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Last night  

sexstarved724 59M
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10/13/2018 8:35 am
Last night

I rarely, if ever, go to bars. Last night, bored and horny, I decided to stop on a rainy, chilly night. I stopped at a place I had heard through the grapevine, was possibly a secretive gay/bi hangout. Although no one can seem to verify this, gay friends SWEAR it is...and the longer they keep it a secret among just the gay/bi community, the better.

I walked in and sat down next to a guy I had met several times and have been told he is gay. If he was, he sure showed no sign of it. But...I was willing to try to find out.

We exchanged the typical pleasantries. I asked what he was drinking, then ordered a drink for myself and one for him. He smiled and thanked me. We made small talk. Slowly, the conversation switched to personal things. And sex got injected into the conversation. Nothing specific, just personal questions about life, dating, and sex life. I made sure to keep my answers generic, so I didn't commit myself to being heterosexual, just in case the rumors about him being gay were true. Like, he asked if I liked oral sex...and my reply, as I sipped on my drink, with a little smirk on my face, "I ADORE blow jobs!"...not letting on whether I meant getting or giving. He did smile back when I said that.

We were watching a college football game on one of the bar's TV's. It was really getting miserable outside...the rain was a steady mist, the night rather ugly and cold. He made the comment that this was the kind of night that was ONLY good for curling up in bed with someone warm. I laughed and said I agreed. After a few minutes, he said he was going to head home...that he could drink for free at home and watch ANY college game he wanted, at home. He got up to leave...I was disappointed. But he stopped and asked, "would you care to come to my place and watch a game...I have a fully stocked bar at my place?". I answered, "sure". I followed him to his place.

We got in and he immediately made us drinks. His living room was tarped, and there were painting tools everywhere...he was having his place repainted. We did the best we could, pulling some plastic drop cloths off the TV but it was a messy place to sit, so he finally said, "fuck this...come with me!"...and we went into his bedroom. He had a big screen there. We sat on his bed and started watching a game...switching back and forth between two games. He made us more drinks...many more. I wasn't feeling any pain. I made a comment that I wasn't in any condition to drive and he told me to just crash there...I made the further comment that I would be easy for someone to take advantage of...laughing as I commented. He laughed too and said that that made two of us. As he laughed, he turned and pushed me onto my back on the bed. I stayed there and laughed...not making any attempt to get up. He turned to face me and we started talking and laughing while we drank and he steered the conversation back to sex.

Again, I gave vague answers...I wanted him to seduce me! Like, he asked if I had ever had a three way...and I said..."OH YEAH!...quite a few...and even a few groups."...but I never eluded to males or females. As I laid there, he then flopped down next to me, and started slowly and gently, running his finger tips up my thighs to my crotch, then leaned in to kiss me. At first, I pulled back...not because I wasn't interested, but it was part of my fantasy to be seduced into gay sex. He tried several times to kiss me and I finally gave in and let him kiss me. Then, I kissed him back...soon, we were exchanging tongues. He started unsnapping my pants and pulling down my zipper, and I made a half attempt to stop him...but he forced my hand away, and got my pants open. Slipping his hand into my pants, he started stroking my cock..."ooh...nice cock!" "Thanks". We continued to make out. Then, he sat up on his knees and pulled my shirt off, then stood at the foot of the bed and pulled my pants and underwear off. He took his hands and spread my knees...then crawled between my legs and laid on me and started to dry fuck me as we made out. I was SO turned on by this point that I wrapped my legs around his torso and was squeezing him into me as he pumped...and we kissed...deep, sexy, sloppy, passionate kisses. At this point, I was moaning loudly, ""OH GOD!...FUCK ME...FUCK ME, PLEASE!"

He jumped up and tore off his clothes...reached into his night stand and pulled out lube and rubbers...and asked if he had to use them and I replied, "yeah...sorry"...he replied frantically, "NO PROBLEM!", and crawled back between my legs. We dry fucked a little more, then he pulled himself up on all fours and slid his cock up to my face. I started licking and sucking his balls. Then worked his shaft on the underside vein, with the tip of my tongue. When I got to his piss slit, there was a HUGE gob of pre-cum dripping down his helmet, and I licked it off eagerly. He asked, "is THAT what you meant when you said you ADORED blow jobs?...you loved GIVING blow jobs?!" I smiled and said, with a wink, "YEP!".

I continued to suck his cock until he stopped me..."I thought you wanted fucked?" "I DO...but I also want to taste your cum!" He assured me that he could cum and in just 15-20 minutes, be ready to go again. I told him, I loved to be fucked but when the guy was about to cum, I liked them to pull out, take the rubber off, then give me a facial or cum in my mouth...he said that turned him on.

He pulled his cock from my mouth, and handed me the rubber. I opened the pouch and, while sucking and stroking his cock, I unrolled the rubber down onto his big shaft, then, laid back and repositioned myself to get my brains fucked out. He slid his cock into me...slowly...just the head at first, then the entire thing. I took my legs off his shoulders and wrapped them around his torso just like when we were dry fucking. This seemed to drive him crazy with passion. Now, I am only 5 foot 8...and he is about 6 foot 5, and me also being slender, it was easy for him to man handle me. He was so worked up, he flipped me over like I was a rag doll, fucked me doggy style, then laid on his back and flipped me onto him "cow girl", then "reverse cow girl". He man handled me and fucked me in every conceivable position, then suddenly, nearly screaming, he pulled out, threw me off of him and ordered me to roll onto my back, ripped off the rubber, scooted up to my face, and unleashed a FIREHOSE of cum...forcefully, spraying my face all over, in my hair, and in my mouth, filling it to over flowing! Even got some into one of my eyes...let me tell you, cum in the eyes STINGS!

After, he collapsed onto the bed next to me, and I rolled over onto him, already dripping with his cum, and cleaned every drip of cum from his gorgeous cock, I could find. We spent the rest of the night sexing. He fucked me when he was hard...and I sucked him hard then off, several times during the night. We had another great wild sex-a-thon this morning when we awoke...in fact, I woke him by giving him a blow job and swallowing his load. After coffee, he was hard enough again to fuck my brains out one last time.

We made plans...we are spending the next weekend together with a few of his gay buddies...all for me to service and serve...as their sex slut cum depository.

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