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Writing on Writing
Posted:Feb 3, 2017 12:28 pm
Last Updated:Dec 20, 2019 11:03 am

You know...... I like to think of myself as fairly loquacious, but even I marvel at those bloggers who seem to post something every five minutes.... It must take a certain type of talent to constantly have one's mind that busy. Even in the down times when I can't run as much as I'd like to, I still can barely churn out a monumental one post a month.....
On average...

Perhaps these folks are smarter than me..
Perhaps these folks are more productive than me..
Perhaps these folks are more bored than me...
Perhaps these folks are more used to using a phone to type than me....

Whatever the case, I think this reflects the divide between many of our fellow bloggers.
{ Ok, one of many divides, since Blogotopia is actually more divided than a current Republican Caucus Meeting..... }
The divide I allude to is that of those bloggers who blog for intellectual stimulation, and those who blog for blogging's sake.

Now of course, I should point out, as we always do whenever the Lovely Siren or I venture anywhere near controversy, that we seek to make no judgement on either of these alternatives...but rather to mention that they clearly exist.
But...For the sake of this post, I will openly state that we choose the former as our method of writing. The "Intellectual Stimulation" we mentioned earlier is one way for us to show off who we think we are, and, at the same time, allow us to possibly run across similar scribes. And, of course, also let us stretch out brains a bit, which we've done far too little of since we left school.So, with all that in mind, , when my beloved Siren and I determined that we would like to begin a blog, it was with the express purpose of trying to introduce ourselves to like- minded individuals within the wide wide world of swinging.

And isn't " like-minded" a phrase fraught with contingencies??

But Clearly...In this world of sharing our bodies...close is never close enough.
So...With apologies to anyone outside of our own rather individual parameters, we want playmates who suit us fully and completely. And that includes, but is not limited to, a questioning and open mind. Because, for Siren and myself, expanding one's horizons does not stop at the bedroom door.
Ergo....to find matches in this great quest for likely potential partners in debauchery, we simply feel that we have to not only be like-minded, but have similar minds.

Not to draw too fine a point on this, and certainly not to say that we ourselves are Mensa candidates, but we believe that for people to share in a sensuous experience together, they don't need to have similar IQ's, but rather a similar way of looking at, and enjoying Life. And we further believe that that sort of attitude is reflected in such things as ..... writing.

Once again, if you are some of those people who choose to partake of "The Lifestyle" simply based on bodies and opportunities, do not assume that our preference belittles yours. It does not. We trust that there is enough room in the world of swinging to allow for multiple forms of expressing one's hedonistic desires....
After all, If it were not for variations on this theme, we'd all be chasing the same two people.....

But for us to find our condign carnal confidantes, we had to decide upon a way to convey our desire for, and to them.

And so we write.
Not often, and not always well, but we write whenever the muse comes upon us....
{ With no actual allusion to the delightful Lady up North in the Okanogan Valley by that same name }

And what, if anything, do we seek for these humble intermittent efforts of correspondence?

That if ever we pique your interest, you might write back in return......
Demonstrable Demographics
Posted:Jan 1, 2017 9:29 pm
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2017 6:09 am

No, this has nothing to do with a crowd of fiends hanging around the local chat room. It is in fact a look at what the chances are of making a connection around these parts. This is something the Lovely Siren and I consider at length, since the requests we put forth for particular playmates seems to greatly inhibit the communications we receive.

Which is not to say that we are complaining. We accept that with specific preferences comes a lessening of the number of views, and of course, thereby, fewer contacts. Where we take issue with some of our peers, is in the maintenance that there are numerous people just beating a path to all of our doors . In fact, it is those numbers themselves that we dispute.

Consider for a second, how often in your Vanilla Life, have you heard ANYone mention a mutual acquaintance "in the lifestyle" ? Discretion, of course, would limit such occurrences, but surely a hint of some scandal would have reached your ear by now...... And yet...If your social circle is anything like ours, rumors of such hedonistic behavior among your neighbors appear to be lacking. While almost all of us have heard of "a friend of a friend" involved in those type of shenanigans, how many of us have first hand familiarity with such intimate intimates?

No, to find folk with a similar mindset to ourselves, we'd need to come to a site such as this. And by doing so, we have in reality, reduced the number of possible contacts available. But...at least we are now more likely to have common cause with the people we DO meet.....

