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what a guy!  

siren42k 40F
96 posts
7/2/2015 4:01 pm
what a guy!

Has anyone ever been accused of putting someone in the "friendzone?" Apparently im just some super bitch because i dared to treat a guy as if he were a friend without having any intent to fuck him. It seems that the decision about whom i should have sex with is not mine alone. This so called friend thinks that since he has put in the time and effort it takes being a nice guy and befriending me that he has a right to my affection. What an asshole! Now, since i have had to correct him of that notion, i have become something less than a friend in his eyes. I guess im a slut and a user now that he realizes that i have no interest in him sexually. I also have no interest in keeping him às a friend, but im sure thats less of a concern to him since all his attempts at friendship have only been to get his turn on the siren ride. Lame.

132 posts
7/6/2015 6:59 am

Sounds to me like he was just hoping for more and was willing to stay your friend and hope that someday you would change your mind and when you didn't he took it personally and got pissed.

fkingawesom 40M
55 posts
7/3/2015 11:18 pm

People are screwed up thats for sure , just remember you cant be a slut for not fucking and its his loss not yours dont stress to much on things you might have predicted recently. Happy 4th !!!!!! Hope you have a better day !

132 posts
7/3/2015 6:14 am

Question for you? Is this the same guy you wrote about in your blog titled, "I Waas Wrong......this time"?

siren42k replies on 7/3/2015 12:56 pm:
No. A long time friend from my neighborhood.

rm_fun4pleaser 65M
465 posts
7/2/2015 5:16 pm

And so it goes. Some people (okay, generally idiot males) think that just because a woman here says hello, she will fuck him. They would never think that about a woman they met anywhere else. Sorry to say there are too many guys who think that the women here will so anyone, when the reality is that just because the women enjoy sex when THEY want it and WITH WHO THEY WANT, that doesn't mean everyone gets to play.
Wow, just like real life. Too bad for him, but his loss, not yours.

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