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Welcome to the simple_man's blog and thoughts. It may be entertaining. Hope everyone enjoys.
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Life on a computer
Posted:Apr 20, 2011 3:28 am
Last Updated:Apr 23, 2011 5:48 pm

It seems that most of my waking hours are spent staring into the computer screen that sits on my desk; coding, testing, and trying to figure out what isn't working. Sometimes I can have a perfectly valid page working on one browser, but not on another. It all has to do with the way a computer program handles a set of instructions. Of course, that translates into human behavior somehow, I'm sure. Maybe people have a set of programs that they use to run inputs from their environments.

Input devices on a computer are the mouse, the scanner, the keyboard, a tape drive(hard drive/CD/DVD/etc). What if it was the same with people....we have 5 sets of senses...and the eyes are a visual input, the ears the auditory input, the sense of touch a sensory input...etc. All of our learned behaviors(programmed set of instructions) is probably built on our input from our environment from early childhood. Of course, we learn what feels good- a big boob filled with milk when we are babies gives us food..and content stomaches. Of course, in high school guys start to experiment with the opposite sex...which is when we discover new ways of inputting information into our brains...it doesn't feel half bad when a girlfriend unzips our jeans under the bleachers at the high school football game to give a quick blowjob. Of course, she probably likes the new taste and feel of the white semen that spurts out in her mouth...or not. She decides at that moment what is good and what isn't for her. Of course, the real learning is in sharing an experience with another person. Whether or not we decide to stay with that person...or continue to develop a set of instructions as to how to please them depends on how they respond. If the girl says, "EW, Gross!!!" then the guy figures out that the girl doesn't like it...and avoids future sexploration. Of course, if the girl loves the taste, and says,"Yummy!!!" the guy of course learns to take every chance he can to give her what she likes. Naturally,relearning what is good and fun for another person is a big part of the dating scene.

I think the biggest wakeup call I had was when I was working for a library updating the card catalog system- converting it to computer. One of the librarians, who was in the 's section, was petite and super cute...and the perfect stereotype of a librarian. I mean she probably had a bun in her hair...but she invited me to dinner one night...subs I think...and it sort of hit me that she liked me somehow. I was just a freshman or sophomore in college, and she was probably in her thirties. She had been divorced, had her masters degree in library science...and I found out later...was very experienced in giving blow jobs. It was sort of a natural progression of things, and I guess somehow it came up that she loved the taste of semen..and she couldn't get enough when she was horny. Naturally, being a red-blooded guy...if a geek...I had to check this out. It was all true and it was probably the first time I really had a great time with a member of the opposite sex...exploring and learning. She was older and I learned a lot. She loved to taste my semen..and it was incredible to watch her suck it out of my penis...Of course, it didn't last...I was young, immature...yada, yada, yada. But, I learned a new set of instructions relating to women
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Posted:Apr 19, 2011 1:01 am
Last Updated:Apr 19, 2011 1:02 am
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Grabbing a cup of Coffee
Posted:Apr 18, 2011 2:30 pm
Last Updated:Apr 19, 2011 12:34 am
It seems lately that most of my cool friends at work meet online and start over a cup of coffee. It is interesting that there is such a market for Starbucks in my area of the world. I think it is because it is probably the ideal place to meet for a first date...no pressure, nice conversation, and a chance to sort of "feel" out future dating prospects without too much pressure. Anyhow, I have a friend that is a computer geek like me, divorced that just met a cool chick online, so I thought I would give it a try. Of course, I am not going to be too disappointed if it doesn't work.
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