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Read my smut -- stories, desires, frustrations, life ... it is all here. For the record, I'm FtM (born female, identify as male) and my pronouns are he/his/him.
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Fridays are for Fucking (Excerpt)
Posted:Sep 2, 2020 4:07 pm
Last Updated:Sep 2, 2020 4:25 pm

As I was cooking the eggs for my breakfast sandwich, Jessica messaged me. “What are you doing, pet?”

“Just got home, getting breakfast together.”

“I have a meeting until noon, then I’ll be over. I’m going to use you hard today, I’m feeling extra … bossy today,” Jessica messaged. “Go on your webcam and play for me. I’ll watch on my phone when I can. Tie your tits up so I can see those nipples of yours and use the enlargers to get them big and hard.”

My pussy clenched hard in response knowing that she was going to be watching, and that she would send me orders when she could. My nipples were already stiffening up as I thought about using the enlargers on them. They were one of my favorite toys.

“When I get there, I will be inspecting them to make sure they’re big enough. If you disappoint me, you will be punished harshly. Do you understand, slutty one?”

“Yes, Ma’am, I understand,” I texted back.

“Such a good, slutty girl, always ready to please me,” Jessica said. “Send me a picture of your tits right now before I go into my meeting so I can compare them.”

I blushed as I pulled my shirt up and moved my bra up and out of the way. I took a picture of my breasts, pressing my hand against the topside so that the nipples would be more visible. I cropped it then sent it to her.

“Oh, I’m going to love seeing those delicious nibs bigger and tormenting them. Enjoy breakfast but hurry and get on cam. I want to see your tied-up tits.”

“Yes, Ma’am!”

I quickly ate my breakfast then removed my shirt and bra completely on my way to the bedroom to get the robe belt that I used to tie my breasts up with and grab the enlargers she wanted me to use. I rubbed the fabric that makes my nipples get so much harder and bigger over the nubs. They instantly got bigger and I could feel my pussy getting wetter as I pinched and squeezed them while they were covered by the fabric.

I wanted to get off before going on the webcam, but I also didn’t want to be punished for it when I already had direct orders to get on the webcam. Instead, I wrapped the robe belt around my breasts, which had the effect of pulling my breasts together and forcing my nipples to be more exposed. With such large sacks, the nipple tended to roll under my breasts, so they needed help to be on display.

Thankfully the curtain on the window next to my desk was already in place and no one from the outside could see that I was shirtless and about to play with my breasts for the next few hours while I chatted with those watching, followed my Mistress’ orders and attempted to control any disasters at work. Being the boss was not very much fun when you simply wanted to have a day off, but the rest of the staff were at the office and fires always were being started that needed to be dealt with.

It took a few tries to get the webcam going but eventually it turned on and stayed on. It wasn’t long before I had company—a few horny older men and then Jessica appeared.

“Pinch those nipples hard,” she messaged me privately. I complied, imagining how she would pinch them and tried to replicate it and my back arched in response to the pain and I gasped loudly. She might not have pinched them quite as hard, but I knew my limits and was able to really push them, especially knowing it was pleasing Jessica.

“That looked like it hurt, very nice,” she commented privately. “If someone tells you to something publicly, as long as it isn’t inserting something or showing your face, you are to do it. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I replied.

I caressed my nipples idly as I switched to work email and responded to some of the things that had come in then back to the webcam to see if there was anything happening there. A few more old men and a couple of trans women had joined the chatroom.

“Suck on those titties,” one said. I leaned my head forward as I lifted my right breast towards my mouth. I sucked and licked all over it for several seconds then switched to the other. “Use your teeth and don’t be so quick to let go.”

I groaned as I sucked harder on the right nipple and held it longer then let it slip to the edge of my teeth and bite down on it but not too hard. I switched to the other nipple.

“Very good,” Jessica commented. “Suck them a bit more then put on the enlargers. My meeting is going to be done soon and I’ll be heading over.”

I smiled and sucked on the nipples a bit longer, which earned me a few tips from the guy who had instructed me to do that. Then I picked up the enlargers and put them on my nipples, making sure there was a nice vacuum. I could see the skin around the base being sucked up into the rubbery toy and feel the nipple expanding under the pressure of the vacuum suction. I moaned softly at the hint of pain that was pleasure for me.

“Slap your tits,” a trans woman said. I gladly complied. It didn’t hurt, no matter how hard I hit. It was really something that hurt more when I didn’t expect it and it was done by someone else. “Harder!”

I slapped all over my breasts until they started to turn a bit pink. I loved the color on my otherwise pale white skin. When I finished, I pulled off the enlargers. My nipples were easily four or five times bigger than they’d started.

“Holy shit,” the trans woman commented. “Suck on that monster nipple.”

I whimpered as I took one between my lips and sucked hard on it. It was super sensitive, and the feeling was intense. I gasped when I switched to the other nipple, which was always more sensitive. My pussy clenched over and over as sucked on the nipple.

I messaged Jessica, “Can I please come?”

“No. If you come, I will know it and you will be punished harshly.”

“Please, I … I’m so turned on and cannot think. I have work to do before you get here.” “Are you not hearing me?”

“I’m sorry,” I replied.

“Turn off the webcam now and do not touch your nipples or your body sexually. I will tell you when I am close, and you will put the enlargers back on and I will remove them when I get there. They had better be huge.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

I said goodbye to everyone watching then turned off the webcam.
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A confession
Posted:Sep 2, 2020 1:18 pm
Last Updated:Sep 2, 2020 3:07 pm

I have been seeing this one therapist off and on for a couple of years. We get along really well -- similar political views, societal views, etc. But the thing that I enjoy the most is that she forgets that I'm a sometimes and will just completely relax. And, she's really, really pretty. Like wouldn't have given the time of day in high school level pretty.

Today she was wearing a short black skirt, not that unusual. When she was taking my payment for the session today she was sitting on her desk chair. She turned back to me with her legs spread wide and when I looked up to hand her my credit card, I saw her lovely black panties.

I couldn't stop and stare, even if she was distracted and most likely wouldn't have noticed, but it is moments like that I treasure because of the level of comfort that it shows and ... well, I'm a perverted old man. I'm hoping for a short skirt again next time I see her.
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The Hermit and the Maiden
Posted:Aug 19, 2020 8:32 pm
Last Updated:Aug 20, 2020 6:26 am

Once upon a time, there lived a magical 4 year old hermit named Espen. In Scandinavia, his name means bear god and as it turned out, it was quite appropriate for him as he was covered with long dark brown hair over his body that made him look like a bear and thought of himself as godly, or at least god’s gift women. The women rarely disagreed with his self-image, especially not after he had entranced them and ravaged their bodies.

Espen made his home deep in the forest the edge of a small village called Norwick. He had a modest white clapboard house with a slate roof. It was located near a small waterfall that spilled into a small river. It was hidden by a grove of trees and protected by a devoted pack of wolves that he had raised from when they were pups and their mother had been killed by a callous hunter.

The one-room house was sparsely furnished with only a small wood stove to cook his food and keep warm on chilly nights, a simple table and chair that he made from a felled oak tree, and a large sleigh bed with room for Espen and company. He bathed in the river and used the waters for washing his clothes and dishes.

Espen lived a simple life, eating from the land and limiting his impact on the environment. He lived alone, far enough from the village as to not be disturbed by whatever happened there but close enough to keep tabs on the young women who lived there. Espen was short, only a bit more than four feet tall but his body was slim and very muscular, and he could hold his own against any who dared to challenge him. His hair was combed daily and he kept it immaculately groomed. He was quite well endowed with a cock that was inches long when fully erect and as thick as a ’s cock. of these things made him very cocksure, which further made him irresistible most women.

His passion in life, however, was taking the virginity of a woman and introducing them his favorite things—bondage, spanking and breast torture. He would intoxicate them with his special herbal teas then spend several hours using their bodies. Then he would leave them to recover in the woods with soiled skirts, torn blouses, sore bottoms and thoroughly deflowered. Espen wasn’t a beast, he would always make sure the woman made it home safely and assist without being seen.

