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just a little meet up and introdution!  

sparkaflying 50M/54F  
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1/20/2020 11:25 pm
just a little meet up and introdution!

After chatting on line to you for a while we decide to meet to see what we both are like I offer my garage as a buffer tell you to pop over after work ! I am busy in the garage not getting to worried about the meeting as its just a little coffee intro. You knock on the door I open the door and you walk on in. Its still a bit cool as you have your tims in hand and me my coffee you set it down and wrap your arms around my neck and lay a huge kiss on my lips I am a little taken back as we or I thought weren't meeting up for that , your hands sliding their way all over me around my back side and right up to my package, I am enjoying your deep kiss still as I figure lets roll with this ! I start my hands around your waist one going lower to your sexy bum the other higher to your neck. You pull back from my lips and say well nice to meet you in person, "for sure" I say. then you walk around the garage for a little letting me look you over your cute little frame you ask a few questions on what I am doing and I give you a little info on my project .
Then you walk over and grab at my cock and put your lips to my ear as you growl this is why I came over I'd rather you work on me! I so know I am getting some today as I reach down and kiss your lips again as my hands grab at your sexy little ass ! You start to pull my jacket and shirt off as I remove your jacket and top checking out your sexy rack wrapped in a sexy bra, we lean on the car as we both start pulling away at our jeans , you drop my jeans down as I kick my shoes off and ditching the jeans , and I tug at your jeans and check out your matching thong , I stand back as you spin around pushing your cute ass against my cock still stretching in my underwear! I kiss your neck and massage your sexy chest as I pull you over to the table in the garage and lean back , moving my hands down your front beneath your thong to find your wetness awaiting my fingers. you moan as you spread your legs to let my fingers explore, I turn you around lifting you up on the table and I tug your bra off, moving your thong aside I bend down and taste your sopping wetness, flicking and fingering your pussy you lean back and in no time your shoving my head in tight against you , legs wrapping around my head you spasm and moan. Then you regain your composure and jump off the table pulling my underwear down and letting my precum filled cock out, you grab at it as you spin me onto the table to my surprise your lips are wrapped around it sucking it , then you pull back spit on it and within a<b> stroke </font></b>you take my whole cock in your mouth . I am totally blown away as you keep thrusting it down your throat, after a few minutes of ecstasy I pull you off , pick you up off the ground and lift you up on the table , I quickly wrap on a condom and slide between your legs as I kiss your insatiable lips , and start slowly sliding into you , one slow long thrust I am balls deep in a quivering pussy , teasing a nice slow fucking you pull back and tell me you want me to look into your eyes as I fuck you. I oblige as I fuck you slowly as your eager pussy needs it I try and suck on your pretty nipples but you push me back no look into my eyes , I continue to your orders and see you starting to come again your pussy clenching and your eyes rolling I start pumping faster and in no time your rolling your eyes spasming against my cock ! I stop and let you regain your composure! Then you tell me to sit down on the chair I lay back as you sit down in front of me and start to gobble my cock again I have never had a woman take it all down her throat as I hear you gagging on it , faster and faster you take my whole cock in your mouth as your hand works my balls , sitting back watching it all I am totally in awe as I feel the cum building you pull back and tell me you want all my cum, then back gagging on my cock and in no time I blow my load as you gobble all my cum down your hot throat. I am totally in awe with your sexuality and how you literally blew my mind we help each other dress as we giggle and make arrangements to chat later on that night!! ps true story!!

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