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cum on me  

slotans 34F
63 posts
12/10/2016 2:59 pm
cum on me

Where would you like to cum on me?
My ass
My face
Inside my pussy

Ienjoythetaste 71M
2570 posts
12/11/2016 2:34 am

Actually would be very happy with 1 and 3 or in your mouth.

β€œFor a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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amkamk48001 52M/50F  
264 posts
12/11/2016 3:15 am

would like all of them, plus on your tits

pineconer9 69M
244 posts
12/11/2016 9:02 am

I like them all really

DoctorBooty 39M  
6301 posts
12/11/2016 10:04 am

Deep inside!

bheema_86 34M
17 posts
12/12/2016 1:55 am

i like to cum every were on u..

hrlyridr87 66M  
343 posts
12/12/2016 6:25 am

I went with the face, her expression of surprise gets me every time.

Guyfrom98388 60M
441 posts
12/12/2016 8:31 pm

I can do all three the question is where do we start

woody8806 53M
1 post
12/12/2016 9:42 pm

with such a beautiful ass, I would luv to cum all over it

luvs2getsukdoff2 55M  
75 posts
12/13/2016 1:11 pm

I would like to try all three places then answer the pole! ...\8

sphxdiver 70M  
21074 posts
12/13/2016 3:07 pm

How about an all of the above ??

Ladies choice !!

hornyhusband4690 48M
2 posts
12/13/2016 4:46 pm

Inside your pussy is a favorite for me. Makes it a little difficult to go down on you for a second time though.

1025mws 56M
677 posts
12/14/2016 6:58 am

I would like to cum in your mouth. cum in your ass. cum in your pussy. cum on your tits and face.

Ridethe10in 45M
16 posts
12/14/2016 9:06 am

Off course cumming inside is HOT.

slotans 34F
6 posts
12/15/2016 3:27 am

Most of you want to ...\8 in my pussy

montecarlo37 41M
298 posts
12/15/2016 7:58 am

pussy is the best place to unload.. but i like all holes.. not in air...

Noprep275 55M
178 posts
12/15/2016 11:12 am

    Quoting slotans:
    Most of you want to ...\8 in my pussy
Nah I'm going for that beautiful lil arse!🐊😬😍😍😍

ranger2025 70M  
44 posts
12/15/2016 12:15 pm

Why choose, let's spend a weekend together and try all

Hotbodman_4play 56M
452 posts
12/15/2016 1:39 pm

I must admit your pussy does look so good to shoot my load deep inside and finish it up on you just as your picture above shows..that would be sooo sweet!

Aden0069 52M
127 posts
12/16/2016 8:41 am

I am with the others. I selected your ass because I can only pick one. However, we need to have a choice for "All of the above, and then some!"

ChampWashDarwin 39M
48 posts
12/17/2016 3:58 am

Personally I like cumming inside the pussy and mouth. It's such a wonderful feeling cumming in the mouth especially when my last girlfriend used to literally suck me dry after cumming. She would suck out every last drop in me

leblond16 63M
389 posts
12/17/2016 11:45 am

great photo great body

dhhh86 34M
8 posts
12/18/2016 1:33 am

Will be great, in the ass!

MaxClimax001_ 40M

12/18/2016 1:50 am

i would love to cum both in your pussy and your ass

notsure1949 71M
9658 posts
12/18/2016 8:46 am

best thing to say is wherever you would like it

iforbigun 57M
56 posts
12/18/2016 10:21 am

would have to be your face so i can look at your breasts while i cum

1esqxxx 50M
27 posts
12/19/2016 1:01 am

All three seemed like good choices... hard to choose.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8aT9oRp95A 2 @4&20

tght14u03 43M
175 posts
12/20/2016 9:38 am

Mmmm, i want to cum in your ass, fill you up

fordfire4 44M  
269 posts
12/21/2016 5:01 pm

I was hoping you would have an "all of the above" choice. For me, the answer would be "where ever you like it the best" Sex is supposed to be about mutual pleasure, and if you love it in a particular place, then tell me, and that is where I will cum.

XslyfoxX 49M
20 posts
12/23/2016 5:13 pm

for myself its not liking best, I love the options given + manymore of my own. so your Q to me is, " what order of preference".

ballzdeep1992 27M
43 posts
12/23/2016 7:19 pm

I mean y not I guess lol ;p

rocky2774 45M
567 posts
12/27/2016 7:38 am

Favorite is mouth, non stop, no spit and swallow. but also like to unload in its own hole(pussy) and also the tightest of themm( ass)



Jeepmanloves69 51M
95 posts
12/27/2016 3:55 pm

wherever you want it is fine with me

KinkyCouple4dp 49M/50F
2 posts
12/31/2016 1:59 am

like them all..............\8

sexypantyboy1975 45M

1/5/2017 6:51 pm

Wherever she wants it.

ronny7103 43M
100 posts
3/6/2017 8:39 pm

I come to your horny ass

edsuarez14 37M
87 posts
3/11/2017 1:32 pm

The three options are great, but I prefer inside you

frikalk285g 42M

5/30/2018 12:53 pm

I would like to cum all over you

redlion5998 52M  
2 posts
12/13/2019 9:05 pm

I want to make you wet and lick you dry

Dazzy444 52M  
21 posts
4/18/2020 10:13 am

I put Pussy but fuck you deepand cum in mouth pussy and ass!! xx

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