He made it a point never to be with the same woman more than once to prevent them from becoming enamoured with him. That’s not to say they didn’t come looking for him to explore what he had done to them but he was always one step ahead of them as he knew the forest better than anyone in the area. Espen always made sure that he never had his way with a woman near home. It was one of his golden rules—never where you sleep. At least for as long as he wanted to enjoy bachelorhood, which was something he was pretty sure was never going to change.

It was early spring when Espen woke with the sun then looked at the lines on the wall next to the bed. He quickly counted the weeks—52! He had a huge smile on his face and, now, a hard cock tenting his blanket for today the pure-of-heart Kaira turned 18.

He wrapped his hand around his cock, feeling it throb against his skin as the blood rushed in and made it rock hard, and closed his eyes as he pictured her. He had been watching her mature for the last year, having discovered her when her mother, a beauty in her own right, and Kaira were celebrating the young lass’ seventeenth birthday with a birthday picnic near the waterfall. He was instantly smitten and started to mark the weeks until she was finally old enough to be deflowered.

Espen had watched her bathe in the river and knew every inch of her luscious young body. She had soft white skin with bright red curly hair and the matching patch between her legs with the accompanying fiery temper. Her bright blue eyes were always full of mischief and wonder and her smile could soften the heart of the cruelest man. There was no other for more than 100 miles that were more beautiful than her.

Espen was intoxicated by her large firm breasts which heaved in her blouse that was a size too small as her widowed mother didn’t have the extra money to replace the shirt as Kaira’s breasts grew to their magnificent size. He was mesmerized by the soft mounds whenever he saw them. He also loved her thick waist, wide hips and thick thighs. She was truly magnificent.

At night he would stand outside her window and watch her sleep or pleasure herself. While she might still be a virgin, she was filled with lust and enjoyed time with her hand between her legs. He loved the soft gasps as she tried to hide her actions from her mother who was in the next room and the way her hips thrusted into the air as she brought herself to the edge then the soft glow on her face after she orgasmed. He wondered if she knew he was there, watching her and was trying to entice him to be her lover but he was so careful that he knew it was not possible.

His hand moved faster on his cock as he recalled the most recent orgasm he’d watched her achieve, which he had seen as she stopped for a drink of water and lunch, dropping down under a nearby tree to eat. When she finished, she leaned back against the tree then pulled her skirts and slid her hand between her legs. Espen had been idly watching her from the grove of trees that lined the field and his cock had instantly grown harder than he’d been in at least a decade when he realized what she was doing. While she thrusted her hips in the air and rubbed her clitoris, he matched her movements. He forced himself to wait for her to finish then he came so hard that the hot jizz went over his shoulder and landed the ground behind him.

The memory of the day caused Espen’s cock ooze more precum and his hand easily glided and down the shaft. He tightened the grip, imagining it was her tight ass squeezing him, and he suddenly started cum. “ my god!” he cried out.

Today he was going to introduce himself to her and start the wooing process. He knew it would only be a short bit of time before he would be able to invite her to tea and convince her to allow him to have his way with her.
Dessert Delivery (M/F)
Posted:Aug 5, 2020 10:03 am
Last Updated:Aug 7, 2020 2:03 pm

I waited impatiently in the lounge of the hotel Mark worked in. I was wearing a wig I had borrowed from a friend, sunglasses and a nondescript overcoat so he wouldn’t recognize as I sat there waiting for him go his dinner break. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I overheard him tell one of the clerks he was going the hotel restaurant get his dinner.

When he disappeared, I dove into the public bathroom and removed my disguise. I fixed my hair and checked my outfit. Everything was perfect.

I shoved the disguise into the bag I was carrying then headed for his office, waving to the clerk at the front desk. I frequently stopped by when Mark was working so my being there wasn’t a surprise to them. I knew they wouldn’t say anything to him about it, assuming he was expecting .

I closed the door and quickly undressed, stuffing the clothes in the bag and hid it behind the big chair in the corner of the room. Giggling, I slipped under his desk wait for him come back his office.

It didn’t take long for him come back his office. I could smell fish and something spicy, probably a rice pilaf. My stomach grumbled and I wished I’d thought of eating before coming to the hotel.

Mark sat down at his desk and put his food the desk then checked something before sitting down. He pulled his chair in and his knees bumped into me.

“What the hell?” he said then quickly pushed his chair back.

I smiled at him then crawled out from under the desk. “I brought you dessert.”

“What are you doing?”

“Remember how you told me that you have always fantasized about this?” I asked as I reached out to spread his legs. “It took me a while to make it happen but here I am.”

“ hon, that’s very thoughtful of you but I don’t have …” he replied.

I deftly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants then guided his cock out of his underwear.

“Are you sure?” I asked then leaned forward and ran my tongue around the tip. Mark’s face turned red as he moaned softly. He gasped when I filled my mouth with the tip then more of his thick eight-inch cock with each bob of my head.

“Nan … you … god … you shouldn’t be doing that,” he said. “I need you stop … or lock the door.”

As I sucked his cock, he ran his hand through my hair then reached down tug a nipple as he pushed my head down and lifted his hips, forcing take of his cock into my mouth. He slowly pumped his cock in and out of my mouth, holding my head still as he pinched and tugged my nipple my delight.

I slid my fingers between my legs, my fingers moved faster my clit pausing only dip them into my sopping wet pussy to coat them with my juices. He guided my mouth away from his cock then pushed his chair back and stood . He pulled and kissed hungrily.

"Bend over the desk,” he said between kisses.

I gladly complied as he crossed the room lock the door then he moved behind , pulling his shirt out of the way. He caressed my ass for several seconds as he teased with his cock, rubbing it against my clit and coating it with my juices. I begged him fuck but he kept teasing.

Then suddenly he drove his cock deep inside my pussy.

“ god! Yes!” I cried out. His cock filled nicely and I loved how it felt as it slammed against the back wall of my womb. He held onto my hips and fucked me hard and fast, driving deep inside me with each thrust.

“Mark … I’m going to cum!” I gasped as my body began to shake.

“Not yet,” he said between moans of pleasure. He fucked me slower with shorter strokes. I whimpered in protest. He kissed my shoulder and lightly bit it.

“I like taking my time with dessert,” he whispered. “And I love feeling you shiver and quake in anticipation.”

I moaned as I pressed back against him, trying to get more of his cock inside me. He chuckled then stopped fucking me completely, leaving just the tip at the entrance as he reached around me and massage my huge breasts, playing roughly with the nipples. I gasped as he tugged hard on them, and my pussy gushed onto the tip of his cock.

He groaned in pleasure and slid more of his cock inside me before he tugged on my nipples again, my pussy clenched each time I reacted to the pleasurable pain.

“I can feel every muscle tightening around my cock when you do that,” he said as he twisted and tugged on my nipples more. As wet as I had been when we started, I was sopping wet now. My juices leaked out around his cock and dripped onto my thighs and his balls.

I could feel his body starting to tense and he started fucking me hard and fast. His body was shaking as he cried out, “Now!”

“ fuck!” I cried as my orgasm hard. My pussy tightened around his cock as he filled with stream after stream of his hot, sticky cum. I squeezed every last drop from his cock.

He fell against my back then kissed my neck. He let his spent cock slip out of then pulled his pants and tucked his shirt back in.

I turned around and kissed him softly. “Thank you,” I said.

I pulled the bag out and got dressed while he finished eating his dinner. When I was done, I sat and chatted with him.

“Thanks for bringing dessert,” he said as he stood return work.

“Anytime babe,” I replied then I gave him another quick kiss and headed back home wait for him return and fuck again.
Play time at the office
Posted:Jul 6, 2020 12:19 am
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2020 6:06 pm

“Let’s be more daring,” George typed as they discussed their second webcam date.

“More daring?”

“Yes, I would like see you in nature. Someplace risky but not too risky, I don’t want you getting arrested,” he typed back.

“That’s good because I don’t want that either! LOL!” I typed as I actually laughed out loud.

“Do you know of a place where you could and not get in trouble?”

“I know of a couple of places that might work.”

“There’s WiFi or Internet service there?”


“My cock is so hard thinking about watching you bury a toy deep inside your bonus hole then get yourself off with your hand if you’re not brave enough to use a vibrator.”

“I’ve never done anything like that before, just some selfies at my favorite park.”

“Really? I would have thought someone would have had you please them with doing something like that.”

