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Seeking Warmth  

sportsfan362437 50F  
878 posts
1/15/2020 8:50 pm

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1/17/2020 4:30 pm

Seeking Warmth

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*Smiles, kisses n hugz*

TheVagooGardener 41M
19 posts
1/15/2020 8:58 pm

Hugs and kisses, I know how you feel - just to have someone to snuggle with, to fall asleep with when you are just tired and need that extra comfort.

How did the interviews go?!

sportsfan362437 replies on 1/15/2020 10:38 pm:
Thanks. Already told ya about the interviews. And, if the F and C weren't so damn far away!!!! *sighs* {=}

sensualfind1 47M  
204 posts
1/15/2020 9:09 pm

A good night's rest and some good dreams should do the trick. Nothing sexual in the dreams but to find a place of peace and rest. A place where the stress can melt away and you find recharge in your thoughts. For me it's at the river, or on the beach. Water has to be present. Hugs until then, positive thoughts heading your way.

sportsfan362437 replies on 1/15/2020 10:39 pm:
Thank you so much, kind Sir. Yes, water and sometimes fire. Meditation is wonderful. Sleep well! skoyc

agedfun1 72M  
523 posts
1/15/2020 9:18 pm


sportsfan362437 replies on 1/15/2020 10:40 pm:
Love this, thanks!

10983 posts
1/15/2020 9:21 pm

Hey, Sports.

*Hope You Sleep Well and Have Peaceful Dreams Too*


sportsfan362437 replies on 1/15/2020 10:40 pm:
Thank you, kind Sir!

Laxgeek36 49M  
461 posts
1/15/2020 10:11 pm

Keep as positive and you can, and use the blog as a way to vent your feelings!

sportsfan362437 replies on 1/15/2020 10:41 pm:
Thank you!

mike1958773 61M
816 posts
1/15/2020 10:36 pm

soñare contigo hermosura besos feliz año

sportsfan362437 replies on 1/15/2020 10:42 pm:
I'm sure I should say thank you, but I'm sorry, I haven't a clue what you wrote.

MrRareity 60M  
3588 posts
1/15/2020 10:55 pm

Hang in there I'm sure you'll find a job soon, and when you do then you'll be ready for a man to snuggle with.

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.~ Confucius

sportsfan362437 replies on 1/16/2020 6:54 pm:
Thank you for the words of encouragement! Hope you are feeling better.

nightowl35044 60M
50 posts
1/15/2020 10:55 pm

Understand what your dealing with.. Been there, done that

sportsfan362437 replies on 1/16/2020 6:55 pm:
I'm sorry you had to go thru this.

MyPlayBed80x120 58M
42 posts
1/15/2020 11:16 pm

My 9th grade Spanish is very very rusty. Living here in AZ, you would think it would be better...lol. But I think he is smitten with you. I think he saying that he is dreaming of your loveliness and something about a kiss, and wishing you a happy year. Maybe, he will translate it for you? For I am probably not doing it justice. Sorry about your Texan's....not really...lol. Go Chiefs!!!

sportsfan362437 replies on 1/16/2020 6:56 pm:
Thanks. Texans aren't really my team... but I expected the Chiefs to win. They are playing so darn well!

Joshlooking4you 42M
71 posts
1/16/2020 4:30 am

There’s plenty of it down here. I think we skipped winter all together lol.

sportsfan362437 replies on 1/16/2020 6:56 pm:
I assume you are talking warmth!

Mr00Fun4U 60M  
689 posts
1/16/2020 4:33 am

Now that does require some serious energy to hang with a young child. Maintaining their attention span is quite taxing. You had me when you say watching the Blues lose...Philly has to be on their ice because they have been solid at home.

And speaking of home...nothing quite like climbing into a bed that has been warmed up. Just pulling those covers over your tired bones and forget about that damn questionnaire.

Seeking Warmth

sportsfan362437 replies on 1/16/2020 6:57 pm:
That is for sure...... thank you!

zeke53028 61M  
1021 posts
1/16/2020 5:20 am

Stay strong and be positive. GOD is never gonna give you more than you can handle. You're gonna have a wonderful, exciting life where you are loved beyond you're wildest belief.

sportsfan362437 replies on 1/16/2020 6:58 pm:
I know you're right, thank you. Thank you for always being so encouraging and supportive!

sinsationalgent 55M  
250 posts
1/16/2020 7:32 am

What do you have against the Blues? And here I was starting to like you!! lol

sportsfan362437 replies on 1/16/2020 7:00 pm:
I really don't have anything against the Blues, except we usually lose to them when we play, and they are reigning cup champs!

zeke53028 61M  
1021 posts
1/16/2020 7:34 pm

    Quoting zeke53028:
    Stay strong and be positive. GOD is never gonna give you more than you can handle. You're gonna have a wonderful, exciting life where you are loved beyond you're wildest belief.
It's my pleasure. You seem like such a sweet wonderful woman who deserves the best.

sportsfan362437 replies on 1/16/2020 7:35 pm:
Zeke, you are so damn sweet! I wish I was close enough to give you a hug and a skoyc!

jeepsR4fun 52M
69 posts
1/16/2020 8:01 pm

Munchkins will always find a way to drain you,Even after a hard day at work, But the attention you give them now will only Guide them in their future. I believe that with all my heart. So no matter how long my day was and give My Munchkins all I have left lol. Never heard of a job history going back til you were 18...Must be a High security job, Most only go back 10 years. Good Luck Sports I will be cuddled up with my Puppers tonight. Great warmth and bed hogs lol

sportsfan362437 replies on 1/16/2020 8:06 pm:
I agree when it's your own kids, for damn sure. But it was 16 years ago since my youngest was 4, and I am way older now than I was then! lol
Thanks for the good luck, I sure hope I get it!
Glad your pups will be cuddled up with you - have a great night!

jeepsR4fun 52M
69 posts
1/16/2020 8:54 pm

Only Warmth i am seeing lol started later in life My oldest is 16 youngest 14. I still have guidance to give lol split households, so I am always dancing. You are an empty nester these days aside from grand niece ?? Right?

sportsfan362437 replies on 1/16/2020 10:03 pm:
Yes, I am. My youngest is in college, so will visit as she can. Grand niece is all I have at this time, yes.
I'm fairly certain you are doing a good job with your kids... these are tough years, for sure.
Hang in there, and have a great evening!

looking4u69ca 59M  
2907 posts
1/16/2020 8:57 pm

I hope you get one of the jobs and hope you get the warmth you seek.

sportsfan362437 replies on 1/16/2020 10:04 pm:
It's like the old saying, 'Good things come to those who wait'. Thank you.

hgdthe2nd 68M  
55 posts
1/17/2020 8:38 am

There certainly is something reassuring about rolling over at night and bumping into someone warm and then drifting back into sleep.

sportsfan362437 replies on 1/17/2020 4:30 pm:

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