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tweaker monkey stoned and spun fun  

sexxxyfuuckbiitc 44F  
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1/7/2020 4:30 am

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1/20/2020 8:48 pm

tweaker monkey stoned and spun fun

hi, my name is {sexxxyfuuckbiitc) and i'm a drug addict. i'm here because i want to promote my recreational drug use. these days i am not an equal opportunity drug user, just a stoner biitch and a tweak monkey. and that is enough for me. now i wish i felt like going downstairs because i want to masterbate.. got my clit vibrator all usb charged up. but if i stay here in the bedroom, i'll end up waking the crabby bear in the bed who needs to get some sleep before work...

what am i saying then? that getting high equals masturbation? well, first of all, i'm not spun, yet. but i AM stoned... and 2nd, well, yes my true confession to you about gettin high made me horny... but there are more stimulants to entice me, like the energy that flows thru me, like an wicked gypsy nympho i walk with my boots through the trenches of my desire, and this just means that i could stand to get higher!

so what do i do? drugs! and what do i get? your hugs(?) i think i'm going to have to relocate to the living room on the first floor, and quite soon i might add. maybe i'll broadcast, idk yet. but what i do knows is that i'm going to edge my way slowly,methodically into orgasm.

goddess i love doing that... "edging" is when you keep allowing yourself to get so close to climax that your almost there, your entire body tingling from pleasure pangs... until you have tortured yourself enough, then you let go and let live. or is it let love? either way i'm doing some fuucking hot rails!!!

i appreciate
your viewership

maximaman512 38M  
61 posts
1/17/2020 4:53 am

I will have to humbly disagree with your "addict" label. We are users. Now there may be some that use more than others., but users nonetheless

Waking up next to you fucking yourself, nothing would make me happier to oblige. and oh fucking hell yes i would love to see more of you on cam.

Since you are less on cam, i now jack off to your profile vids and pics.


sexxxyfuuckbiitc replies on 1/20/2020 8:57 pm:
you are always one to show up... to read my blogs, watch my cam, send me pix, flatter me, touching yourself while watching my vids... thank you for being my fan, your quite the man! if i were single, and you never know, i'd be your stalker... no, but seriously, i really want to meet you in person, get to know my biggest fan in an intimate setting.

Leegs2012 47M
50231 posts
1/17/2020 10:44 am

I love Edging myself too!! It is a great feeling before I cum. It's wonderful, and so are you!!

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