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Is there ever enough!?  

shesquats 35F  
16 posts
3/3/2016 3:36 pm
Is there ever enough!?

Have you ever met your sexual soul mate?
The one who can keep up with or out do you?
Have you ever met that one person who as soon as their hand touches you, your pussy instantly craves them?
What do you do if you never meet that match?

I personally have never ever met anyone who has been able to completely sexually satisfy me! I can't really blame anyone for my abnormally high sex drive! The first thought in my head when I wake up is Sex. Eating breakfast or having a morning coffee thinking about sex. Making smoothies at work, I am thinking about sex, Lunch time... I wish I could sneak off and a fuck someone, back to work making smoothies the vibrations of the blenders make me think of my toys. Again I am thinking about SEX! I can go on and on and on with anything and I can promise you the main thought in my head is sex anywhere anytime and anyway!! Back room at work, freezer room at work, my bosses office onlooking the entire operation. Or pinned up in the back of the fridge why not! I remember one night being momentarily sexually satisfied!! That sex was AMAZING!!! But then I wanted more, he had apparently given me his all. That was disappointing! I went home and masturbated and had a broadcast here. I one night had 300 people watching me! I was soooo horny. I squirted all over my lap top! Oops! lol but it felt incredible. but then I wanted more.
If it's not bad enough!!! I have only been with a couple men who weren't afraid to fuck me like I wanted to be fucked!

Is it normal for men to be timid during sex?
Am I the only one who never feels there is enough sex?

Icould 62M
3807 posts
3/3/2016 3:46 pm

Just tell them how you want it when you want. hell bend over the kitchen counter and hike up your skirt. If he can 't take the hint of take me and take me like you stole me from something like that then that's not your match. Or at least so it would seem to me.

Was lucky enough to have a lover for meany years that certainly knew what I wanted and I like to think I gave her back the same.

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

FunPleasurable 56M
3997 posts
3/3/2016 3:52 pm

Maybe you have not traveled far.
I would have matched your libido and have some more.
I'd love to have sex with you day in day out 24 hours non stop and still wanting more.
Inside and outside and in kinky places too.

Look for me at my blog.

Fun and Pleasure in Sunny Side Singapore. Come visit my blog and let's chat and explore.

love2pleasu13 52M
6474 posts
3/3/2016 4:46 pm

crazy as hell

Acuriouscat48 57M
2220 posts
3/3/2016 4:59 pm

I think you need more communication I can't see anyone who wouldn't want more sex with you

notsure1949 71M
9961 posts
3/3/2016 6:14 pm

sometimes you are lucky to meet a soulmate

rickyspanish76 44M
7843 posts
3/3/2016 7:02 pm

Hot pic.....Wet...

ProfessorNaught 107M
1212 posts
3/3/2016 11:54 pm

It's never really enough!!! And certainly not when she is capable of so many sensual reactions to stimuli she has one climax after another until exhaustion becomes the reason to pause.

Most men seek their own gratification while many women interpret that once her man reaches ejaculation, the session is over. Nothing could be further from the truth! Sometimes, I like to cum first so the focus is directed on pleasuring her for the next couple of hours. Surely there is at man or two in your area that would do the same.

Many men don't approach sex from "her" perspective or the fact that women can have up 100 orgasms before she passes out. Then other men don't prefer women who have multiple squirting orgasms. The latter is a tragedy to the women who are attached to men like this. Just imagine the wasted climax's that lay in wait begging to be exposed and released upon a welcoming assistant who induces the comfort while encouraging her to explore the heights and rewards of stimulation and an infinite supply of orgasms.

With the right man, all you need is ask. He'll encourage you to excite yourself as he responds to your commands, he'll fondle you during the movie you're watching just to watch you get distracted as you cum and never ask for reciprocation. Although you'll never deny the man that gives, you shift to make his genitals accessible reaching out to touch him because the feel of his cock makes you cum harder. You'll wake in the morning as that dream of you cumming directly into his mouth wrapped around your pussy is suddenly not a dream at all. You roll over to position your clit in his mouth and as he smoothly cups his tongue around her, it slides over your urethra and immediately she begins to drip all over his chest.

Time for work so you both grab the sheets, throw them in the wash and you drag him to the shower and quickly wash each other You daydream of the surprise wake-up and how appreciative he was of your climax. By lunchtime your panties are wet and you have to take them off. He's waiting as you walk in the door kissing you just before dropping to his knees almost unknowingly sneaking under your skirt where he is delightfully surprised to see your panties missing and makes you cum, again and then a third time. Without warning or indication he suddenly gets up, grabs your bag and coat and ask, are you hungry, would you like me to make something for dinner? Sometime latter, you get back to that movie you never really got a chance to follow the night before.

Its all in finding the right man. And, if you had 72 hours, I'd show you how many orgasms you can have in how many different ways over a weekend. Maybe we'd find a few new creative ways to make you cum.

freespirit11501 50M
1401 posts
3/4/2016 5:45 am

There is never enough. If only time and circumstance would allow for all the sex I would prefer to have. But reality is a little more harsh.


Mrmattman 60M  
678 posts
3/13/2016 9:37 am

have not met my soulmate yet

ultraclassic92 60M  
58 posts
3/15/2016 9:17 am

So close but yet so far.. Would like to help you out anytime..

DiamondDog1964 56M
1 post
3/24/2016 10:56 am

I might have a solution including in a paying work environment. I will check back to see if you are interested.

FuckandSuckit 53M
443 posts
3/28/2016 3:05 am



joey33483 57M  
186 posts
4/6/2016 1:46 pm

** SEXY - SHE -- Its Soooooooooooooooo -- Simple, let us know what you
want .. were not mind readers -- Some want it Hard, Some want it soft and
slow, Girl ~ step*up Talk when fucking, yes be-for - fucking, give then a hint
we don"t need the blue-prints, just -- witch way to ~~~~~~~~ go !!!!
witch **HOLE** UN-LESS YOU LIKE surprise"s !! then we really like
~~~~~~ you !!!! -- a-- FAN....


placeboeffect9 30M
18 posts
8/14/2019 10:17 pm

Would love to come and lick you till orgasm.

ManNextDoor14701 54M  
4 posts
1/20/2020 8:42 am

Great blog! Good to know women like you are out there.
Now if I could just find one...

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