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So many questions????  

snglpagrlinNc 52F
36 posts
5/26/2015 1:37 pm
So many questions????

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str8shooter100 52M
28 posts
1/19/2016 12:07 pm

Any site is difficult. This one more so since most think, get an account get laid tonight. For myself not looking for quantity, just some rememberable experiences with a select few.

Not throwing you a line. Read your profile, and my profile would not be a match.

I understand the questions being asked. Its a online version of the bar one-liners. The "having any luck". I have gotten hat one. I simply reply and say its what I expected. Some are here just to be voyeurs, some to fantasize and other which I find interesting trying to be in a monogamous relationship. I had one friend that believe she would, however each guy was just trying to be in couple situation to increase his odds on the site.

My two cents.

enjoy the ride.

brighthighlight 50M
1 post
8/17/2019 3:15 am

I don't want to just get laid. I want to find a woman that yearns for me and I equally yearn for.

Dynjguy78 42M
10 posts
12/30/2019 7:58 pm

Do you still check this blog?

AFF6126261 65M
1 post
1/1/2020 8:33 am

Espero que puedas leer esta respuesta. Mucho depende del nivel de conciencia, ya sea adquirido o aprendido. Yo sé que estoy en buen camino, y por eso te doy esta respuesta. La conexion es dificil cuando tu mente asi lo visualiza. Si al contrario, esperas conectar con el indicado, entonces te asombrarás si escudriñas tus verdaderas aspiraciones. Sexual? o Amical? Lo interesante para mi es la experiencia acumulada y la disposición a adoptar la decision correcta. Quieres Amor? O quieres pasion? Para hacerlo duradero debe existir esa quimica que te da la pasión y esas ambiciones por alcanzar que conjuntamente puedan lograr. Si apartas el interes de por medio, puedes lograr una verdadera conexion. No soy Gold, asi que debes brindarme una invitación. Fuí Gold con otra cuenta, y hay mucho de recreación y curiosidad, al menos en esta parte del mundo. Aunque la caceria en la calle sigue siendo mas productiva. +584166126261

TYler91532 56M  
2 posts
1/10/2020 11:05 am

My initial thoughts?? -- My gut tells me the woman is legit and, on the contrary, only suited for those seek a mutual relationship that, in addition to what most seek on here, includes passion, respect & friendship! -- Nothing more... Nothing less....

billa_49 68M  
2 posts
2/11/2020 10:00 am

Well said I to run into the same problems. Yes I'm still looking.

merlot5555 64M  
1062 posts
3/1/2020 10:04 am

....it's just one more avenue to peruse in the search for a connection that works for all parties involved....hope your hunt has been successful....

mareus100 41M  
101 posts
4/4/2020 1:27 pm

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