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Cum One! Cum All!  

seveninches2019 33M
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7/3/2018 2:49 pm
Cum One! Cum All!

Cum one, cum all! I want to tell about a product that will change your life. Are you a female that is trying to break a bad habit? Have you tried to quick smoking, but just can’t? No matter what you have tried it just does not work.
I have a quick and easy fix for you to kick that habit. You might be asking, “well how much will this cost”? I will tell you. For the low cost of 20 to 45 minutes of your time each day, you can kick any bad habit you have. That’s right! All it takes is time. Only If you do, what I tell you to the T.
All you must do is get on your knees and suck away. That’s It! Suck IT! If you suck dick for 20 to 45 minutes day, you can smack that bad habit on the ass and make it your B!AdultFriendFinder! Now you might say “I can not find a man that can last that long. What should I do?” If you have this issue, just kick his ass to the streets and find yourself a real man.
I am currently in No WAY RESPONSIBLE for heath issues or damages that might a cum about.
Side Effects May Include: Watering Eyes, Lock Jaw, Excess Saliva, Chocking, Discomfort of the Mouth, Stomach Pain (Due to excess swallowing), Vomiting, Increase Heart Rate, Increase Blood Pressure, Sweating, Tingling of the mouth and knees.
Serious Side Effects May Include: Death! (Gagging on anything larger than 6 inches long or 4 inches wide)

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