Just because a person or persons are on a site like this, there is no guarantee that they will be seeking the same things as us. Within the parameters of a sex-site, there are numerous factors that ascertain who will align with whom. And each of these further reduces the number of opportunities available for intercourse .
{ In the conversational sense, or otherwise.... }

For instance.....
We like the idea of playing with women or couples...Reducing our numbers
We desire that the women have a bi-sexual bent. Reducing our numbers...
We Need non-smokers, due to allergies. Reducing our numbers...
We like Slow Movers....Reducing our numbers
We are fond of Part-time players...Reducing our numbers
We Really like people who like to chat...Really reducing our numbers....

Therefore.....if you partition the entire population of the sex-site you've chosen as a gateway to debauchery into constituencies like this, or even your own partiality, how many numbers of the remaining stratification's will one have left available to invite into one's bed??
Far fewer than the general population of our fraternity ( or sorority, if you will...) would estimate.
Because ..... It all SEEMS so easy......

But...as we've said in the past, ( and don't mind repeating... ) finding people who truly match the ideals of what one is looking for, even in a venue such as this, remains a chore of some magnitude. A chore that, to be sure, results in rewards of such great pleasure as to make it well worth pursuing, but a chore nonetheless. It takes work to make it work.

Sometimes, as in this case, hard work is it's own reward. When a real connection Does happen, it seems as effortless as sliding downhill on ice. And it Does happen. If it didn't, would we still remain here boring you with such a long-winded post??
Not likely.

However, even with what success we have had, it still rankles us that people with just some limited experience in a carnal medium such as this bandy about numbers based upon nothing but anecdotal hearsay. To hear some talk, it's just a matter of asking enough of the great mass of people awaiting their call. If such numbers quoted were indeed factual, we'd all have a never-ending choice of playmates.

And If EVERYone is doing it, shouldn't we have a busier calendar??
Here! I'll Lend You My Reading Glasses...
Posted:Dec 18, 2016 10:04 am
Last Updated:Dec 28, 2016 11:10 am

The Lovely Siren and myself are always flattered by any attention we receive. Ultimately, all of it comes as a compliment, and we appreciate that fact. When someone(s) take the time to flirt / hotlist / or send us an email, it means we've done something right in our quest to meet up with similar-thinking friends for a night or nights of fun and frolic. And enjoying occasions such as those are really why we have this profile. We Truly want to meet new people who enjoy sharing themselves in the same manner as we do. It's why we've gone to all the trouble of detailing our wants, needs and requirements, both in said profile, and also here in our blog . { Which, we might add, is freely accessible to any and all... }

SO...why then do we continue to receive emails from folks who are quantitatively outside the parameters we've laid out so succinctly in so many ways and places?? We might easily forgive those standard members who have little access to the minutiae of our profile for their zest in attempting to contact us; that much is understandable, and , as we stated above, flattering, even if misguided.

Where we actually go beyond shaking our heads in bemusement into something approaching irritation, is when we get an email from individuals or couples with Gold status, who, at first glance, seem to be people we'd like to get to know, only to discover upon actually Reading their profile that they are totally unsuitable as a match for us.
And, if we can be frank, the reason we find this a bit unsettling is because, given the way WE like to play, a good match is actually more difficult to find than one might imagine. SO.... when we see an email from people who appear to be similar to us,and the way we think, we get rather excited. And then we are crushed upon discovering that despite that initial blush of hope, they are, in fact, outside of our parameters.

If, as we believe, the point of "all of this" is to actually connect, is it not incumbent upon all of us to, at the least, make sure such a contact is feasible before sending out some salutary greetings? While such epistles may be , as we said initially in this post, massaging to one's ego, they actually come at a cost when misdirected. Because...we try to answer any such overtures, and have always prided ourselves in our consistency in this regard. But, how many different ways are there to say ,
" Thank you for your interest, but we don't think we'd be a good match".
And, as far as that goes, why should it even fall upon us to always make that determination in the first place? In a quid pro quo universe, isn't it just as responsible for the transmitters of emails to stop for a moment before hitting "send" to determine whether or not the recipient is indeed a suitable one? Is that one small detail too much to request?

