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My Adult Theater Experiences
I have checked out many adult theaters and bookstores and have many experiences to share.
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Newbie Couple..(not theater...but still nice)...Pt 2
Posted:Aug 5, 2019 6:53 am
Last Updated:Sep 21, 2019 1:49 pm

My friend was watching his GF laying there on the couch, bucking her hips into my face and obviously enjoying it. He pulled away from her for a moment to savor the scene and take a few quick pics. He then suggested we trade places. I got up and moved to the top and he climbed between her legs and started to lick. I offered my cock to her lips and she parted them, taking me in, licking the tip of my cock. This was nice...standing there leaning over the couch supporting my body with my arms on the back of the couch as she worked over my cock. My friend was getting a little talkative, which was fine with me. He asked his GF if she enjoyed cock in her mouth. Tough for her to respond. He told me she enjoys sucking his cock so she probably would enjoy sucking mine. Then he had the bright idea she should suck us both at the same time. He had her sit up on the couch and we both stood in front of her holding our cocks. She took him into her mouth and sucked for a bit as I stroked, then she took me into her mouth. I had never played with this particular friend and wasn't sure how he felt about close contact. He probably was not into bi stuff yet or at all...so I just went with the flow and did not push anything. It was him pushing his cock toward her mouth as she was sucking me let me know he was , at least, not freaked our cocks touching each other. She quickly caught on to what he was trying to accomplish and opened her mouth as wide as she could and took both our cocks into her mouth at once. It was more of the overall effect rather than he feeling. She tongued our cock heads and squeezed our cocks together to get them into her mouth, but sucking with strokes was a little hard to do. She got down off the couch and on to her knees and held one cock in each hand as she worked on us. He was more into watching his GF with two cocks in her mouth than to think about his erect cock rubbing against my erect cock. It was really getting him excited and I could tell he might any moment. I wondered how he would handle . I guess the thought of his GF, naked, on her knees, with him and a stranger, sucking both cocks completed phase of his fantasy. He then pulled out of her mouth and announced he was about to as he stroked himself. His GF stopped for a few seconds not sure what to do and he told her to keep sucking me. So she did. She sucked me slowly and deeply as he jerked his cock inches away from her face, lips and my cock. Then he announced he was cumming and he pointed his cock at her mouth. His spurts missed her mouth but hit her face and also my cock. Not sure how I managed to NOT cum at sight, but she stopped sucking me and took him into her mouth. He tried pulling back...due to sensitivity, but eventually let her suck him clean. Having played with couples before, I had the feeling the night was done, but I was going to let my friend set the pace and see what would happen. If the night was over...I was good with . Not being pushing might get me a second date. I was right...my friend said he needed a drink after . He walked naked to their bar setup at which point his GF got up and followed him. We chatted pleasantly for a while - the night was over. AND...I did get a second date.
Newbie Couple..(not theater...but still nice)...Pt 1
Posted:Jul 20, 2019 12:34 pm
Last Updated:Sep 21, 2019 1:51 pm

I had met this guy in a room and we exchanged emails for quite some time. Everything we talked about excited him and he wanted act on his fantasy of introducing another guy his girlfriend. We talked about that topic for days, even weeks, before he told me he had finally told his GF...she did not say no... more of a "we'll see" sort of thing. He invited me over to the house afternoon and told his GF to come over at the time and wear something sexy. She figured right away what he was up , but she played along. So, she put on a sexy red dress and some rather sheer lacy underwear and showed up as planned. he introduce me and we all talked about many things while having a few shots of cinnamon rum. Not being pushy or aggressive was just he right thing and she slowly got over any nervousness she may have had. Her man eased over, refilling our drinks, but stopped behind her to hug her from behind. He was kissing her neck and ear and rubbing against her. Soon, he was placing her hand on his growing hardness as I watched from feet away. He unzipped his pants, pulled his cock and was guiding her head toward it when he announced that it might be more comfortable on the couch. He walked her over to the couch and sat her down so she could suck his cock as she sat and he stood in front of her. I continued to watch from the bar stool across the room. He then had her swing around and lay on the couch so he could lean over her, slowly sliding his cock in and of her mouth. It was at that time he looked back at me and motioned me over the couch. I walked over and knelt down. She was still fully clothed, but knee was slightly raised which had the effect of making her dress rise up. I softly touched her thighs and she did not resist. She could not see and although she probably knew it was me, she could not see me. I massaged her thighs, going up and down, further up, further down, eventually going up and moving her dress along the way til her dress was around her waist and her black sheer panties with little red bows on the side were visible for all see. I slowly worked on lowering her panties and eventually slid them completely off. I continued massage, but now had access her pussy, clit, and vagina. Once she started moaning and squirming relentlessly, I knew she was into it so I lowered my mouth to her and began licking her clit and slit. It did not take long for her to start convulsing on orgasm. Her man was watching me and his cock was so hard and erect...this is exactly what he was looking for. We continued...and so shall I...later.
Not theater - but leading up to it
Posted:Jan 2, 2018 7:03 am
Last Updated:Sep 21, 2019 1:50 pm

