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The Service Call (Part 6)  

silverforgold 66M  
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10/18/2021 12:15 pm

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10/19/2021 2:50 pm

The Service Call (Part 6)


Part 6

Melisa lay in the bed with Lara on top of her.
She wasn’t sure what Lara wanted from her as she was just staring at her with a very haunting smile on her lips.
Melisa attempted to sit up but Lara would not release her. Then Melisa reached up to stroke her breast but Lara pinned her arms down on the bed. Then she moved on to her knees and brought her vagina up to Melisas lips. She just barely touched her lips when she began to stroke her vagina against them. Very carefully and slowly, all the while looking into her eyes.
They had a much hungrier in them now.
Lara continued the motion but intermittently pressed a little closer and harder. This made Melisa open her mouth and she felt her tongue now and continued to use it as she stroke against her, adjusting her position and pressure at the time.
She perched up on her knees holding the headboard and she let go one of her hands and guided Melisas hands to her anus then placed her fingers so that she would understand what she wanted.
Melisa was a quick study and repeated what Lara had done her earlier but Lara made clear she wanted more.
Melisa inserted one then two of her fingers deeply into and Lara reached around again and guided her as how far move and how fast in and out, coming close but never exiting the opening. All the while Lara continued her rhythmic stroking against Melisas mouth.
Lara began increasing the intensity of her motion and the speed and Melisa instinctively copied it with her hands.
When the moment arrived, Lara pushed Melisas hand as hard as she could into her and also pressed her vagina hard against her mouth then pausing as she came hard and slowly moving it back away to the point where it just barley touched her lips and her juice flowed over Melisas lips.
Melisa almost paralyzed and trying to breathe.
She swallowed the fluid in her mouth and then brought her hand up and wiped it against her mouth.
Lara moved back and then grabbed her hand pulling it away once again and pinning both of them to the bed she licked Melisas mouth as she kissed her deeply.
Melisa almost entirely spent by the encounter lay there and her breast still heaving up and down.
She had closed her eyes as Lara climbed off of her.
She lay motionless on the bed for how long she couldn’t say exactly. Her naked body exposed and her legs spread open.
She never heard the door open and close but suddenly she felt strong arms lift up her upper body as a mans body pulled her on top of him. She opened her eyes and he was looking down into her eyes when suddenly she felt a large strong penis enter her vagina.
She gasped for air as it plunged repeatedly into her and she was unable to move as she was being held . She wanted to but but couldn’t.
The strong smell of the two men their hands and the constant thrusting made impossible.
All she could do was submit and even in spite of those circumstances she felt her body<b> giving </font></b>itself over the feelings and waves of orgasm she was experiencing
She couldn’t see well in the dim light but she thought she saw Lara in the distance holding a camera.

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