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Got it wrong  

sexmeetonly 66M
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10/12/2021 5:07 am
Got it wrong

So when I signed up for this site I thought it was about meeting new people who were looking for a casual hook up. All I have found in the past three months are fakes, cat phishers, and even some who say they are looking for their sole mate. Sole Mate, really, on a sex site, at least that's what I thought this site was. Is there a real site for casual hook ups?

plzthese40ds 47M/44F

1/3/2022 1:42 am

But that's where YOU are wrong, not others! You have misinterpreted what this site really was and just assumed it was purely for sexual hookups. NO! Not true at all! It is YOU who have joined this site and who didn't first do your homework and understand what this site was and for the wide range of people and reasons that people are on this site for. It's not solely a "sex site". Sex is just one potential out of many different reasons that people join here. This site is equally an adult-based personals site AND an adult-based social media site. For the personals side of things, this site is designed to accommodate anyone who is on the market seeking anything from friendships, companionship, dating, romance, love, sex of any variety imaginable, fetishes, etc... . And for the social media side of things, the site attracts plenty who just enjoy using this site just for online only reasons, such as blogging ( like this very blog we're on ), groups, erotic stories, web camming, photo contests, chat rooms, blinging, adult videos & magazines, etc.. .

I think your first mistake was assuming. The second mistake was not researching before you joined by reading things such as the corporate page or the Wikipedia page, which describes clearly what this site is designed for and for the multi-purposes.

You're an a site for casual hookups, but it's also for many, many other combined reasons. A "sole" is the underside of a foot, but someone seeking a soul mate is a perfectly legitimate reason to be on this site, no different than someone is here seeking sex. This is AdultFriendFinder....read the very name of this site out loud a few times and comprehend exactly what it says.... Adult - Friend - Finder. If you're an adult ( 18+ ) and are seeking a "friend", then this site is where you may find that. The term "friend" can be interpreted any way we choose, whether an actual friend, whether an online friend or whether a bedroom lover friend. The rest is defined much deeper on the corporate page and on Wikipedia. I think it was your assumptions, misinterpretations and even ignorance of this site in which you're discouraged and frustrated over. It's hard wrapping your head around something, after you've already assumed it was something else. the whole while. I get it. Hope this helps.

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