When I was a and limber, in search of better ways to masturbate while looking at spread pussy in Penthouse magazines, I discovered that I could get my own cock into my mouth. The mind being the erogenous zone here, I was thinking and imagining that my cock was inside a warm wet pussy rather than thinking about a cock being in my mouth. I would close my eyes and imagine my cock sliding in and out of the hottest pussy. I learned to suck myself off. When highly sexed at the time of orgasm, you really don't think about things that don't matter, so I swallow my own cum. I got used to having a cock in my mouth and swallowing cum almost on a daily basis, bit always thinking of fucking pussy. It was years and years later that I ever found myself in the position to accept another cock into my mouth. I never thought about it and never sought it out. I happened to be playing with a couple and fucking the wife while hubby was moving all around us naked and extremely hard at the thought and sight of his wife being fucked my another man. He knelt at out heads stroking his cock inches from our faces. His wife took his cock into his mouth to suck. He then pulled out and offered it to my face. It didn't seem weird, but rather familiar. It might as well been my own cock all over again. Without hesitation, I opened my mouth and took his cock. This seemed to delight his wife who started to moan wildly and buck her hips in the throws of a huge orgasm. Hearing her and feeling her fuck me back was all it took to make me start to cum. The husband, realizing that not only was his wife cumming, but that I was also cumming inside her was enough to make him start to cum in my mouth. Again, it was familiar territory, so no panic, no freak out. I just gobbled his sperm and began to swallow until his wife forcefully kissed my trying to suck some of her husbands sperm from my mouth. Thinking back, it was all quite erotic and actually nothing but the best of fun.

From a development standpoint, when I started to go to theaters and engage in random sex with strangers, anything that felt good was game. I still enjoy fucking married pussy but I equally enjoy sucking married cock to completion. And as long as they are fresh and clean, I don't care who sucks my cock.
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Fantasyland - Selected
Posted:Nov 21, 2017 12:37 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2020 1:33 pm