While it may seem to be a trifling inconvenience to some, we do try to take the relationships we attempt to forge around here quite seriously. For those who get little or no attention at all, we may well appear to be simply whiners, full of ourselves, and far too particular for our own good. Perhaps.
BUT.... To us, the reality is merely that the Gold status should come with some responsibility. It shouldn't mean sending out an email to everyone who has a nice picture that catches your eye, though you're well within your rights to do so....But Many, many of us in this venue long for some contact, of any sort . As a couple who are oftentimes in the "Standard" mode, unable to ever send or receive ANY emails at all, we envy those of you who have access to all that the site might allow you to do. While it might have come at a monetary cost, You have the privilege of being able to use all of these ways of meeting new friends.
Is it too much to ask that one of them might be to actually read the profile?
Art, Music, History...and a little Sex
Posted:Dec 5, 2016 11:58 pm
Last Updated:Dec 20, 2019 11:11 am

Today's post was inspired by one of our favorite Blogesses Kitkat1415. Those of you who enjoy a thoughtful read should give her blog a glance or three. She's always thought provoking, with interesting perspectives to share. You might not always agree with all she has to say, but she will make you think...

Her latest dealt with ( briefly paraphrasing ) two of the common execrations of the blog world.
These were:
Certain people thinking a particular blog was scurrilously aimed at them
Alleged plagiarism in blog creation

We felt inspired to post a reply to her (mostly) concerning the latter, but upon reflection felt that the concept was so universal as to warrant a posting here as well. If you'd like to read the original thoughts that brought us to this juncture, look for, "Use Words Like Mine, It's Fine, Really & I'm Not Aiming My Posts At Any One Person" on Kitkat1415's blog "Kinks and High Jinks"
Have we mentioned that she's also very pretty? { Unsolicited Suck-Up )

Anyway... here's what we had to say on the subject of Intellectual Property rights while blogging.
Hopefully she doesn't think we stole her idea

Ms Kitkat,
It's always about me! In fact, Carly Simon DID write that song about me.

But....Yes Ma'am, it does become more than somewhat tiresome to have to try to self-edit Everything one composes in an effort to avoid an alleged plagiarism. I simply resign myself to the truism that there are only so many words in the English language, so some overlap is bound to occur. Just as there are only so many notes to make music with, so some melodies will inevitably sound like others. I'm pretty sure George Harrison really didn't intend to base his "My Sweet Lord" on such a lyrical masterpiece as "He's So Fine", but someone managed to convince a jury that it was so.

And thus we find ourselves in similar straights every time we put fingertips to keyboard { remember when that phrase was "put pen to paper"?? } But, please, take this into consideration... it IS 2016. Are there ever any truly Original ideas out there left to be purloined? When Plato died in 348 BC did he take all the Really good ideas to the grave with him?
When he and his teacher Socrates, and his most famous student, Aristotle laid the very foundations of Western philosophy , did they leave us any thoughts or ideas that we could ever claim as completely our own?

Well...of course. Because experience plays into the way a story is told, and perspective changes everything. Just as no two snowflakes are ever the same, so too are the way similar conceptions may be related. We've all had sex, but can only Adam and Eve talk about it , since they were the first to share in that particular escapade?? No one before them had ever even thought of the idea of intercourse. So does the idea belong only to them?
{ I try to tailor my analogies to the site we're using }

Of course not. Ideas are simply that....Neurons transmitting pertinent information by electrochemical signaling. With 7.468 billion of us sharing this planet, would it come as a massive shock to find that any number of us had the same idea at exactly ( or near about ) the same time?? That's a lot of neurons firing...

No.....I for one am content to believe that the things that we blog about are our own. As you suggest, something I see, or hear, or experience, may influence the direction I allow my words to wander, but the words I use ARE my own. I am not so modest as to be unaware that I can string a sentence together with some artistry, so I feel no need to apologize to anyone who has used parallel words in their own art. Like the colors of a palette, it is the hues and shades that set the tone, not the water, oil, or acrylic. Similarly, It is how we use our words that marks us, not just the ordering of a series of letters as they are laid out upon a page.