“Ha! All of the guys I’ve dated before never really understood the appeal of playing outside and would look at the pictures I took but it never did anything for them beyond the enjoyment of seeing me naked.”

“ wow. That surprises . I most definitely want watch you come out in nature while you watch me enjoying you doing it.”

“I like the idea,” I typed back then ran my fingers over my nipples. They were rock hard and I didn’t have touch myself to know my pussy was wet at the thought of it. “I’m really turned . I wish you could watch now but I’m supposed be working.”

“Are you alone in the office?”

“For right now, yes. I never know when someone might stop by,” I replied.

“Do you have a lock on your office? And, do you have your new toy?”

“Yes, to both.”

“Lock the door and get the toy out. I want to see you come, right now.”

“I … I don’t want to get caught.”

“I’ve seen you bragging on your status updates. I know you’ve gotten off at the office more than a few times in recent weeks,” he replied.

I couldn’t argue with him. I had done it a few times and it had been so naughty and fun. But those times I had known I would be alone because people had left for the day. Anyone could come in, even if it was unlikely.

“I am waiting,” he said. “Load Skype on your phone then connect to me. I want to see every step.”

I turned a bright red. It was one thing to at home, and quite another at work. If I were caught, I would definitely lose my job. But I didn’t want George stop playing with either.

“Okay, I will do it,” I typed back. I turned the app and connected him.

“Hello my slutty webcam boy,” he said when we were connected. He was dressed and in an office, maybe a meeting room.

“Hello,” I returned.

“Show me the room then take me with you lock your office door,” he ordered. I held the phone and slowly moved it around so he could see the office I shared with a coworker who was working from home during the pandemic. Then I stood and took the phone with as I crossed the room the door and locked it.

“With those wide open windows, this is nearly as good as you sitting in a field,” he commented as I returned my desk. “Maybe we’ll do that another time and make this as our second date.”


“Do you like that idea?” I nodded my head. “Good. Set the phone where I will be able see what you’re doing yourself then find your toy so you’ll be ready and undress enough so I can see those massive tits and what you’re hiding in your pants.”

I set the phone down, making sure it didn’t show any of the desk and was focused on the chair I was sitting in then pulled my ‘lipstick’ vibrator out of its hiding spot in my backpack. I pulled my shirt and bra so that my breasts were exposed. I played with the breasts and nipples for a minute or two, running my hands over the soft flesh and pinching the nipples.

“ yeah baby, just like that. Show how you’re taking care of my breasts and making them feel good.”

I closed my eyes and arched my back as I played with them, moaning softly. I loved playing with them but it was so much more a turn having George watching with them and doing the things he ordered.

“Pull your pants down and show my ass then turn around and spread your legs,” he said. I stood and pulled my pants down, then turned so he could see my ass. “ yes, that fine, fine ass of yours. My cock is dripping precum just looking at your ass. Run your hands over it and spread those cheeks so I can see the entrance the tight cavern calling out for my cock fill it.”

I did as he asked, my hands moving over my ass, squeezing and caressing the flesh before spreading the cheeks. “ god baby. I love seeing your ass hole exposed . It is too bad you don’t have more toys at work. I would love to see you put a dildo deep in your ass and fuck it for while I watch.”

He watched do that for a few moments. “Turn around and spread your legs, I want see my bonus hole and that itty bitty penis.”

I moved into position, spreading my legs as much as I could in the desk chair. “ that’s what I wanted see,” he said. “Let see your little friend.”

I reached down and parted my puffy lips which were slick with my juices, then ran my fingertip over the hardened nub. I moaned softly. I was feeling more secure about playing and couldn’t wait get off for him.

“Get that toy out and let see you use it your penis,” he ordered. I turned it the lowest level then put it against my little penis. “ yeah, just like that. You’re such a good naughty slut boy, doing whatever you’re told to do, needing to please so you can be told you can come.”

“, George,” I gasped. I was so turned and needed come. “Please … please may I come?”

“Not yet … I want see your little cock swell and get so slick so I know you’ll be ready for my cock.”

“I don’t think I can hold back much longer.” I closed my eyes and tried think about anything but what I was doing. It wasn’t working as I could think about was what I’d done on our first webcam date.

“Not yet … just a bit longer,” he said, his breathing changing as I realized he’d pulled his cock out of his pants and was jerking off as he watched . “My cock is so fucking hard. Do you want feel this in your bonus hole? Or are you going be my ass slut and let shove of this cock into you?”

“Yes … please fill … fuck … use .”

“ yeah, I’ll be using that body. Over and over and over again.”

“ fuck … please let come.”

“I’m about explode. If you don’t come before me then you’ll have stop and not come until you get home later and I can watch you from the safety of my bedroom and see you fill your slutty holes with cocks.”

I closed my eyes and imagined him filling me with his cock, wishing I’d had a substitute for his cock available to me right now. My bonus hole felt so empty and needy. I pumped my hips and down as if I were being fucked and it was just the right move.

“ fuck, yes! I’m coming!” I cried out as I humped the air with the vibrator held tightly against my little penis. “ godddd!”

“Here … it … comes,” he said as his hand flew and down his cock. He grabbed a handful of tissues and covered the tip with only seconds spare as his come exploded out of his cock. “ fuck yeah! So fucking good. Don’t stop. I want to see you come again.”

“ god!” I groaned. Then I heard someone in the front office. “ fuck. Someone’s here,” I whispered.

“Then you better finish quick,” he whispered back. “You can’t stop until you come again.”

I closed my eyes and focused on coming again, blocking out any of the noises I heard in the front office. I rubbed the tip of the toy directly on my little penis and came hard, my body arching with the intensity of the orgasm.

“That’s my good slutty boy, coming for me and making me happy.”

“ god. I have go. Thank you for playing with ,” I replied. “I’ll talk you soon!”

I quickly closed the app, turned off the toy and shoved it in my bag then made myself presentable before getting unlock the door. I opened the door and walked out the front. There was no one there. Had they come and gone quickly?

I shook my head then went and sat back down at my desk recover from the time before getting back work.
Long distance orgasms
Posted:Jul 3, 2020 10:16 am
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2020 10:10 pm

“Are you ready?” George asked in the chat box.

“Just need a few minutes, the is still here,” I typed bac

“I can’t wait see your fine body and watch you come,” he said.

I blushed a deep red. It was going be our first time together and I was nervous about it. He’d seen my body in pictures but that wasn’t the same as seeing it move on the webcam.

“He’s gone now,” I typed. “I just need to get my toys ready for you.”

“The bluetooth one is charged and ready to go?”

“Yes, be back in a minute and I’ll turn the cam on then, too.”

“My cock is hard and ready to see you.”

I pulled out my toy box and set it up on the bed. He had a picture of everything in the box so he could pick out the toy to with and tell what do. I checked my hair in the mirror on the back of my bedroom door then took a deep breath. It was now or never.

I turned on my webcam and mic then set the laptop on the dresser and adjusted the cam so it was focused on the end of the bed. His webcam was already running, he was naked and running his hand slowly up and down on his cock while he waited.

“Hello sweetie,” he said. “I see everything is set up for .”

“Yes, everything is ready go.”

“Slowly undress for then, when you’re naked, spin around for .”

I nodded and started undress, taking my shirt and bra off together.

“Stop. Move close so I can see those big titties of yours.”

I scooped up my breasts and lifted them up towards the camera.

“They’re so big and soft looking. Kiss them for me and suck on those nipples good and hard. I want to see them pop up.”

I quickly covered my breasts all over with kisses and could feel my juices starting to flow between my legs as I sucked on one nipple then the other, making sure he could see my lips and tongue working them over.

“Fuck I wish I could be doing that,” he said wistfully. “Finish undressing and don’t forget to slowly spin around.”

I let my breasts fall back into place as I stepped back so he could watch me remove my jeans. I was commando, as usual, so he was soon confronted with my fully naked body. I slowly turned around.

“Stop,” he said when my ass was facing him. “Bend over the edge of the bed and spread your ass cheeks to show me that lovely hole that needs to be filled with a nice thick coc”

I quickly obliged, stepping closer the bed. I bent over and grabbed a thick ass cheek with my hands and spread them wide so he could see my ass hole and my pussy.

