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Is anyone real here?  

sexmeetonly 66M
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9/15/2021 10:37 am
Is anyone real here?

So now I've been on here for over six weeks. Haven't had anyone make first contact. Those few that I have had conversations have either been catfishers or prostitutes. So I ask again, is anyone here for real or am I really just wasting my time here. This is not ment to sound like a rant but more of words of frustration.

plzthese40ds 47M/44F

1/3/2022 1:19 am

Assuming you are a male seeking females. I say "assume", because I'm unable to open or view your profile from my free level of membership. That said, there are some real women on here, but they are few and far between. You're not going to get any making "first contact" because that's not the nature of how women operate....not just on this site, but universally in public, too. Men are initiators; women are merely responders. The fakes, catfish and scammers are abundant and are mostly what keep the wheels going for this site, in terms of illusion and profit. It's hard to say if you're wasting your time or not. With everything in life, the more effort, time, patience and money you invest in something, the more likely you will yield positive or successful rewards. The audience just doesn't know all of the fine details of those things to say either way if you're wasting time. That seems open to question, as none of us here know how seriously you're taking your search, how much time and effort you're investing, how well your profile is made out, what the contents of your profile contains, what the female demographic is like in your particular local area in which you live, and so forth. There are an awful lot of variables here to ask and consider for any blog reader to determine what is right for YOU. Only YOU know if this site seems worth the time and money, or if YOU are doing all of your homework here. Ask yourself some basic fundamental questions, like "Am I signed in here for 15 minutes a day or more like 5 hours"? or "When I sign in, do I dedicate my time here solely to the site without being sidetracked and without interruptions...or am I signed into a live IM messenger system while taking a shower, letting the dog out or running to the grocery store"? Some of these examples may seem subtle, but they're huge when you are trying to find success. Your window of opportunities are slim, so when you finally capture the interest of a woman, that window of time is critical to keep her attention and conversation rolling constantly. The moment you stop three minutes to pump gas, that woman will be long gone from chat if it's idle. Again, that's just an example and only you know the answers of how you operate once you are on this site. Ask yourself if what you are doing is the best of your ability to possibly do. If you do not think so, change the plot and realign yourself to become someone wo can do 10 or 20% better than what you're currently doing by spending more time here, reading more profiles, contacting more women who met relevant criteria, revising your profile and description, etc. Remember, the gender ratio on site is a complete imbalance. There are very few real women on this site ( fewer yet who seek men to meet and fewer yet that, for example: are local, seek older men, are compatible with your criteria search, marital status, etc ). The male competition against you is enormous! This means that if you expect to find success, you'll inevitably have to cut through the chase of the other male competitors and shine like a diamond to capture the attention and interest of any potential woman. It's a tough game out there and frustration resides in all of us around here in some way. It's a recipe for disaster, in most cases. Men are frustrated that very few real women exist here that chat or meet and that they have an army of male competition to deal with. On the flip side, females are frustrated because gender ratio is imbalanced, which creates a flood of being bombarded and overwhelmed by IM's and emails by mostly perverted, rude and ignorant idiots who are inconsiderate, so we lack male decency. Tough, tough place to find real people for real meets. I've quit my search here over a decade ago for many random reasons and never looked back. Best choice I ever made around here. I do wish you luck!

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