But, I suppose, each of us must choose which hill we choose to die on. In our case, we have no desire to make this into a Little Big Horn. Some people will argue and debate this issue til the words turn to dust in their mouths. We choose acquiescence over perpetual struggle, retreat over a Last Stand. If anyone out there wants to believe that we need their help to compose our thoughts, they should feel free to do so. ( Likewise, any and all can use our thoughts to stir their own into words anytime they like. ) In the end, we take no real offense at either circumstance. They are only words.
And in this firefight , I'd rather be Major Reno than Colonel Custer.
Thankfully Remembering
Posted:Nov 11, 2016 8:53 am
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2016 6:27 am

In this month of Thanksgiving and Remembrance, The Lovely Siren and I were reflecting on our gratitude that we live in an area of the world where we can be on a sex site. With all it's rather obvious flaws, and all the rather vocal anger they seem to incessantly provoke, at least we are not kept by an authoritarian regime from visiting a naughty place such as this, flawed or not..

While some might argue that some of these more fundamental rights may be threatened, we prefer to believe that because we live in a democratic society, mostly made up of good people, there will always be room for Freedom of Choice.
Our world has progressed to a point where even the most repressive government would be matched by a vibrant opposition, allowing almost all decisions to be forced into the bold light of day. In circumstances such as that, censorship and disenfranchisement are rarely successful, and because of this, rarely attempted.

And, as we've seen even here on the site, bad decisions are met with the roar of the general populace. Because we have the freedom to protest, erroneous edicts are often revised, or removed. People in charge like one thing more than any other, and that is to remain in charge. There is little chance of that if the people you preside over are in total opposition to your plans and decrees.
( Having NO free cams, for instance?? )

SO... Please take a moment to Remember and be Thankful that we are living in a part of the globe where having sexual idiosyncrasies is not looked upon as being criminal. While not everyone in our sphere of acquaintances either understands or agrees with our Lifestyle choices, neither do they have the right to condemn us for them publicly. We may exist in a shadowy subculture, but there is still a spirit of "Live and Let Live" hereabouts, at least in any regulatory sense.
And that is indeed a good thing, and one worth fighting for.
Falling Into Fall
Posted:Oct 17, 2016 2:12 pm
Last Updated:Oct 18, 2016 12:05 pm

OK, summer seems to be well and truly over and done. The lingering warmth that lasted though September even on the cloudy days has been replaced with a shiver- inducing chill upon first stepping outside. In fact, on our side of the continent, we just experienced yet another Storm of the Century. ( Just how many Storms in one Century does it take before the Weather Wonks stop using that phrase...?? )
There's rain in the forecast good people,

But, despite losing the opportunity to visit the local nude beaches, we actually like the tang of Autumnal air. While we love all the things that one gets to enjoy in the summer, the Lovely Siren and I ARE runners, so a little respite from mind-numbing, heart-testing, sweat-staining heat is always a welcome relief. I actually do pretty well racing in the warmer months, but there still is the sense that Cross-Country is the true test of an athlete's resolve. Colder, wetter, windier, with trickier footing, what's not to like ??

BUT..... this isn't actually a submission to Runners World......

As far as feeling that there's a benefit to the latter months of the Year in THIS venue, might I remind you all of a few things that Autumn brings to US....
Cooler temperatures make the idea of coffee dates functional as well as fun.
Some of us look better in more clothes rather than less so.
Hot Tubs in chilly air become much more convivial.
Four people holding hands under the changing Leaves makes a better picture.
Indoor activities start earlier because of the shorter days.
Delicious women in Fuzzy Sweaters!
AND... for all of us, who revel in the pleasures of multiple flesh in the Fall...
It just seems natural at this time of year to always wear your rubbers.
She Asked For A Facial!
Posted:Sep 13, 2016 12:19 pm
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2016 6:01 pm

Ahhhh....The Lovely Siren! Her desire for the taste of women flesh remains unabated. And during the course of looking to satisfy that desire, we look { and actually Read! } a LOT of profiles. Lately, during all of that reading, we've come to notice a tendency which we thought we'd comment on.

Would the expression, "Must have a Face Pic on First Contact or you will be Blocked" ( or a derivative, thereof ) sound familiar to those of you who also enjoy reading profiles as a pastime? We've even seen things like, " Must be Full-Facial, NO shadows, NO hats, NO sunglasses and a Close-Up to be considered" amended to that original request.

