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The Service Call  

silverforgold 66M  
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10/14/2021 1:03 pm

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10/20/2021 12:31 pm

The Service Call

The (Part 1)

I woke up that morning with this feeling I often . It is like I am anticipating something will happen. I am not sure exactly what or why but it always creates a heightened sense of expectation.
I had a morning erection and nowhere go with it.
Masturbation just does not do it for me any more.
I need and love the smell, feel and touch of a women.
I can hear her softly moaning because i am taking my time to make sure she feels my hand, my tongue or both at the time.
Lifting her up at the hips I place a firm pillow beneath her before easing my cock in stopping to caress her with just its .
Reaching up I caress her breast and let her feel the strength in my working mans hands.
They a great deal of power but also sensitivity because they are not greedy or selfish. They desire please her.
Perhaps that was the fantasy calling me.
I climbed out of bed and took a shower and prepared myself for the days work.
I checked my messages and that is when I heard that voice.
She has the kind of voice that some women posses that exposes their sexual nature almost immediately.
She explained that she found me on line and needed my expertise. She hoped was not too much to ask if I could come over later today or in the evening. That would be even better. She said she fully realizes that this is asking a great deal.
She said she may not be able to answer the door right away so I should phone when I arrive and she would buzz me in.
She added, by the way I really like photo of you on your web page.
That is not a comment I would normally expect to hear.
She had a gentle but mischievous edge in her voice as she laughed shyly and said, See you soon,I hope, I ll be waiting for you.
I clicked out of my messages and thought I wonder if I just imagined more than what was but somewhere inside I knew I had not.
I knew it was going be a very hot day so I decided not<b> wear </font></b>any thing under my coveralls. I always like the feeling of freedom that it gives me, like I am dressed and undressed at the time.
I pulled up to the house. The sun had just set and was that lingering twilight which always seems offer such mystery.
was a very nice home but not pretentious.
was a lovely garden which looked like belonged in nature not contrived like some gardens do.
presented a balance that comes from a creative mind that is in tune with its surroundings and understands how energy flows from the Earth. The way an artist hands reveal their skill by creating in that way.
The smell of the combination of scents was intoxicating.
I walked up to the door and pressed the button.
was no immediate response so I waited. Then I recalled her directions from her earlier and I dialed her on my phone.
She answered with that sensual intensity I felt from her voice in her earlier.
Oh I am so grateful you were able come. I dont know how I can show you how much I appreciate your kindness and then once again was that lilting gentle laugh.
She said I am upstairs so please let yourself in. Come on up and I am in the last room at the end of he hall.

Penelope31765 56F  
22 posts
10/16/2021 12:01 pm

beautiful set up. sad to see AdultFriendFinder is still removing words and messing with text. still, it didn't mar your story.

silverforgold replies on 10/17/2021 6:35 am:
Thank You for taking time to leave a comment. I am continuing to write this narrative I hope you will stay engaged and let me know any thoughts you may have.

silverforgold 66M  
2 posts
10/17/2021 6:37 am

The text is always getting screwed up by the process in this site if you go to my blog the stories are more accurate and I can also include more photos which I hope add life to the content. thank You for reading

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