One night I had decided to visit Fantasyland to see if there would be any action. While there, a nice couple in their 40's came in and moved from room to room looking around. They eventually got back to one of the smaller rooms and sat down on the couch. Guys stood at the door waiting for a show, but nothing was happening. It seems the couple were trying to be selective in their play and there was nothing to see. Guys rotated out from the door to other places and I was then at the door with two other guys. I could tell by the way this couple was looking at us that they were not really creeped out by all the guys...it was evident to me that they wanted to play. It's hard to explain. So, I began rubbing my crotch and noticed the woman fixed her gaze on my crotch. As she watched me, she slowly massaged her still clothed breasts...but that was still sort of hot. I unzipped my pants and I noticed she moved up to the edge of the couch as if to get a better view of what might appear. To me that was a good clue, so I pulled my cock out and started to slowly stroke it. The guy next to me did the same thing. After a few minutes of stroking for her, and she playing with her breasts, the husband came to the door and and asked if the two of us wanted to step inside. We both did as the husband shut and locked the door. At that point, the woman reached out her hands for our cocks and we both stepped forward. She took hold of us and uttered a moan as she slowly stroked our cocks. Meanwhile, hubby was stripping totally naked. He suggested we get comfortable too...so we both followed suit and stripped naked. The break in action gave the woman time to adjust her little black dress...which, for some reason she did not take off, but pulled the top down to her waist (no bra) showing her delicious full breasts, and pulled the skirt up to her waist (no panties). She then pulled us in one at a time to suck on our cocks, trading off every now and then. Hubby was jacking his hard dick watching us. Then he stood on the couch and moved in front of his wife and she began sucking him while spreading her legs as wide as she could and inching further down on the couch. It was a perfect position to drop to the knees and begin licking her pussy which tasted as if she had coated it with sugar. Then hubby backed away so as not to be in our way. When she reached down and quite literally grabbed my ears and pulled me up to her face. My hard cock was rubbing at her inner thighs as she french kissed me with great passion. It seemed right, so I reached down and positioned my cock and when the head touched the opening of her vagina, she thrust up to envelop it. She was so smooth and wet that we began fucking immediately. I tried to hold off as long as I could but within 5 minutes I was cumming inside her. The other guy was standing nearby stroking his cock slowly. Hubby was getting back on the couch and jerking wildly. When I got off her, the other guy took my place, which was rather hot to see. Hubby was ready to explode at this point and knelt at her face and shot cum all over her face. The other guy didn't take long at all and also came inside her. We all took a moment to get dressed and when ready, the couple led the way out of the room. The hallway was full of guys...all hoping to get a shot, I suppose, but the couple left the building directly.
The early years
Posted:Sep 25, 2017 7:49 am
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2020 1:33 pm

It wasn't until I was chatting with a friend that I started recalling some experiences in the early years of going to theaters. At first I went for the movies...duh - dumb me. Then things started to happen. Once I got comfortable and confident, it became like a fun game. I recall one incident where the theater was dark and sparsely crowded. This was a rather large theater with two aisles and traditional theater style seating. There was a couple sitting in the center section, near one of the aisles but not right on the aisle. It seemed very plausible to sit in the same row on the aisle and be 2 seats from the woman (her man on the inside). But, it just seemed that by taking those seats they were asking for someone to sit by them. They could have sat on a side section with her against the wall so no one could sit next to her. So I moved in slowly and sat down next to her and began watching the movie. I began to question myself as if this couple was there to play. They were dressed very nice. The woman had on a nice blouse, skirt outfit with nice fancy shoes. I was getting a little horny with my thoughts and fantasies as well as watching the hot movie and I noticed that when I started to rub my crotch a little, the woman leaned into her husband and whispered something. Now I had to forget the movie and concentrate on what she was whispering. When I slowly unzipped my pants, so as to not make an obvious sound, she leaned and whispered "he unzipped his pants...I think he wants to play". Bingo...I sure did, but thought I needed to take it slow and not scare off this nice couple. The man had placed his hand on the ladies thigh and inch up her skirt a few inches. Tough not to notice that. I reached in and pulled out my cock. We all seemed to be looking straight ahead but she must have seen me out of the corner of her eye, because she whispered again "he took his cock out" as if the man could not see if he looked. The next thing I realized, her leg was starting to press against mine. Was I dreaming or did that just happen? I gently pressed back to see if this was an accident. She did not jump away. I place my arm by my side so my hand was nearly touching her thigh and right at the hem of her skirt. Again she whispered to her man "I think he is going to touch me". Does it get any better? Before I could place my hand on her skirted thigh, her man raised it a few more inches. Now my fingers were very near bare flesh, and I moved my hand to her thigh and she did not push it away. I let it rest on her bare thigh, my heart pounding with excitement. Thinking about my next move, she preempted my thought by slowly moving her arm and hand over to my cock. Damn, she touched me first. She gripped me as I brought my hand up her thigh, raising her skirt hem all the way to a pair of lacy panties. I has very hard and she was now slowly stroking me. She whispered again to her man "he has a nice cock". Thanks for the compliment lady. I could sense the moistness in her panties as I rubbed and then her husband reached over and pulled her panties aside for me so that I was rubbing bare pussy and clit. Oh man, was she wet and I could sense her ass tighten, quiver, her thighs move in and out. She was enjoying this as was I. She then whispered to her man "Can I suck him?" I guess it was OK, because she bent over and took my cock in her mouth. It made it difficult to keep fingering her, so I just let her suck. The whole scenario was taking so long and it was such a slow build up, that it did not take long for me to start to cum. What surprised me though was she quickly pulled off my cock and had a handkerchief in her hand and she caught my erupted sperm as she continued to stroke me. She wiped me clean, then removed her hands. I felt I needed to do something to thank her so I began to fondle her again. She gripped both seat arms tightly and bucked her hips into my hand as if to fuck my fingers. her ass was coming off the seat when it raised to meet my hand. She stifled a moan and went rigid as she came. I paused and kept my fingers inside her but did not move for a few seconds. As I pulled out, she sat back with a big sigh. I adjusted myself and was getting ready to go and she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.
One of my first times ever
Posted:Sep 24, 2017 10:48 am
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2020 1:33 pm

