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The Service Call (Chapter 7)  

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10/20/2021 5:19 am

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The Service Call (Chapter 7)

The Call

Chapter 7
The Call

Chapter 7

Lara touched my shoulder and slid her hand down my arm until she found my hand and lead me over to where the camera positioned.
Melisa laying on the mattress and had removed her clothing.
Lara said,”I you to look through the lens and think of it as a portal into a deeper reality. Use it to search for things that are inspired by your feelings not your mind. You can adjust it like this.”
She demonstrated how to move the arm of the tripod and the focus ring on the camera. She showed me how the shutter could be activated from a switch I held in my hand.
“Use your eyes and hands as an extension of your desire, and remember to also seek to find our passion as well.”
She then pressed her body against mine and kissed me and as she did she stroked my erection very slowly a few times and then turned and walked over to the side of the mattress.
She looked over to me as if to tell me to begin.
I looked into the viewfinder.
Lara in the frame and part of the mattress and Melisa as well. She instinctively new what I would be seeing through the lens.
Melisa got up on her knees in front of Lara and looked up at her and had a very innocent expression on her face which made her look very childlike. I pressed the button several times.
Melisa walked on her knees to get closer and pulled up Laras night gown gathering it in her hands as she did. She now at Laras vagina.
I clicked the shutter a few more times.
Melisa began stroking Laras vagina with her tongue,
I adjusted the focus ring and framed her Melisas mouth and Laras vagina and clicked the shutter again.
I experiencing waves of excitement but in some strange way my feelings and mind remained isolated from each other yet still somehow connected.
I thought for a moment this must be how an artist feels when they create something,
Like I feel when I do my work as well minus this other world of excitement.
Lara moved to reposition herself knowing how it would look in the frame.
She stepped back and sat on the edge of the chair near the mattress and leaned way back in it spreading her legs apart, her<b> head </font></b>almost invisible in the frame as I swung the camera to view the scene.
Melisa positioned herself so that one knee rested on the arm of the chair, she down at Laras outstretched body and began massaging her vagina, with
the light casting shadows on them both and I clicked the shutter again.
I felt this strange feeling like I being controlled remotely myself. I felt Laras mind as if it were inside my own.
The session went on for a time until Lara and Melisa moved back to the mattress and Lara laying on her back as Melisa concentrated on providing her skills to pleasure her.
I felt the direction to move the camera into my hands and I brought it close to the mattress and focused in on Melisas face and mouth as the moment arrived when Lara came once again. Her juices dripped off of Melisas mouth positioned just above the source. Clic
Melisa laid down next to Lara and they began kissing each. other.
I went back and place the camera on the tripod.
Some how I instinctively knew my work done.
I stood there and realized I sweating as my body damp in the hot humid air of the room.
Suddenly Lara and Melisa turned to lay on their side leaving a gap in between their bodies.
They both looked up at me.
Melisa said ,You must be exhausted. with a playful smile on her lips.
Then Lara said, “Not too I hope. Why don’t you come over and let’s see if we can relax you after working so hard.”
She had that haunting look in her eyes that I beginning to come to know.
I walked over to the mattress and laid down between them.

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