Seems a little demanding.....

Now, once again, don't get us wrong, we fully support the right of anyone on here to set up their profile in that manner that best suits themselves. You can ask that all prospective applicants attach a picture of yourself(s) in Green underwear, under a cloudy sky, with a in the background, standing in front of The Eiffel Tower if you so choose, and get no complaint from us. BUT....

Unless our view of the number of potential playmates for each and every demographic around here is wildly askew, we believe that looking for that Full-Faced Pic, or The Eiffel Tower snapshot will radically limit your number of replies. ( I sure wish we'd have had some Green Underwear with us the last time we were in Paris...)

Because......some of us require discretion. We think it's actually a vast percentage of us, but that clearly reflects our own bias in this regard. While we admit { and envy } that there are also some numbers of people in "The Lifestyle" who couldn't care less about who knows what they do after hours; we believe that, if not a Majority, at least an equal number are still forced by their circumstances to maintain a level of prudence insofar as posting a face pic online might go.

And while we might inwardly be remorseful that such is the case, we still MUST consider: employment, friends, family, and our Other pastimes in decisions regarding this one. Not everyone would understand our desire to play with others than our significant. And given that fact, repercussions could occur, simply by hitting "send" to the wrong place.

In today's day and age, one simply HAS to make thoughtful choices when it comes to discretionary matters. We KNOW that there are fake profiles out there, we Know that there are pic-collectors masquerading as Couples or Females, we Know that people have had their "hobby" made public in social media, we know that the online world is not always a happy place... Which is why we have Absolutely no problem actually Showing our faces off in person, over a coffee, or a drink, or even dinner, if the online rapport we always seek to establish warrants it. Our faces, Live and In-Person, are a manageable commodity, and we like to keep it that way.

So, we sadly have to pass by those profiles that make the Facial demand, and it seems likely that several others of our contemporaries must be doing so as well. It seems to us that there are only so many people that each of us can appeal to within the usual parameters of sharing sheets. Some of us may be SO wonderful that they can knowingly limit those numbers and still be content with their results. It might be reasonable for them to make such insistence's. But, while such a stipulation Could well mean that the results of any search with such a demand will bear only fruit of a tasty variety, it might also mean that you eat vegetables as a diet for a long time as well.

We'll settle for a larger plate, with a wider variety, and put the flavors we don't like off to the side, like we did when we were ...
An Account Of Deactivated Accounts
Posted:Aug 18, 2016 1:41 pm
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2016 7:20 pm

Previously on Passion, Peeves and Ponderings...

When last we met, we shared with you the story of a little experiment we did, wherein we emailed the same basic letter to 21 different people over the course of 7 days. What we didn't say was that this little test took place some time back, and therefore, as we "researched" the facts of that tale, we needed to go All the way back through our email file to find those particular missives.

One of the things that struck us during that search, was the number of times we saw "Deactivated Account" on those older emails. Starkly shining through in bold red print, they stand out as beacons of loss in a Sea of Conversation. Somewhere, somehow, folk with a somewhat similar mindset to ours felt the light of joy fade away for them ; enough so that they felt the need to pull the plug on their conduit to meeting similar people in the future.

Who knows what may have led to this precipitous decision? Relationship breakdown? Ill health? Boredom? Bad experiences? Compromised discretion? A lack of successful outcomes?? ....

Whatever the reasons, { and we didn't even include fake profiles....} the Lovely Siren and I feel a small loss with every glowing red notice. As you might recall, the two of us are rather conversational, and we like to believe that a large part of the happiness we achieve with our playmates comes from establishing an ongoing rapport. Some might even go so far as to refer to it as friendship. At some point with each of these profiles, we believed that this was what was about to happen. Contact was established, chat was exchanged, and the process of getting to know someone new was begun. And while many, if not all, of these deactivated accounts withered on the vine, there still had been that initial flush of hope that something real lay just over the horizon. Even with so many of these profiles laying dormant, a sentimental pair like Siren and myself always felt a fondness for those past encounters. { Feel free to replace "sentimental" with "gullible" if you so choose...} With the discovery of the scarlet letters "DEACTIVATED ACCOUNT", these long lost acquaintances are well and truly gone forever.