“Oh fuck that ass is so hot. I want see you fill that hole with the topaz toy so I can see it against your soft white flesh. Lube it up so it will slide right in for .”

I stood up and dug around in the toy box to find the glass butt plug he was referencing and picked up the lube. I turned so he could see put a drop of lube at the tip of the toy then bent over again so I could slide the toy in my ass while he watched.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s so hot,” he said as he watched, his hand still slowly moving up and down on his coc

I carefully slid the toy in, moaning loudly as it filled . I loved the feeling of a toy buried in my ass, not as much as a cock but it was what was available to .

“How does that feel? Do you like having that bubbly toy inside you?”

“It feels good. I can feel all the bumps.”

“Good, good. I’m so envious of that toy right now,” he said. “Maybe later we’ll replace it with something a bit bigger and more phallic.”

“Oh!” My bonus hole leaked more juices at the thought of it.

“Get out your little round red slapper and the larger flogger as well as the wolf toy and the bluetooth vibrator. Then, sit on the edge of the bed so that the toy can’t escape your ass.”

I nodded my head and quickly gathered the items, setting them on the bed, then got into position. I looked up at the webcam and his cock was slick from the precum that had started to lea My bonus hole clenched at the sight and I was so envious that it was his hand spreading it down the shaft and not mine.

“Pick up the slapper,” he said. “Cover your tits with it and make your breasts nice and red, but don’t touch the nipples yet.”

I nodded my head and followed his directions. I gasped when I got close to the nipples and when I hit a few other more sensitive areas. When they were a rosy red color I stopped.

“Hold up the left breast with your hand then pepper your nipple with the slapper until I say stop.”

I swallowed hard as I lifted my left breast up then started to work over the nipple, crying out when it hit particularly hard or just grazed the nipple. He was smiling from ear to ear with my reaction to the slapper.

“Stop and switch to the other breast.”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, the right breast was a lot more sensitive than the left one. I slapped the nipple more gingerly.

“Slap that nipple harder,” he growled.

“Oh! Please … it is …”

“Do as you’re told, slut boy.”

I blushed at being called a slut boy and my bonus hole gushed. I took a deep breath and slapped the nipple harder, crying out loudly with each slap. He watched with delight as I abused the nipple on his behalf.

“Stop and kiss them both then suck hard on each of the nipples.”

I winced when I sucked on the left nipple as it was still sore but cried out when I sucked on the right nipple. “Oh fuck,” I whimpered when I was done.

“Spread your legs as far as you can without the toy falling out of you then slap your lips and thighs until I tell you to stop.”

I closed my eyes and tipped my head back as I covered my super sensitive lips and inner thighs with the slapper.

“I can see that you’re soaked,” he said, his voice nearly a whisper. “I wish I could taste you and suck on that hard little pepper. Show it.”

I reached down and spread the lips so he could see the swollen enlarged clit that was slick with my juices.

“Oh yes, I want suck so hard on that as I’m forcing my fist into your bonus hole. Would you like that baby? To feel sucking so hard on your pepper while my hand invades your soaking wet hole?”

“Yes, oh god, yes.”

“Good slutty boy. Now push that wolf toy into your bonus hole until the knot is buried inside you.”

I grabbed the thick toy and forced it inside . It was slow going but the juices helped ease it in. I sat back on the edge of the bed and wiggled my hips as I pushed down so that the knot was buried inside . “Oh fuck,” I gasped. I loved how it filled completely.

“Oh shit, I nearly came watching you fill your cumhole with that toy,” he confessed. “I can’t wait until that is my cock filling you. Turn on the bluetooth toy and make sure it is connected.”

I turned it on and it showed up on the laptop screen. I watched him connect to the program and he tried a few different levels to make sure it was working.

“Now, put it right up tight on your pepper,” he said. “And don’t let it move.”

I gasped when it turned on suddenly. I was so turned on that I nearly came. “Oh god, I almost came.”

“Just let it happen,” he said as he changed the level of vibrations. I closed my eyes as I held the toy against my body and bounced on the toy buried inside me.

It didn’t take long for me to get to the edge. “Oh fuck, yes! I’m coming!” I cried out as my body jerked.

“That’s it baby, come for me,” he said then suddenly turned it off.

“Please … oh god … I need to come again.”

“Slap your pepper and lips again then put the vibrator on your pepper again and slap your tits.”

“Oh god … please …”

“Do what you’re told or you won’t get to come again.”

I blushed a deep red. I slapped my lips and pepper hard enough to make me cry out then put the vibrator back in place as I started to slap my breasts. He flipped on the vibrator again at the highest level and I lifted off the bed.

“Come for me baby, hit those nipples hard and come for me,” he said as his hand flew up and down on his coc “I’m going come so hard for you but I need see you explode.”

I held the toy against my pepper, rubbing it all over as I slapped my breasts with the slapper. I closed my eyes and pictured his cock inside getting ready explode. “Oh FUCK! Yes!” I cried out as I started come.

“Don’t move the toy, just ride the wave,” he demanded as I withered on the bed. “Open your eyes.”

I opened my eyes to see his cock head aimed at the camera, his hand flying up and down the shaft. “Here it comes, all of this come is yours, my sexy boy toy.”

I came again as his thick, hot come exploded from the tip of is cock and covered the camera, which I hoped was covered up to protect it. “Oh yes, oh fuck, oh, oh, oh fuck!”
I fell back against the bed, the wolf dildo and glass toy still deep inside me, and the vibrator still throbbing against my little pepper.

“Keep the vibrator on your pepper, slutty boy, and come for me again,” he said between labored breaths. “Show me how much you want to please me. I need you to come more.”

I held the vibrator in place as I tugged and pulled on my tender and sore nipples. He slowed the vibrations down and I whimpered my displeasure, which made him laugh.

“Slutty, slutty, needy boy.”

“Please … I’m so close … please!”

“You’re getting me hard again. Beg some more and maybe I’ll be able to come again with you.”

“Oh god, please let me come again. I need to feel my body shaking as you make me come again.”

“That’s a good boy, getting me all hard again.”

“Pull out the wolf toy and the plug, then get out the brown dildo.”

I groaned as I sat up and slowly pulled out the toys, setting them on a towel on the bed, then got out the brown dildo.

“Show me how you’ll go down on me with the toy,” he said as his hand flew up and down on his coc He groaned loudly as my lips slipped over the toy. “Oh yeah, just like that. Suck on that coc”

I shoved as much as I could down my throat and gagged, which elicited another loud groan from him. “Suck more of that cock, I wanna see it disappear down your throat.”

I gagged as I forced more of it down my throat. “Oh yes, that’s so hot watching you gag on my coc” I bobbed my head up and down on it in rhythm with his hand on his coc “What a good cocksucker you are. I could watch you suck cock all day but I need come with my cock deep in your ass. Force all that cock into your ass.”

I rolled onto my side and put a few drops of lube onto the tip of the dildo. I found my ass hole and slowly pushed the toy in. “All the way ,” he coaxed.

“Oh god, it is so big,” I whimpered.

“Don’t stop,” he said. “Balls deep.”

“I can’t get it in further,” I said when it was more than half in .

“Put the vibrator on your pepper and hold that toy in your ass,” he said. As soon as the vibrator was in place he turned it on high. I moaned loudly and turned so I could watch him jerking off on camera.

“OH god!” I cried out as I started to come again.

“Leave it in place until I come,” he directed. I watched his hand move on his cock as I held the toy in my ass and the vibrator buzzed against my little pepper. “So hot and sexy to see you like that. My anal loving cumslut.”

I lost track of how many more orgasms I had before I passed out from exhaustion from coming so many times. He had turned off the vibrator and cleaned himself and the camera off while I was recovering.

“What happened?” I asked.

“You fainted, my dear,” he answered. “I probably would have if I’d been made to come so many times. Take out the toy and sit up for me so I can see your used body.”
I followed his orders and sat up to face him. “Sweetie, you’re amazing.”

“Thank you,” I replied.

“I would like to do this again later, not as much as we did now, but I want to make sure you go to sleep after a nice sleeping inducing orgasm,” he said. “Would you like that?”

I nodded my head, my mouth was dry from all of the liquids in my body having been rerouted to my bonus hole and my brain wasn’t functioning again yet.

