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creating life  

spermhound53 57M  
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6/14/2020 7:52 am
creating life

well, its happened. hatched my 3 chicks early this am. Overjoyed as expected, Been spending the day drying out and fumigating my scrotum, ready for another batch incubate. Ill let my<b> scrotum </font></b>heal a little from what is a traumatic event. Strongly thinking of attaching a plastic zip so i dont have suture the open wound everytime i place a new batch of eggs in me bed down.

Im in contact with the nice doctors at the nuffield hospital to see if i can have the op for the zip as the sewing is a bit of a hassle. I didnt have any issues with the chicks pecking either at the sutured wound or into my main cavity. I think i timed it just right between the darlings hatching and releasing them no more then hrs later.

The nerve endings have started heal, allowing feel both the pressure my<b> scrotum </font></b>from the 3 eggs nestled inside but also the little guys hatching, a most unusual feeling of soft feathers inside my ball sac. Quite nice.spermhound.

I have been in touch with the LZS(london zoological society) to see about incubating rare birds eggs or my favourite, turtle eggs, in the near future. Ill keep u all informed to events as they are about to happen.

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