As we've said many times in the past, we KNOW we aren't the average couple here on the site. Perhaps the soft focus that we exhibit in this regard merely reinforces those differences. Still, whatever the case, we remain true to our original intent in creating a profile here. That is : Finding friendly people who think the same way that we do, and enjoying spending some time together with them. Possibly naked. Given the somewhat less than optimal parameters created with these preferences, we tend to ( perhaps) overvalue the people who might seem to fulfill our requirements. Small wonder then that the loss of each one of these who visited with us, however briefly, causes a momentary touch of sadness.

Now.... It's time to get out there and send off a few emails to get the whole process started all over again!

21 Emails
Posted:Jul 21, 2016 12:07 pm
Last Updated:Oct 31, 2016 6:50 am

The Lovely Siren and I are often bemused by the abundance of people who bemoan their lack of "activity" here on the site. While we can certainly understand a certain amount of wishful thinking, we also believe, and have said and written on numerous occasions, that you get out of anything what you put into it. In this particular venue, unless you are SO spectacularly good-looking that you stop traffic on a regular basis, one does not get all that they desire simply by dint of their own existence. { And even if such is the case, might the intimidation factor also keep potential playmates at a distance?? Don't ask us, we're Not anywhere near the exalted beauty demographic...}

So....assuming that any of those folk who raise these concerns about their activity level are just regular folk like the two of us, and that they are making an honest effort to put themselves forward to the masses, what ARE the chances of a successful encounter here on this site? { Presupposing that "successful encounter" is defined as having been a physical interaction that was pleasing to all of the people involved... Fair? } The Lovely Siren and I conducted an experiment a while back to find out for ourselves.

What we did was...Send out THREE emails every day for SEVEN days.

In order to be fair to both the recipients and ourselves, they had to be to folk we were Actually interested in, and well within the bounds of our general geographic region. Other than that, we left the results up to the fates, with an eye towards understanding better the dynamics of securing comfortable long(ish)-term playmates for ourselves.

Here is an example of the email that we sent. Generally we tried to leave it just as it was in the first email, but as you might imagine, small subtle differences were often required { After all, even here, we are individuals, and have individual eccentricities that had to be dealt with...} :

Good Evening Mr & Mrs _______________ ,
Hope this message finds you well. We had a peek at your profile, liked what we read, and since the likelihood of like-minded people just falling into our laps seems remote, we've decided to take the bull by the horns and send out a few emails. Since this is merely by way of introduction, and not an immediate request for you to lose your underwear, we hope we'll be able to pique your interest enough to generate at least a reply. May we humbly suggest that before you decide either way, perhaps you might peek at our blog, where we detail just about every aspect of who we are ( if you have the patience to wade through it all...), and thereby allow you to see if indeed we share enough similarities to move forward slowly.
After all, getting to know new people is certainly one of the great benefits of a site like this, whatever the outcome might be. As are road trips if the rapport makes such a thing desirable. They're some of our favorite aspects of "play", and we hope you might feel the same way.
Prime & Siren

We like to think that was as reasonable an introductory message as we could cobble together, not too long, but not the classic one-liner that is the subject of so much derision either. Friendly, but not fawning. Direct, but not demanding. Polite. In other words, just the sort of message that we ourselves would have been pleased to receive.

And what you ask, were the results of this grand experiment Mr Prime? { He asked, wondering to himself if there was actually anybody still hanging on this deep into such a lengthy post }

What we found was that, after sending out 21 emails over the course of 7 days, we received three replies, none of which led to any kind of joy. Were we surprised? Not really. Were we depressed? Not at all. Were we defeated to the point of leaving the site? Ummm......we're still right here, aren't we??

Nope, the little test we ran merely reinforced what we already knew. Finding compatible matches on any sort of sex-site is Hard Work! If you factor in that the Lovely Siren and myself have considerations that seem to often vary from the norm, it becomes even more difficult to find like-minded people to share time and flesh with. The only part of the experiment that both shocked and disappointed us was that ( unless they were invisible or blocked us ) so few people out of the 21 looked at the blogs as we suggested. Out of the 21 people we contacted, we only saw TWO who were listed as having even visited out blog. We would have thought that sort of information might have been useful in any kind of decision making....But, to each his, her, or their own.

