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The Service Call (Part 4)  

silverforgold 66M  
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10/17/2021 1:27 pm

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10/18/2021 3:39 pm

The Service Call (Part 4)


Part 4

Melisa<b> watched </font></b>intently as Lara proceeded remove his coveralls.
She was well aware of how Lara used her skills, getting exactly what she wanted.
Melisa was often the recipient of her conjurings. Today would be no different.
She first met Lara several months ago at a party that was put together by an exclusive group she had become involved with.
They gathered periodically in different locations and it was a “by invitation” event.
Melisa arrived after most of the others were already having drinks and getting know each other.
was typically a mix of some familiar and also those new member faces which kept more interesting.
Melisa removed her coat reveal her lingerie. was all white very delicately embroidered and revealed her sweet and very petite body underneath. Her breasts were firm and her nipples were hard and it as if they were shyly hiding behind a sheer curtain wanting be discovered.
She found a chair in a comfortable corner of the room where she could watch others from a distance waiting a sense of she might want connect with that evening.
That’s when she saw Lara standing near the bar at the other side of the room looking at her.
Those dark intense eyes which had so much power as she felt they might put her into a trance and perhaps they did.
Melisa tried to do her best to fain an air of nonchalant disinterest as Lara approached her.
Lara however was not seduced by the charade but very much enjoyed the effort and she had a playful smile on her lips.
When she arrived at where Melisa was sitting, she knelt down as if she were making an offering of herself when indeed it was always the opposite.
She took a sip from her glass of champagne and then stood up and leaning into Melisa she handed her the glass to drink from while at the time taking Melisa’s other hand and sliding up between her legs.
Melisa felt how wet she was and both startled and excited her immensely.
She took a deep drink emptying the glass with her eyes closed.
As she slowly opened them Lara brought their lips together and stoked them with her tongue as if encouraging Melisa to part them, which she did, not immediately but slowly allowing the sensuous moment too linger as long as possible.
Lara looked at Melisas breast and touched just her nipples from outside of he top and rubbed them slowly with the tips of her fingers. Looking deep into her eyes as was her manner, she saw she had accomplished the task.
Melisa would be compliant to all her instructions.
She took Melisas hand as if she were an innocent and at that moment, that is exactly what she was, and led her into one of the private bedrooms.

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