“Good boy,” he said. “You made me very happy today, and I can’t wait to ‘fuck’ you again tonight.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“Excellent. Go clean up and have a good rest of your day.”

“Bye, George.”

I closed the program and slowly stood up. My body was sore from all the orgasms and slapping but I was super relaxed and happy. It wasn’t as good as being fucked in person but it was a lot of fun and hopefully would lead to visiting him for a long weekend of fucking for real.

Thank you to my friend in Vancouver for the inspiration.
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Come covered slut (M/FTM)
Posted:May 6, 2020 8:27 am
Last Updated:May 6, 2020 8:29 am

Brad stood in the bedroom door, watching as Neil slept. It was just after midnight and Neil had been asleep for a few hours. He was worn out from a long day at work and the usual household chores, which included being on his knees in living room when Brad got home from work and ready to suck his cock.

The cock sucking happened every day, regardless of how Neil might be feeling. When Brad got home, he wanted to be able to get his nuts off and he vastly preferred the back of Neil’s throat to a paper towel or his stomach. How long it took depended on how Brad’s day had gone. On the good days Brad took his time coming.

On the not so good days, he would fuck Neil’s face roughly until he got off, which usually didn’t take very long. Getting off in Neil’s mouth always seemed to make everything better and Brad would be able to have a relaxing evening.

The moonlight streaming in the window fell across Neil’s ass, a spotlight on the source of Brad's favorite part of Neil’s body—his fleshy round ass. His cock, which was already hard, leaked some precum at the thought of pumping it full of his come.

Brad quickly undressed, piling the clothes on the floor next to the bed, then went to the toy box at the end of the bed and pulled out the items he wanted to use on Neil, carefully setting them on the end of the bed.

"Wake up, bitch," Brad said as he ripped the covers off the sleeping submissive, exposing his naked body to the cooler temperature of the room.

"What? Huh?" Neil looked up at him through half-closed eyes, wondering why the hell he was waking him up. It was too dark to be morning and there wasn’t a sense of emergency in his voice.

"I need to use your body," he said as he moved next to Neil's head. He reached down and pushed his submissive's face to the edge of the bed then forced his cock between the lips and into Neil's mouth. He made a fist in Neil's hair to hold his head still while he face-fucked him. "Oh yes, letting me fuck your face like a good ."

Brad shoved more of his cock down Neil's throat and roughly slammed it in and out of the mouth. He laughed when Neil gagged and tried to pull away. Brad tightened his grip and forced all of his eight-inch cock down the throat and held it there for several seconds, blocking off the airways with his cock and the bulge from his stomach. Neil gasped for breath when Brad finally pulled his cock most of the way out, leaving just the tip between the lips.

"Does my like having his mouth fucked?" he asked. Neil nodded his head as best he could. His little pepper, the name Brad had given his engorged clit, was hard and his pussy was drenched from the face fucking. "Good, because I like using your slutty mouth and throat."

Almost as if on cue, Brad drove his cock into Neil’s mouth again and fucked it for another few minutes, then shoved it all the way down the throat again. Neil gagged and tried to push him away, but Brad wasn't having any of it. He tightened his hold on Neil's hair and held him firmly in place.

Neil tapped his leg three times, a warning that the safe word would be coming if things didn't change. Brad smiled as he pulled his cock out. Neil gasped for air as he stared at the cock covered with his spit that was at eye level.

"That's a good slutty boy, holding Daddy's cock in your throat like that," Brad said in his baby talk voice. "Do you like it when Daddy fucks your face?"

"Yes, Sir," Neil said softly, cringing at the baby talk. It was so condescending, but it turned him on so much and Brad knew the effect if had on him.

Brad reached down to the end of the bed and grabbed a purple silky scarf. He lightly dragged it over Neil's body, sending shivers all over the submissive’s body. "Sit up and put your tits together."

Neil quickly sat on the edge of the bed and cupped his breasts, pushing his breasts together so it looked like it was one gigantic breast. Brad slid the fabric under the breasts then crossed it at the top. Neil groaned as the fabric tightened around his breasts and the flesh was pulled tight. While Brad held the fabric taut, Neil pushed as much of the breast into the loop as he could, then Brad tied the scarf into a bow and tucked the ends between the breasts.

"A present to be opened later," Brad said with a huge smile as he reached up and pinched the nipples one at a time then both of them.

"Oh fuck," Neil whispered. Brad tightened his grip on the nipples and tugged on them, lifting them up slightly then letting them fall back against his chest with a slight slapping sound. Neil closed his eyes and bit his lip as he tried not to react.

Brad picked up the rubber meat tenderizer ball. He delivered the first blow directly to the much more sensitive right nipple. Neil cried out and tried to cover his breasts with his hands. Brad pushed them out of the way then warned, "Sit on your hands or I will tie them out of the way."

Neil moved his hands so that he was sitting on them, which pushed the breasts out further and made them a better target. Brad used the toy all over Neil's breasts, hitting especially hard on the nipples. Neil cried out with each hit.

"Please, oh god ... I can't take anymore," Neil begged after a flurry of strikes on the nipples and covered them with his hands.

"Move your hands," Brad ordered.

"Please Brad, no more," Neil replied, his hands still firmly in place on the breasts.

Brad moved to the end of the bed and found the bondage mitten in the toy box. He pulled Neil's hand away from the breasts one at a time and forced them into the mitten then tightened the ribbon around the base. He pulled the hands up over Neil's head and tied the ribbon to a hook hanging from the ceiling.

Neil struggled to cover his breasts with his legs but it was impossible to get away from the strikes to his breasts. "Please Brad ... oh god ... it is too much ... oh ... fuck ... please!" he begged.

"You know the safe word," Brad replied as he continued to cover the bound breasts with the toy. He suddenly stopped and leaned down to suck hard on the right nipple as he tugged hard on the other nipple with his fingers. Neil lifted off the bed with a loud groan but didn't use the safe word. Brad smiled against the breast in his mouth.

He pulled away then tugged on the scarf and released the breasts from their binding. Neil let out a long, deep moan. Brad lightly caressed the nipples, watching Neil squirm as even the lightest touch caused an intense reaction.

Brad reached up and pulled the ribbon off the hook and lowered Neil's arms but left his hands tied. "I have a new toy for you to try," he said as picked up a face harness with a slim dildo that was about five inches long connected to it. The dildo extended for an inch or two on the inside.

"Open wide," he said as he put the face harness on, filling Neil's mouth with the gag part of the dildo. Brad tightened the harness in place then helped Neil to his knees on the floor. He picked up the tube of lube from the bedside table then coated the tip of the toy with it. "Fuck my ass with your mouth cock."

Neil leaned towards Brad's ass and tried to direct the dildo into his ass. It was awkward but he finally got it into the hole and gently pushed it all the way in. Brad groaned loudly as it filled him.

"Fuck me," he demanded. Neil rocked on his heels as he used the toy to fuck Brad's tight ass. "Oh god, yes ... faster!"

Neil moved faster and tried to force all of the toy into the ass, burying his face against the hairy flesh with each thrust. Brad braced himself against the wall with one hand as his other hand jerked off his cock.

"Oh baby, you're going to make Daddy come," Brad said as his hand moved fast on his cock. "Hold it inside me all the way!"

His hand was flying on his cock as he rode the toy, slamming his ass against Neil's face. Suddenly he stopped and pulled off the toy, quickly turned to face Neil. "Oh god, yes!" he cried out as he let several streams of come land on his face, coating it with the sticky musky smelling goop.

He milked his cock until it was spent and looked down at his come covered slut.

"Now your face matches your name," Brad said with a smile of satisfaction. "Go get cleaned up. I'm tired and you need your sleep so you can tend to my needs in the morning."
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Zombie Love Feast excerpt (not horror)
Posted:Apr 26, 2020 8:56 am
Last Updated:Apr 26, 2020 11:42 am

Zombie Love Feast was the biggest undead rock band that had ever existed, easily beating out the likes of Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers. Their songs were a mix of creepy church organ music and morbid lyrics about being undead. Whenever Jim heard their music he felt like it was draining his life force with every dreary note.