With all of that in mind, should the good folk of this site so freely complain about a lack of activity? Probably not. As people who Have been successful at finding naughty playtime, the Lovely Siren and I are always still cognizant of how difficult it is to find exactly the right person(s) at exactly the right time, in exactly the right place. There is more to finding similar people to play with than merely being here. Imagine if you will, the difficulty of finding a date in the vanilla world by simply standing on a street corner. You'd have to actually say something at some point, without appearing creepy to whoever you spoke to, and have enough going for you to actually maintain the conversation past the act of saying hello. So it is around here.

Is it easy to find what you want on a sex site? I suppose it can be, depending on your boundaries. But for the vast majority of us it will be a complex, time consuming, and tedious chore. But....unlike vacuuming, dusting, doing dishes, or loading the washer, the rewards for your efforts are far more satisfying, and will certainly leave you with a much longer lasting smile. So, go get your chores done good people!!
Real Life / Real Meetings
Posted:May 31, 2016 7:21 am
Last Updated:Jul 21, 2016 4:57 pm

I was reading a blog by a couple named funsmartfriendly titled, " Are You Ready To Meet ... Really?" wherein they posed the question:
"Sometimes we wonder if some (most?) people are truly ready to meet offline"

After I realized that my reply { as is my wont} actually exceeded their post, the Lovely Siren and I decided to post it as a separate entity here, with a few additional thoughts that arrived after I reread my stream of consciousness post.

So...using their question as a starting point, here are our thoughts....

Well.....Let's see......AFTER you discount the "couples" who are actually just men, and then include the "couples" where the wife never even knows that she's being included in a profile, and then factor in the women with voices that are of an octave well below the feminine, one COULD be led to conclude that there are no Real people out there willing to play...
BUT....even within the then suitably reduced number of potential playmates, there are indeed people who are living vicariously through their online personas. Coming out from behind the ether can be as difficult as coming out from the closet; it means you have to admit who you are, both to the world at large, and more importantly, to yourself. There will always be people who are unwilling, or unable to make that leap.
There may well be a fair number of people who seriously want to play in real life, but real life can indeed throw all sorts of curves at scheduling. When working couples have , there really IS no such thing as a set agenda, it becomes more fluid than mud flats in November. While understanding, consideration, and most of all, patience are required to ever meet up with folk of this demographic, it would seem to be a better option for them to put aside their hobby until such time as a commitment to playtime can realistically be set.
And finally, in our experience, there are those people who care not one whit for the feelings of the people they chat with, and merely wish to enlarge their own already over-sized egos by adding "potentials" to whatever lists they have chosen to compose. While we have taken great pains, both in person and our blog to defend the right of anyone, anytime,anywhere, to choose ONLY the people they genuinely have a desire to interact with, we still see far too many instances where the desire to be desired is an end unto itself, even in cases where the reciprocal match is clearly outside of a realistic expectation. If we all agree that there are people "out of our league" , whether in a higher or lower sense, should the plug not be pulled sooner rather than later, BEFORE expectations of an actual meeting are even aroused? Sadly, not everyone has enough self-awareness to resist the urge to linger...
Now, having said ALL of that....we have met, and plan to meet more, good people who line up with both our looks, personalities, and lifestyle { in the old fashioned sense of that word }. The experiences we HAVE had were certainly fulfilling enough to keep us coming back for more, and we enjoyed most if not all of our times learning about new friends. But, in doing so, we have come to the realization that is our own responsibility to do the winnowing; to separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were, early in any conversations. Since we are clearly aware of the aforementioned issues in making contact, isn't it therefore up to us to recognize the Red Flags immediately? IF it becomes clear that the likelihood of an in-person meeting is unlikely, we think we do everyone a service by short-circuiting the cycle before it becomes untenable, rather than after a disappointing evening waiting around at a Starbucks for someone who's Never going to arrive. { Or, most assuredly, allowing the converse to take place...}
Let your experience be your guide, and never let passion overpower your common sense. Your gut will tell you when it's time to let go, and also when to carry on!