I was chatting with a fiend the other day and we touched upon first time experiences and it made me recall one of the very first theater experiences I had. I was still in college and theaters really only showed soft porn back then...at least the theaters I was aware of...I was so naive. I had gone to the theater to watch the movie. Typical old style theater seating, dark and dingy place. I sat watching the movie and an older guy sat down beside me. No big deal...we both continued to watch the movie. I was hard...but never took it out...didn't know you could do that. Before I knew it I could feel a hand on my thigh. Instead of pushy it away and and yelling at the guy, I just sat petrified. I didn't know what was up...all I knew was that I was hard and this had my heart racing. I sat there rigid as the hand moved up to my crotch and felt my cock. I remained rigid, even pulling my arms inward, and holding my hands tight against my chest. I kept my eyes glued to the screen. The hand fiddled with my zipper, then was inside. Because I wasn't resisting, he unbuckled my belt, undid my pants to get easier access. He pulled down the waist band of my underwear and exposed my cock to the air. I was so hard, so excited and yet a little afraid...and remained rigid. he dropped his head and covered my cock with his mouth and within 30 seconds - maybe less - I was cumming in buckets. I was so confused. It felt great but I really didn't know what was happening. The guy then got up and left. I sat there panting for awhile, adjusted my clothes then left. It was not something I was looking for and not something I had planned. If it not been for a busty blond on the screen getting simulated fucked, I am sure I would have resisted. When I got back to my dorm room, I was still excited and had to jack off on my own. Next morning I had to jack off again. That scene was never repeated for years.
Lucky Wednesday
Posted:Aug 1, 2017 6:21 am
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2017 12:03 pm

