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The Service Call (Part 5)  

silverforgold 66M  
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10/18/2021 5:29 am

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10/19/2021 1:35 pm

The Service Call (Part 5)


Part 5

Melisa had never full engaged in a sexual experience with another woman much less one as powerful as she was about too.
Lara opened the bedroom door still holding Melisas hand. she lead her in to the darkened space where the glow of a couple of candles offered light.
Standing near the bed, Lara removed what clothing Melisa was wearing, but as she did this she took her time and made sure the experience offered her playmate every opportunity to become more aroused.
Touching her vagina and gently exploring its delicate pedals caressed them constantly awakening her desire.
She began kissing her deeply and laid her down on the bed to continue exploring her body.
Lara stood at the bedside looking at her and untied and removed her own lingerie.
The room was made ready for this experience before the guests arrived. were many accessories available on the bedside table employ but before considering any of them Lara climbed into the bed and straddled Melisa just below her chest.
Melisa had at this had point completely given herself over to Laras direction.
Lara reached behind her and found Melisas vagina once again, she stroked as she took Melisas hand and placed on her own, teaching her how use .
The slow gentle rhythm of both their hands on each others bodies working in a harmony of pleasure. Melisa began make involuntary sounds of passion, soft and quiet at first but slowly becoming more intense.
Lara sensing the moment guided Melisa turn over on the bed.
She lifted her hips so she was not fully on her knees but high enough give her room as she spread her legs apart.
Lara let her tongue lightly around the outside of her vagina kissing and then lightly tugging at those pedals wither lips.
Melisa was in ecstasy moaning and pleading for her continue.
Lara let her tongue enter Melisa and could feel he warm juice that was coming from her.
Lara continued her motion of entry and then swirling around then kissing her. As she moved her hand up join in, finding her anus with her fingers she played carefully around it’s center
and occasionally entered it but not deeply as she just wanted to begin to give her a sense of what pleasure that might also offer.
Lara began increase the intensity of her tongue and lips pushing it in as far as she could and then sensing moments where she would strike sharply, pause waiting a moment and the striking again.
Repeating this as Melisa began to moan a louder again an again until just at he perfect moment she let her hand replace her tong to finish as Melisa was completely immersed in the flow of her ecstasy as came out of her.
Lara guided her turn over on her back.once again and licked her several times as she kissed her body and then reaching her breast let her lips and tongue on her nipples which were very erect using her fingers once again, feeling Melisa juices which covered her pedals.
Laras lips left her breasts and moved up her mouth once again<b> giving </font></b>her deep warm kisses
as Melisas slightly opened mouth allowed her tongue to explore .
Her eyes were closed and as Lara sat up again straddling her torso, she opened them and looked into those deep dark wells staring back at her she knew.
was now her turn give.

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