At least that's how we humbly see things. Thanks again to Mr. & Mrs. funsmartfriendly for the inspiration!
Pushing The Right Buttons
Posted:May 19, 2016 1:55 pm
Last Updated:Jun 6, 2016 9:58 pm

So.....After several months of writer's block,.I just spent 45 minutes composing what I considered to be my best ever post.......
{ No Vanity in my family, I have it all..... }
Only to have it disappear irrevocably at the unintended push of a button on the Lovely Siren's Laptop.
Two lessons learned.... Always use the keyboard you are most familiar with.
Like game-play..press, "save" early and often.

If , as we of Faith believe, "Everything Happens For A Reason" , I must have needed a lesson in Humility....
Time Well Spent
Posted:May 11, 2016 12:07 pm
Last Updated:Feb 15, 2017 7:47 am

The Lovely Siren and I were laughing with each other about the lack of "action" we've been having lately. Our mirth was, of course, tempered by a bit of regret as well, since, as one might presume, we actually DO like to have interactions of a naughty nature with like minded folk. But......
Who among us, save the hardest of hardcore, haven't had periods in their lives when playtime was forced to become the secondary thought of one's day, and the vicissitudes of "normal" existence took over the majority of one's considerations. { Heck, we haven't even had time to write blogs, something both of us take great pleasure in doing...}
Such has been the case with us of late, and despite feeling, { and even posting a related blog...} that things might relax a bit after 2016 began, such has NOT been the case. Family, work, relationships, health, and just about any other worry one could imagine have taken away a lot of the joie de vivre that once filled our happier days. NOT that we're here to complain, the pity party is down the hall...but we will say that Mr. Jay-Z should feel happy that he stopped at just 99 Problems....
But...as we alluded to in the aforementioned previous post....We happily admit that the two of us ARE sexual creatures, so there remains No Doubt that Eventually, we will return to our wicked ways. Though desire runs deeply though each of our veins, Siren and I believe in total commitment to playtime, not just for the sake of our pleasure, but more importantly, for the pleasure of the people who grace us with their bodies and minds as well. Half-way measures don't work in "Real Life" , so why would they be expected to be tolerated in a "Real Lifestyle" ?
So...in the meantime...to those of you who "know" us, we ask for your patience. And for those of you who want to get to know us.... We like to think that YOUR patience will be rewarded soon.....
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Circumstantial Chemistry
Posted:Dec 11, 2015 12:07 pm
Last Updated:Dec 12, 2015 11:57 pm

There just seem to be times, good people, when Life gets in the way of passion..
{ Blasphemy, Blasphemy!! Burn The Heretic At The Stake!! }

No Really......The Lovely Siren and I like to think that we're as delighted by Naughty Playtime as the next couple...more so if it's an Amish pairing..... but what does one do when the realities of leading a "normal" existence just keep getting in the way?? I feel like Life is my latest Cockblocker,... and I thought the other guys in the local chat room were bad....
Seriously.....without even having had a major disaster befall us, knock wood, there has been SO little time to even consider finding playmates that our little black book is covered in cobwebs. Remember Little Black Books?? I actually had a physical hard-copy of exactly that, a statement that probably qualifies me for a place in a museum...but I digress. It's not actually that the passion has disappeared; we both hunger for each other, enjoy the closeness of our cuddles, and savor the kisses and other little affections that go along with a happy relationship. But....we are on here......It would be nice to partake in all of that with other people as well.
But...and here's the catch...We're not, and never have been, hit and run artists. For us, the best aspect of playtime comes from KNOWing our partners in debauchery. So, for us, the concept of finding new friends means exactly that. You can't have FWB's without getting friendly. And THAT is where the whole process staggers to a lurching halt. When one Knows that one's time is extremely limited by circumstance, is it really fair to yourself, or more importantly, to your prospective bedmates, to even begin to start up new relationships? The amount of rants here in Blogland about people who begin conversations and then disappear for long stretches of time would point to the contrary.
SO.....we're here but we're not here. We have enough acquaintances hereabouts that we enjoy chatting with when time permits that we're not about to shut down our profile. AND, I suppose that if Mr & Mrs Perfect decided to introduce themselves to us, we MIGHT be able to allocate some specific time to get to know them, But otherwise, I'd wager that it will be at least 2016 before we actually endeavor to reach out to anyone unsolicited.
What the heck....that's less than a month. And we still have each other in the meantime......
Just expect to see a lot of emails coming through in the New Year!
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