Jim had enough trouble keeping his head above water with his depression, he didn't need listen their dark music and feel even more depressed, so he would change the station. It wasn't easy avoid them, as every radio station seemed their stuff, even the country music stations.

Vanessa Cortez, the lead singer, was very sexy, even if she was a zombie, and people around the world lusted after her. In the right light and angle you couldn't even tell she was a zombie. She had gotten the antidote before she had totally transformed into a zombie, saving her life and launching her music career into the stratosphere.

Jim would never willingly admit that one night he had masturbated as he watched a music video that featured a nearly naked Vanessa and a dozen "virgin" men and women fucking in an orgy. He'd been channel flipping and paused on MTV, which still occasionally played videos. It was a special zombie music hour being played after midnight and he'd never heard this song before.

It felt a bit morbid being turned on by the undead but there was no denying that his dick was straining against his pants and he felt compelled to do something about it. Her voice was intoxicating and hypnotic.

His hands seemed to move on their own. He remembered his long lean fingers unzipped his jeans, and he slid his thick 9-inch cock out through the hole. Jim had never done that before, he was always naked when he masturbated or fucked, but he just needed to have access to his coc

It was harder than he'd ever been before and already oozing precum. Jim wrapped his fingers around the shaft, slowly gliding them up and down the beat of the music. His eyes glazed over and his head rolled the side so he could keep watching but he was no longer in control of his body.

A snake appeared at the base of a phallic shaped pole next Cortez. She motioned towards it and the snake slithered up the pole, tightening around it. His fingers followed along, tightening around his cock almost in a vice grip. He could feel his blood pulsing hard in his veins as it rushed to fill his coc

As the music sped up, so did his fingers. He was holding his cock so tight that it was difficult move his fingers but he couldn't stop. The need to come rose and his breathing was ragged as he got closer and closer to the edge.

The song suddenly stopped and Jim groaned loudly as his fingers loosened their grip and stopped moving. His body was tense with sexual energy and he was frustrated at having been edged then given no release.

The music started again at a slow lazy beat. His hand started moving on his coc She was playing with his cock like it was a finely tuned instrument.

The tip was red and sore from his tight grip but he couldn't stop as her voice and the music controlled his movements. It didn't take him long to get to the edge and she held him there for what seemed like days, keeping him from the one thing he needed more than anything else.

The music quickly built to the peak again, the people on the screen were in a frenzy as they touched, kissed and fucked each other. It was a symphony of grunts and groans, including his own, and his breathing became ragged again. He was gasping for breath as his body tensed and edged ever closer to the point of no return.

The song reached a crescendo and suddenly they were given their release. The chorus of people climaxing was unlike anything he'd ever heard before. It was raw and guttural, reducing everyone to their animalistic core.

His body was shaking uncontrollably as the sexual tension was released. The come exploded from the tip of his dick, stronger than he'd ever come before. It landed on his face, coating his nose and cheeks in stickiness, then down his face and shirt as the last drops of his essence were drained from him as the song continued to play and his hand still moved on his coc

The song ended and he collapsed against the chair, passing out from exhaustion following the intense sexual workout.

It was still dark when he woke up. Jim was glad he lived alone as he had passed out with his cock still in his hand and come all over his face. He got up and went the bathroom. He washed the come off his face then threw the shirt into the trash, not wanting to keep a reminder of her control over him.

Jim was angry at his inability to not be able to resist her siren song and he refused to give her that kind of control over him again, going as far as to block all music stations on his TV and only listening to a CD filled with music he chose.

It worked perfectly until the day they met face-to-face.
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Quick update
Posted:Apr 20, 2020 11:00 am
Last Updated:Apr 20, 2020 8:59 pm

I started a second story on Saturday and made some progress on it. I realized when I stopped that it is going to be so much more than just a short story -- perhaps a novella. I will share bits of the naughty stuff that will be in the story and I know there's going to be lots of sex in it. It will be a personal exploration of what I truly want from a D/s relationship and how much of myself I can give to something like that if I were to find someone who wants to dominate me.

Typing on my phone is so annoying! That's for now. Stay tuned for more smut soon!
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A quick visit (M/M/FtM)
Posted:Apr 18, 2020 12:27 pm
Last Updated:Apr 18, 2020 12:40 pm

“I’ll be coming through your area around noon,” Scott said. “The front door should be unlocked and you should be bent over your bed with your ass up.”

“I’m working,” I argued. It was Friday and I was working from home, as usual.

“I’m only going to be there long enough to use your ass for a load of my cum after I pepper your ass for arguing,” he replied. “Have you forgotten you’re nothing more than a cumbucket?”

My face grew red from embarrassment of having disappointed him by arguing and I didn’t reply immediately. My body reacted strongly to being reminded that I was only worthy of being filled with copious amounts of come. Even the punishment was welcomed as I hadn’t been touched by him, or anyone, in days. His touch, though bound to leave my ass sore for the rest of the afternoon, would feel amazing.

“No, I haven’t forgotten,” I replied.

“Good boy. Have your toys available for me to choose from and put that crochet collar and cuff set you made,” he continued. “You should be face down, hands by your head and your fat, round ass in the air.”

“Yes, Sir,” I typed back. My “bonus hole,” the nickname a friend had given my pussy after I transitioned, was wet and clenching in anticipation, and my nipples where hard against the soft fabric of the shirt I was wearing.

I wondered if he would play with my “little pepper,” the nickname I’d given to my little cock that had grown when I started to take testosterone. Sometimes he would suck on it or put two fingers on either side of it and jerk it off like it was a real cock, and that drove me crazy.

It was about an hour before Scott would be arriving. I saved my work and quickly cleaned up the apartment so it didn’t look like a complete disaster then gave myself an enema and took a quick shower so Scott would be able to fuck a squeaky clean body.

I pulled out several vibrators, dildos, floggers, slappers and the cuffs that he mentioned. I laid the toys on the bedside table then put the collar around my neck so it would be in place when it was time to move into position.

The yarn on the collar was wool and it was soft but scratchy at the same time. It was also a bit snug around my neck so when my body moved, it would rub against the soft skin of my neck and add a new sensation that heightened all the other sensations.

I watched out the window as it neared noon. When I saw his car turn onto my road I dashed into the bedroom. I pulled off my robe, setting it on the hamper, then put my hands through the cuffs and bent over the bed with my face looking away from the door. My body was quivering in anticipation and my bonus hole was soaked.

A few minutes later the door opened. I froze when I heard two sets of steps. He didn’t tell me he was going to be with someone else!

“See what a good boy I have,” Scott said as he flipped the light on in my bedroom. “He’s ready for my cock. You can even see his man-pussy is glistening from being turned on.”

“Very nice,” a deep male voice replied then I felt his hand on my ass, caressing the soft skin.

“I brought my friend, Johnny, with me,” Scott explained. “He’s never been with a boy like you and wanted to experience it. Will you allow him to fuck you?”

“Can we please have a moment to talk alone?”

“I don’t think that is necessary. Our agreement is that you will submit sexually and provide sexual services as I deem fit, which includes sharing your cumbucket with my friends,” Scott replied. “Do you not remember our agreement?”

“I do remember it,” I answered. “I will allow it.”

“Good boy!” Scott said and rewarded my agreement with his fingers rubbing over my little pepper. I moaned softly. He pulled his fingers away before I could come. I heard him touching the toys on the bedside table. “My Cumbucket likes to make his own toys, like this flogger with a slapper. It allows him to be flogged or slapped at his pain tolerance, which makes it easier for me to just have my way with it.”

“That is convenient,” Johnny said. He was still caressing my ass but stopped when Scott moved into place behind me with the slapper. He covered my ass as well as the inside and back of my thighs with the round disk. I cried out softly as he turned the flesh a bright red and overlapped where the disk landed.

When he was done, he went over all of the areas with the small flogger. I gasped as the tips landed on the already tender flesh. “Oh god … please … I can’t …”

“You can’t what?” Scott demanded as he let the tips fall against my bonus hole and I jerked my body away from him.

“It hurts so much!” I answered.

“It isn’t supposed to be pleasant,” Johnny commented. “You’re being punished boy.”

“Don’t embarrass me in front of my friend,” Scott added. “Or you’ll just be come on and not be filled by his big black cock.”