Sometimes you just get lucky - that is why you just need to keep looking. About 9 years ago, on a Wednesday afternoon, I was in Tampa/Brandon area on Business and once done, decided to stop in at Tres Equus. There was a woman sitting in a green car in the parking lot, the car door open. I assumed she was a dancer from the club that is on the front end of the building. I parked and noticed her on a cell phone. Then She got out of the car and walked around the back of the building. So, I figured there must be some back entrance for the dancers. I got out of my van, but before I could get inside, the woman came back around the corner with a man. They were talking and laughing and went right into the theater section. She must have been waiting for him and he just parked in a different area. I went in and looked around. I hung out around the peep booths trying to get a handle on everything. They were no where to be found, so I figured they were in the theater. So now I am thinking that she was probably a , because there are still guys walking around the lobby and not all crowded into the theater. So, I figure I might as well pay for a theater entrance just to report back here. No one was in the theater, but there are two private rooms at the front and one was shut. I guessed they might be in there. Before I left, the couple came into the theater. They had been in the back small theater rooms on the other side of the building. They asked if the room near me was occupied. Well, the door was shut, that's all I knew. So, they went into the other room. Two other guys had followed the couple into the theater. The man emerged and stood at the door which he left partially opened. I looked in. This thin blond was sitting on the wooden bench completely naked (that did not take long) and fingering herself. The man asked if I wanted to come in. I did. Once I had entered the room, he stepped in and closed the door. Now he, the two other guys and myself, were in the room watching this beautiful woman finger herself. One guy was sitting in the corner watching and jacking his own cock. The other guy was grabbing his cock through his pants. I was still not sure of how this scene was going to play out. The the man says to the woman "let's see if anyone wants a blow job" and she gets on her knees in the middle of the room. The guy jacking, never got up, but just kept stroking. The other guy just stood there mesmerized at her beauty. The man asked me if I wanted one - sure. I stepped forward, pulled out my cock and she proceeded to give me a slow luxurious blow job. She had me real hard and it felt good. The man then says "If you cum, cum inside her" I was not sure what he had said so I looked at him and asked "what?". He then said "cum in her pussy , ass, or mouth, but do not just pull out and cum on her body" At that, she looks up at me and asks "you wanna fuck?" Sure. Duh. She quickly stands up and bends over but she is so tiny, that the angle is not the best. I asked if she could turn around and sit. "Sure, anything you want" the man says. She turns around, sits on the edge of the bench, lifts her legs up high and lets me stick it straight into her. She starts moaning as I stroke into her. The man keeps asking her "is it good, baby?" She replies "yes" and we hump fast and hard. She asks me to fill her with my cum. In time I do. I keep thinking to myself, this is amazing. This petite beautiful blond with tiny but perky breasts and tiny little erect nipples, and very tight pussy, was just there for my pleasure. So when I am done, the man looks at the other guy that had been grabbing his cock through his pants, and says "next". The man leaves the room before I do. Weird. We all laugh at that. The other guy then asks to fuck her ass...and he does. And she seemed to get off on that too. With that, she gets up and dresses and the couple leaves. At the end of the long wooden entrance ramp, he hugs her and kisses her and walks back around the building to his truck. She walks alone to her tiny green car. They leave separately. I am not too far behind as I leave as well.
I wonder if they are casual friends. I wonder if they are part of any online group. This is the type of woman that looks so good, she makes you dream of fucking every day - and apparently she must like it all. I hope to run into them again.
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Small breasts but long nipples
Posted:Jul 31, 2017 8:09 am
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2018 9:11 am

Reaching into the past, I recall one evening at Thee Love Shack in Tampa... this beautiful thin babe with long brown hair and nipples that stuck out about an inch, was there with her hubby. You could tell she liked the attention more than he, although he did get excited about the surroundings. This one particular night they left and went to the parking lot after standing around and watching several other couples in the theater rooms. They never played or put on a show while in the theater but she acted very very flirtatous and caught the eye of every guy there, so about 4 of us sort of followed them out. They loitered near their car on the back row which allowed us guys to catch up to them. Some of the guys were talking to hubby as two of us (including me) were feeling this lady up much to her delight. She had a flowing sundress on with no panties so it was very easy to be up and under and rubbing her totally hairless pussy. She would just sway and moan and let our fingers do the walking. Every now and then hubby would push one of our hands away. The two of us stepped closer, cocks out and rubbing them on her bareness as we lifted her skirt. She would play with her hair or suck on her fingers and coo softly as we played with her, not wanting her arms or hands to get in the way. Her breasts seemed to be the key...any amount of play with them would send her into ecstasy. She loved having her nipples tugged and would almost cum (or sound like it) every time we tugged and pinched and tweeked them. The two of us were trying to fuck her there in the parking lot, trying to see which of us could get it in, me from the back and him from the front. She kept spreading her legs further and further apart as if to aid us in this quest, and all the while hubby kept occasionally pushing the one guys cock away from his wife. The whole scene was as if she really wanted it but he did not want us to have it, although he was there with her. Needless to say, we both got to slip into her for a few strokes at a time before hubby pulled her off of the guy in her at the moment. I would get a few strokes and he would pull her off me, but accidentally in the direction of the other guy who would immediately slip inside her. To be truthful, it was more like she would mount one of us because her behavior and posture was such that she wanted a cock inside her very much. I have never really seen a situation at the theater where the lady wanted it more than the husband seemed ready to allow - a lot more! This scene went on for more than a half hour. If hubby would have allowed it, she would have eagerly fucked us all. I was amazed at how easily I slid into her when when hubby pushed the other guy away and she took the moment to mount me. It was a fun night. I have seen the couple at Thee Love Shack several times - but no other place - and each time, she took my breath away.
Best to go as a couple
Posted:Jul 30, 2017 6:24 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2020 1:33 pm

Years ago...maybe even 20 years ago or more, when The Playhouse was the one of the few adult theaters around, I had a very lovely experience.

