, I wanted him to apologize for that -- he would be.

And just like that I began painting the fantasy in. I was in my basement again. I finally got that big screen television put in and that teasing video was playing and I heard leather and chains. Although I rarely use restraints. I like ---- invisible ones; Actions and seeds developing and growing atmospheres... and I was enjoying. This man on his knees, masturbating as he apologized over and over again to me in his actions. It was this plead of a beg asking me for permission to cum..

And now endlessly entertained by chewing on just what I did to get him to that point.

Those sounds of leather and chains to make me aware I wasn't alone there. I mean more than this one on his knees were present. I'd wager it was my girls; my submissives.. and I know they had a hand in whatever it was...

Written by Her
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Posted:Feb 1, 2019 11:29 am
Last Updated:Jul 1, 2019 12:26 pm
I get such a kick out of my husband and his frustration. I even giggle at the men who will watch my tease video and write me emails -- totally ignoring him.

Boys. He is your asset.
I'd say he is the fastest way to get to me - the one you all ignore.

I can be quite a handful and man do I just LOVE POKING you fellas. Some in the past have called me a tease and yes -- I am. I love teasing and being teased it is called : FOREPLAY. HELLO.

Take 2 Winters ago as an example. My husband worked around the clock. Overtime. My other partner was in Japan -- I was teasing them both via cell -- online on the blogs -- saying how its amazing having zero sex with having 2 husbands and being all lonely.. frustrating the bejeebers out of them. Pushing all their buttons --- Guess what - they called a friend ( of ours ) to come be their hands... and then when they returned they called him again and I got the fun of all 3 of them. Their goal was to make me beg them to stop.

really taught me a lesson.


Yet think about it -- if you include my husband on an idea, he has the means to make it happen and he -- thinks like you --being he is a man. He has no bisexual ideas or interests this time -- just likes sharing me. It's our new foreplay since 've been together a decade.

Open your box boys -- to new ideas.

've had to ( His bladder cancer ) -- and nothing is going to stop our sex life. Nothing -- are: The Creative.

Written by Her

Why, Hallo --
Posted:Jan 26, 2019 2:09 pm
Last Updated:Jul 1, 2019 11:18 am
I was watching a new favorite show of mine; Well, the season of a newer - favorite show of mine. ( I watch seasons on DVDs vs the show when it's on. Due to my schedule and want, to do list. ) The show is called: GRACE & FRANKIE. It has Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. I just finished watching season 4. IT -- is why I remembered I had a profile here. ( I haven't visited in half a year. I'm glad my husbands maintained our profile/ conversations. You guys should remind him to remind me this place exists once in awhile. ) In the show though a character was looking to make new 'vanilla' friends because he was lonely. Which is why it was very funny that he was doing it on this site. Oh I had a good laugh.

I started watching that show because my love of Jane & Lily. They were -- I guess you could say my very first introduction to BDSM. In that movie 9 to 5 ( with Dolly Parton ) which I also bought recently to watch and never have --- yet...

My attention span feels to be getting shorter and shorter in my old age. of 46. ( I had to ask my husband how old I was today. I was feeling 35ish. )

I aged over a decade since I've been here last. Just -- wow.

What's new?

Well those "strings" can be pretty dangerous I learned. Strings have been stealing a lot of time. ( NEEDLEPOINT - LOVE IT!! ) Today I took a break from my huge project "Tree of Life" that I've been diddling with. I got these throw blankets from Walmart on clearance and I'm sewing 4 together to make a comforter for my bohemian room. If you've seen those mermaid pillows made of sequins the blankets are just like that. I call it my dragon quilt. It feels like a blanket of dragon hide or at least my huge imagination thinks so -- but those strings. I can see why they are so feared now.

Well back to my strings. I have a goal to finish that blanket today. I'll post photos of it when finished. Then add more --- !!!

---------- The Mrs.

"What have you been up to?" by Her
Posted:Jun 28, 2018 10:55 am
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2019 1:50 pm
He was surprised when she said, "Yes, sure, come over. " He was so use to finding her doing whatever it was she was doing. It roughly translated into: NOT AVAILABLE. She'd sometimes not even respond in words. She liked sending photos and then nothing else. He has gotten a photo of the needlepoint she is doing a few times. He has gotten several hiking photos or waterfall photos. He liked those, it often inspired her to do outdoor nudity photographs. Such a: "You want this, come get it." It is an invitation. She is very much a river. You need to be able to catch up with her and then flow with her. When you can -- it's breathtaking and amazing.

I'm also a fan of her gardening photos. Her sunbathing photos. I do send her photos back that she enjoys just as much. She loves my videos to. We tease each other until it becomes this: MUST MEET. Most of the photos from conversations with me I do see she puts up in her blogs. Well, back when she was here regularly. I even enjoy the photos I never have seen. They make me grin wickedly. Most are from conversations between her and-- long established friends.

I thought I'd make mention of this for if she doesn't know you and you go there with her. Let's just say she'll give you the same courtesy you are giving her. She is good for mirroring or mimicking your actions. It's just unfortunately the sadistic little in her you are then playing with. Chances are she is fantasizing of possibly inserting sounds in your penis. She'll bring something out of her bags of tricks you won't recognize but you'll never forget. Pain is usually involved. She likes having you mirror how you made her feel. She may even restrain you and have another man suck your cock. Especially if you ask her about if she has any girlfriends that could join. She'll squeal with delight and reply: "WHY YES!!" She does enjoy dressing man up as a girl. THE GIRL HAS ONE HELL OF AN IMAGINATION. If it is okay for you to forget your manners. She'll take it as it is okay to forget hers. She sees it as doing a service for her follow females. She'll teach you. I should also add that if you like this and want this from her. I also do not suggest it -- for it will be and I quote: "A wham bam thank you ma'am- never see you again."

Although there is that one rare exception. There is one long time established lover of hers that started this way and continues this way …. She finds him: "ENTERTAINING".

It was weird though coming in this time to see her. There's usually at least a week of teasing with photo's & video's first. There has NEVER been this immediate, "Yes. Sure. Come on over."

She offered me a seat and she sat on the opposite couch, smiling softly. She was dressed in an actual dress, heels. Usually it was lingerie and she was in bed. She likes my good mornings. They're rare, hell over a year sometimes goes by. When you run a business and have just as many interests and responsibilities as she does. The wind just needs to blow us a reminder and then - BAM. We are there together.

"So Grace, what have you been up to?" I asked. "You know me, busy. I have so much to do but I'm finally learning how to balance and fit more in that I enjoy. Are you thirsty?" she asked. I immediately looked in her lap and I was thirsty. "How about some lemonade." she said. I then realized we weren't alone. I heard someone in the kitchen. Oh did I pray it was one of her husbands female submissives living with them. It wasn't. A young male in a maid - it wasn't really an outfit. It wasn't just an apron. It did have a tutu and underneath all I saw a chastity cage with a numbered lock. "As you can see I now have help once a week with my normal chores to free more of my time for explorations and adventures. " she grinned. "shHe makes excellent lemonade. Would you like to see how well she sucks cock. I know I would."

To be continued --


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