“Yes, Sir, I’m sorry, Sir,” I replied.

“That’s better,” Scott said. I could hear two zippers being lowered then Johnny moaned softly as Scott gave him a brief hand job to make sure he was hard and ready to use my holes. I could feel Scott moving to his knees then slurping as he sucked on Johnny’s cock. I wanted to watch but knew that if I moved from my position it wouldn’t end well for me.

“I’m ready,” Johnny said. Scott stood up and moved to the side my face as on. He caressed my cheek as Johnny lined his cock up with my ass and forced his thick long cock into my ass.

“Oh fuck,” I whimpered as he filled me and started to ride my ass. His skin slapping against my still tender flesh caused me to moan in pain with each long, slow thrust. “Oh god … it hurts.”

Scott leaned down and kissed me softly as his hand found my nipples and tried to distract me by caressing and lightly tugging on the nubs that were rock hard. “You’re doing very well, boy,” he whispered in my ear. “I’m very happy.”

I smiled at his words. All of my failings earlier had been forgiven and I was pleasing him with my body.

Johnny’s hands were on my hips and he was holding me in place as he started pistoning his cock in and out of my ass, riding me roughly and with no care for my pleasure. “Oh fuck! Yes! I’m going to come and fill this slut boy’s bucket!” he said suddenly.

He pulled out and slammed his full length balls deep into my ass and with a deep bellow his come exploded into me and I could feel it hard against the walls of the tunnel. He pulled most of the way out and Scott ran his hand up and down the cock to keep the come flowing into my ass.

When Johnny finally pulled out, his come flowed out and down my legs and onto the floor. I couldn’t believe how much come was still dripping out of me when Scott moved behind me and drove his rock hard cock into my bonus hole, which was more than ready to be filled.

“Oh god, you’re drenched,” he whimpered as he fucked me. “I don’t think you’ve ever been this wet before.”

Johnny was looking at the vibrators and chose my newest one, the one that was like what I saw in all the BDSM porn movies but in a bright pink color and a bit shorter. He turned it on and tested the various power levels and styles of pulses, finally settling on a combination he liked.

He reached under me and pressed the head of the toy against my little pepper. “Oh fuck,” I groaned. He held it tight against the swollen nub while Scott continued to fuck me.

“Don’t come before me,” Scott warned. I bit my lip as I tried to think about anything but what was being done to me. Johnny upped the ante and started playing with my nipples, too.

“I … I can’t …” I stammered as my body reached the peak and the point of no return. I started to come hard, my body shaking uncontrollably. Johnny held the toy against my little pepper and forced me to come several more times until I slump against the bed in exhaustion.

Scott drilled his cock in and out of my body, edging himself as he recklessly fucked me. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, forcing my hips into the edge of the bed. I gasped as Johnny moves behind Scott and fills his ass with his cock.

“Fuck me,” Scott cried out as Johnny moved in and out of him, pinning his body against mine, forcing his cock to move in and out of me with each of Johnny’s thrusts. “OH fuck … yes! Oh god.”

Johnny fucked him hard and was soon at the edge. “Fill that cumbucket with your seed while I fill you with mine,” he ordered. Scott didn’t need to be told twice to let his come fly into me. He grunted loudly as he exploded deep inside me. Johnny reached under Scott and squeezed his balls, causing Scott to come even more.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh god,” Scott cried out.

Johnny forced Scott’s hip down and used the man’s ass for his pleasure. He fucked him hard, slamming his cock deep inside the other man’s ass. Then, suddenly, Johnny bellowed and came deep inside his ass. Before he finished, he pulled his cock out and let the last few bursts of his come land on Scott and me … marking us as his.

He pulled out and sat on the bed next to us. Scott was breathing hard and rested his head against my back as he recovered from his orgasm and being used. He kissed my back then slid out of my bonus hole and shakily stood up.

Johnny motioned for me to stand up, and helped me as my hands were still in the cuffs on the collar around my neck. He pulled the cuffs off my wrists so I could stand more naturally.

“You are both my bitches,” he said. I glanced at Scott. This had never been something we discussed and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. “I will fuck either of you whenever I want. Scott, you may still fuck your cumbucket with and without me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” said Scott. I didn’t answer and Scott nudged me. “Answer him.”

“I understand,” I finally said. I could always change my mind later after talking to Scott more about this.

“Good. Scott and I need to get back to work,” Johnny said. He stood up and tucked his cock back into his pants. Scott did the same. “Let’s go.”

Scott motioned that he would call me later and followed Johnny out of the house.

I could feel Scott’s come flowing down my inner thighs and smiled. While it had been unexpected, it was incredible to be fucked by both of them and to feel Scott being fucked while he was fucking me. I laid back on my bed and picked up the vibrator, then held it against my little pepper as I brought myself to several more orgasms.

When I was done, I cleaned up and got dressed then returned to work. I smiled with each stinging reminder of the fun earlier in the day.
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The first night (M/f)
Posted:Apr 12, 2020 11:07 am
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2020 11:15 am

Fred led into the house and up the stairs. As I followed him, I thought about the drive from the airport. It had been quiet and awkward. I had stared out the window as I gave short answers to his questions about my journey across the country.

I had known he was older than , he’d never lied about that. I guess I hadn’t realized just how much older than he was … or rather, how much older he would look in person than in the pictures he’d shared online. I wondered if I had made a mistake, but it was too late. I was there for the next week and there was nothing I could do about it now.

He opened the door to his bedroom and set my bags down on the floor. He turned to take the bags I was carrying and set them down with the other bags. Then, he closed the door and gently pushed backward until my back was against the door. I blushed as he cupped my chin and lifted my head so I could look him in the eyes.

“I’m glad you’re here,” he said softly. His eyes were kind and I knew I was safe with him.

He kissed softly as his fingers ran through my hair. My hands instinctively reached out and rested on his hips as I returned his kisses. His hands trailed down my shoulders, arms and rested on my hips. My body was covered in goosebumps and I shivered as I reacted his touch.

His hands slid over my hips to the waistband of the skirt I was wearing. His fingers ran back and forth under the band, discovering that I wasn’t wearing panties.

“Naughty girl,” he whispered against my lips then kissed his way down to my nec He slid his hands into the band of the back of my skirt as we continued to kiss and cupped my round fat ass, squeezing the flesh.

I closed my eyes as Fred nibbled on my ear, my body feeling like a live wire as every touch from him sent bolts of electricity through my body and triggered my pussy to get wetter.

“I love the way your ass feels in my hands, it is better than I could have imagined,” he whispered into my ear between nibbles. “I cannot wait to feel my cock buried deep inside it.”

“Oh!” was all I could reply. My senses were overwhelmed by his touch and words.

He pulled away and looked me in the eyes again. “Do you give yourself to me?” I nodded my head. “Say it.”

“I give myself to you,” I said firmly. He responded by kissing me hungrily and squeezing my ass hard, spreading the cheeks and teasing my ass hole with the tip of his index finger.

I moaned loudly as the fingertip pressed into the hole. “Oh, it slid right in,” he said with awe in his voice. “You told me it would, and I saw it on the webcam, but I didn’t believe it.”

I laughed. “You need to believe at least some of what I’ve told you.”

“I’ll have to work on that,” he said as his finger slid deeper into my ass as he gently fucked the tight hole. “My cock is going to feel suffocated in your ass, it is so tight.”

I gasped when he suddenly pulled the finger out spun me around so that my breasts and face were pressed against the door. He flipped up my skirt, tucking it in the band, then unzipped his pants. His cock, which was already rock hard, poked out of the opening in his pants. Fred pushed the tip against the hole and forced it in.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned. I hadn’t been ridden raw in a few years, so it was almost a whole new experience for me. “Please … please go slow,” I begged.

He seemed not to hear me as he started to fuck my ass, his attention was on his pleasure and filling the tunnel with his hot sticky come. “So fucking good,” he said as he slammed his cock in and out of me, pressing my face and breasts tight against the door.

Fred slid one hand around my hip to the front of my skirt and under the fabric. I moaned softly as his fingers slipped between my pussy lips and over my clit on their journey to the wet center. His fingers easily slid into my pussy. Hearing him moan, “Oh god,” made my pussy gush.

