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Rain Down On Me  

sonnyboytuff 39M
37 posts
3/11/2018 1:13 am
Rain Down On Me

She calls and claims she wants me...
Such a dream why does the devil taunt me?
I feel I'm being drained honestly
She claims her love is real. It rains down on me

She was so gray...
I wouldn't be able to see her on a cloudy day
I've been trying to get her to see these things my way
We can always be together, why should we wait

She claims I will only play with feelings
I had enough of this shit my patience hit the ceiling
Hours of time wasted just to learn she doesn't feel me?
Sometimes I wonder how this fuck shit doesn't kill me

She brings pain, pain down on me
Rain down, it rains down on me
Go insane, go insane down on me
She blew my brains- her game ran on me

She was so fine, too sexy and did I mention?
She was exotic the living definition
Verbal kung fu we're now fighting in 2 dimension
she pummeled me with ruthless chastity belt intention
I felt like it was fate, I thought that when I found her
Gambling with dignity to see if I get around her
She wasn't having it, I sensed that shit about her
Suddenly felt loss again, again its life without her

Rain down, rain down on me
Go insane, go insane on me
Blow my brains-her game ran on me
Bringing pain on me

I like her energy, I could never go to sleep
and if I were to sleep, she'd be teasing me in my dreams
She'd be on her knees telling me I could never beat
She put that game on me...then tells me we can never creep

Space... aged<b>.... wedding... </font></b>dressed
flying...like...a princess
both feet flying at my chest
Stomped me flat...clean out of breath
She brings pain on me
She calls and claims she wants me
Why does this she devil taunt me?
I feel drained, dried by flames honestly
I just want her to rain down on me
I feel shamed why does it seem to change on me
Why she acting strange?
In exchange we should engage?
no more pain on me, just let it rain
rain all over but on me

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