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The Service Call (Chapter 8)  

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10/21/2021 4:27 am

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The Service Call (Chapter 8)

The Service Call

Chapter 8

Jake and Melisa

Both Lara and Melisa were laying on their sides propped up under one arm, I was in the middle.
Lara said, I am so glad you decided to join us tonight. I know tis wasn't what you were expecting, but isn’t that the best part of being alive?
As she was speaking Lara glanced over at Melisa, they looked at each other as if they were communicating silently. Lara looked back at me and said, How much of an adventure do you want to have? She paused looking deep into me with those coals of fire. She continued, I know you felt me in your mind earlier because I felt you as well.
While she was talking, Melisa had slipped down and began massaging my thighs and kissing my stomach.
Lara said, I think I will let you two get better acquainted. I am sure Melisa will help you relax and then you can come downstairs and see if you want to go further, No pressure I want you to feel comfortable and sure of your choices. I will tell you though, what I am offering, will be like nothing you have ever experienced before.
Lara then got up and left the room.
Melisa moved up and sat on my stomach. She touched my lips with her fingers and kissed me. Her kisses were deep and warm and she knew what she was doing.
She put both hands in my hair as she continued. She felt for my erection with her vagina as she did. she lifted up her pelvis and let its tip just enter her only slightly and then she stopped. She began to kiss my neck and brought my hand down to my penis as I held it she moved her hand over mine and showed me what she wanted me to do. As I caressed her with its tip she moved up and down on it just deep enough so that it touch the top of my hand. Her rhythm was slow and easy.
She pushed herself up on her arms. She had her eyes closed and was moaning almost inaudibly. More like purring.
I was trying to keep myself from having an orgasm and when she sensed I might,,she stopped moving and lifted herself off of me.
It took a minute for my body to reclaim a sense of calm.
She sat next to me on the mattress and look at me as if she were trying to decide what to do next.
She stood up and extended her hand I took it mine as I also stood up.
She lead me out of the room and down the hall.
I could see a warm glow coming from an open door.
She brought me into the roman there were lit candles all around and a vibrant sent in the air from some sort of incense. I did not realize it at first but somehow it as energizing my body and having a subtle affect on my mind as well. My thoughts began to feel more clear and focused.
There was a platform of sorts in he room and it was covered with what appeared to be some sort of animal hides and some of them still had the animals fur on them.
There was a pillar of stone with a large metal bowl sitting on it.
Melisa brought me over to it. The floor was cool even in the heat as it was also made of stone.
She placed a large towel on the floor near it and had me step on it.
She then reached into the bowl and found the sponge or whatever it was and began to wash my body.
It wasn't soapy but it had a strange smell, like something you would smell in the forest.
Shed slowly covered my entire body as if to make sure every inch was touched.
She even reached up under my bottom and rubbed it into my anus.
I felt like I were having a strange dream and I am not sure if it was just the entire evenings events or the smell of the<b> smoke </font></b>in the room or a little of both.
Melisa had not spoken a word and for some inexplicable reason I did not feel a need to communicate on that level as well. I did though seem to hear her soft voice at times but could not make out any words.It was as if she were speaking to some one else. Somewhere else.
She did not dry the water of me which evaporated quickly in the heat.
The air and the smell of it felt tropical almost as if I were standing in a jungle.

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