He alternated between finger fucking my pussy and playing with my clit as his cock continued to bareback fuck my ass. We both moaned loudly when he increased the pace, moving us closer and closer to the edge.

His other hand slipped under my shirt and bra to find my breasts. Fred pinched and tugged on the nipples, delighting in the sound of me re as he continued to fucked me. “You have great milk sacks,” he whispered into my ear. “I can’t wait to abuse them later.”

I moaned louder as I suddenly started to come, my whole body quivering as my orgasm quaked through my body. My muscles tightened around his fingers and cock as they moved in and out of me. “Oh Fred, oh fuck … yes!”

He fucked me through my orgasm, not slowing his pace. “Did you enjoy that?”

“Oh god, yes!”

As my orgasm subsided, he slid everything out of me. “Bend over the bed. I want to fuck that ass properly.”

I quickly moved into position. He flipped the skirt up and swatted my ass a few times, just to watch the flesh ripple. “Oh, I am going to enjoy spanking you later, but right now, I need this,” he said then drove his cock back into my ass.

“Oh fuck,” I whimpered as his cock filled my ass, paying no attention to my comfort. “It fits like a glove.”

He slammed his cock in and out of me. Riding my ass hard as he brought himself to the edge and rode it for several minutes.

“Here it comes,” he warned as he slammed himself as deep as he could inside me and exploded. I could feel his cock twitching as spurt after spurt filled my ass.

When he finished, he let his cock get softer inside me and laid across my back, gently kissing my shoulders and nec “That was the best ass I think I’ve ever had,” he said as he stood up and pulled out of . His come dribbled out and down my thighs. He rubbed it into my skin. “That’s good protein to make the skin healthier.”

I started to stand up. “What do you think you’re doing?” he demanded. I blushed a deep red.

“I … I thought we were done.”

“We’re not done until I say we’re done,” he replied and swatted my ass hard several times. I tried not to cry out, but they stung. “Your ass is pretty when it is all red from my hand prints,” he said then swatted my ass some more. “Don’t move.”

I could hear him leave the room then running water. When he came back, he moved behind me and filled my pussy with his coc It slid in easily as I’d been so turned on. “You’re slicker than ice cream on a hot summer day.”

I giggled at his words. He fucked my pussy hard as he could, driving his cock deep inside me with each thrust. “I’m going come and fill your pussy with my seed.”

I couldn’t believe how much my body was responding him and I started come, which triggered his second orgasm of the evening. It wasn’t as strong as the first one, but it was still pretty amazing.

Fred pulled out of me then moved onto the bed. He patted the area next to him. “Crawl over to me like a good submissive slut,” he ordered. I blushed at his words as I climbed onto the bed and did as he asked. He pulled me close and held me tight against him.

“Later, you’ll have to show me what a good cock sucking bitch you are but for now, let’s take a short nap. I’m not as young as you and all the fucking wore me out,” he continued.

“I can’t wait,” I replied and snuggled against him. “Love you, Fred.”

There were snores from Fred in response. I smiled and closed my eyes. I really couldn’t wait to see how he would use me when he woke up.
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Punished (M/F)
Posted:Apr 11, 2020 10:31 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2020 8:49 am

I was writing an article for work my laptop in the living room, using the natural light from the window to read the notes from my interviews. I had shed the clothes I’d worn to work that day and was wearing only my favorite robe. When Sir arrived home from work, I waved but didn’t look from my work.

“Is that how you greet your Master when he returns from a long day at the office?” he demanded.

“Huh? . Sorry, I was focused my work,” I apologized.

He reached out and picked my notebook then took my laptop, setting them the coffee table.

“I have finish my article…” I argued as I reached for the laptop.

Sir stepped between and the coffee table then unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He reached out with one hand and grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked towards his stiffening cock. “Suck my cock,” he ordered as he used his other hand to hold the thick tool as he guided it to my mouth.

“Please … I …” I tried to argue and was silenced with the tip of Sir’s cock filling my mouth. He moved his now free hand to the other side of my head and held it still as he fucked my mouth. I gagged when he tried to force eight inches down my throat but he didn’t stop, he pulled back slightly then drove it the way in again.

“When I get home, you are greet properly,” he said as he continued assault my throat with his cock. He suddenly pulled out and stepped back then rolled onto my stomach and yanked my robe expose my ass. I was barely able move a slightly more comfortable position before he peppered my ass with swats.

“! Ow!” I cried out with each swat. “I’m sorry, Sir! god! Please!”

“Be quiet,” he ordered as his hand landed harder my now tender flesh. I shoved some of my robe into my mouth and bit down it keep from making noise and causing further punishment.

Sir stopped spanking me and I let the fabric slip from my mouth. My ass was now a bright red color and very sore. I wanted to reach behind me and rub the tender flesh but knew that would be a mistake.

I heard him pull out his phone and doing something on it. “This is what your ass looks like when you do not greet your Master properly,” he said. He was making a video showing my sore ass, humiliating me with every second that he recorded!

Sir set the camera on the side table so that it faced the window then moved me so I was bent over the arm of the couch, in full view of anyone who might be passing by. “And, this is what your ass looks like when I take it.”

He moved behind me, kicked my legs apart and shoved his cock into my ass with only the drops of precum available as lube. “ fuck!” I cried out as he rode my ass hard, slamming his cock in and out of the tight hole with no regard for my pleasure.

I could hear people passing by outside, my face turned as red as my ass as I hoped they didn’t look in the window and didn’t see my shame as I was punished for my insubordination. I didn’t dare look for fear of catching their eye and knowing they had seen my shame.

Sir paused, pulling almost the way out then slammed his cock deep into my ass, driving my hips into the arm of the couch. He repeated this a dozen more times, causing me to cry out then went back to fucking me hard, using my ass for his pleasure.

“Are you ready to fulfill your destiny of being a cock sucking cum bucket?” he asked as he leaned over me and wrapped his hand around my hair and used it to pull me so that my back was arched and my breasts were exposed the world. “Slap your breasts hard and look out the window so you can see anyone looking in the window.”

“Please … Sir …”

“Did I not make myself clear?” he demanded as he tugged hard on my hair.

“You did, Sir,” I replied as I started slap my breasts and looked out the window. A man was standing the sidewalk, facing away then he turned around and our eyes locked. He shifted his stance, I assumed because he was turned by what he saw.

Sir let go of my hair and I fell against the cushion and out of the view of the window. He roughly fucked , his breathing getting ragged as he got close his orgasm.

“Here .. it … comes!” Sir grunted loudly as he started come, emptying his cock deep inside my ass.

When he was done he pulled out and tucked his cock away. “Finish your work then go the bedroom. I need finish your punishment.”

“Yes Sir,” I replied. “Thank you for your guidance.”

While I covered he turned off the camera and headed our office. I wasn't looking forward later but maybe if I hurried he would let come and not just punish me.
Shopping time!
Posted:Mar 29, 2020 9:24 am
Last Updated:Mar 29, 2020 9:26 am
I know it is a pandemic and we shouldn't be doing frivolous shopping but I couldn't resist some late night online shopping. I love the toys that I have but I wanted some new things to keep me amused during this time of 'sheltering in place.' Here's what I got ...

I am so looking forward to using both of them at the same time. The dildo should fill me nicely, if not as deeply as I would like, and the other is like the ones I see used in BDSM porn videos and pictures. I love that it has 20 settings and covers a wider area. My little pepper should be so very happy! I've never tried the suction cup on any of my dildos.

Now that I have so much time at home, I might give it a try and see if I can get my ass filled while I use another toy in my pussy to really fill me up. I love being so full. It really is too bad that I don't like sharing as having all my holes filled at the same time is a major fantasy -- all four holes (if you count the one that is created when I press my man boobs together).

I do love that all the toys are rechargeable and I can stop supporting the battery manufacturers. There have been times when I've recommended that people buy stock in certain battery companies because of how many of them I've used. They last longer now than the used to but in a good week, I can tear through them like there's no tomorrow.

I've been saving some story starter pictures from another site, I'll have to start working on some of them so I can share them with you. I miss turning you all on. Hell, I miss turning me on with them! Though just thinking about those pictures is causing some moisture to form in the bonus hole. Mmm! I may have to get off before I get too involved in today's work!
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