I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of The Playhouse, counting cars to see if I thought it might be beneficial to go inside. I saw a lady sitting by herself in a car and I wondered to myself what was going on here? She was eyeing the guys as they got out of their cars and headed in. I first imagined that she was waiting for someone who had gone in to rent a video because she didn't want to go into such a place. If that was true, whoever it was was taking a long time. I got out of my car and stood by it and watched her. I was lucky enough to catch her eye and walk over and talk to her. She did want to go inside but was afraid to do so alone and was trying to figure out how to get the courage to enter. She asked me if I would go in with her. My first thought was "She's a and needs to get past the front desk". I decided to give it a go and just see what would happen. We went in together - which was even nicer, because back then couples got in to that theater for free. No problems at the front desk - apparently she had never been here before and was not known. Once in, we stood around the back wall until our eyes adjusted to the dark. She whispered to me 'you won't leave me, will you?' No, no...I am here to help. I stood behind her with my arms around her. I fiddled with the buttons etc, and basically just opened her up for the guys that were now beginning to gather around. She leaned back into me and whispered 'thank you' as I held her while 6-7 guys felt her up, licked her all over, rubbed their hard cocks against her. She then dropped to her knees and proceeded to suck everyone off in turn. Once the rush was more or less over, she stood and turned to me. She rubbed my crotch and then led me to one of the couches where she proceeded to undo my pants and climb on top of me. She rode me as a show to the others and once I had cum, she was ready to go. A delightful thank you gift for helping her out.
Always different, but always fun
Posted:Jul 30, 2017 3:25 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2020 1:33 pm

One time, about ten years ago, I was driving from one theater to another and I was going past a local venue we called AVC and I saw a couple heading in. That's always nice to see, so I pulled in and parked and went in and paid my fare. Once in the theater, I did not see the couple. I waited for my eyes to get really adjusted to the dark, but never did see them. Strange. So, I walked out and looked around, figuring they were looking to rent a video. I went into the booth area and saw that someone was in the last booth on the left. There is a pair of booths there that has a buddy wall, an opaque glass wall that suddenly becomes clear if booth sides punch the buddy button. I went into the adjacent booth and could tell after a little bit of time that the couple was in that booth. I punched the buddy button but nothing happened. Apparently, it must just light up the button on the other side, because very shortly, the window became clear. The woman was seated and she was givng the man a blow job as he stood in front of the screen. I pulled mine out and stroked as I watched them. Every now and then they would look over and watch me as they continued to play. The woman placed her hand on the glass as if to touch me. I moved close and placed my cock against the glass. Then, surprisingly to me, the man reached over and unlocked the door to his booth and opened it a crack. I figured that was a sign. I walked out of my booth and to the cracked door. I slowly opened the door and went in. These booths are really small. My cock was back out and the woman reached for it with one hand, never taking her other hand off the other guy. She pulled me to her mouth and then took turns sucking me and sucking him. This went on for a good while. Finally, the guy asked me if I could cum. Hell, I was moments away several times until she stopped (I think she could tell). When I answered 'yes' he said, Ok, let's do it. She stopped and pulled open her blouse revealing a nice pair of tits sans bra. She pushed them together and up as if offering a place for the both of us to cum. We each took over and stroked our cocks to orgasm all over her beautiful tits. She then took her hands and rubbed it all over her breasts and nipples as we squeezed the last drops out. Totally unexpected, but a nice outing.
Inter-racial twist
Posted:Jul 30, 2017 3:15 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2020 1:33 pm

Another experience at what used to be AVC in Tampa before it became Fantasyland II... This would have been maybe 12 years ago... I had an interesting twist of events.

Sometimes I just drive by this place because it is small and without a lot of cars, the picking might seem slim. But, I went in to check out the scene and sure enough, nothing but guys. No more than ten minutes later, this black couple comes in. They were very clean cut and stylish. She was striking in her thinness yet well developed body. He was a rather large man, at least 6-6 and wearing a nice suit. They just seemed out of place compared to what one usually finds at an adult theater. Well, no one bothered them as they sat on a couch and watched the movie, but I watched from the corner of my eye out of curiosity. Soon, she slumped down on the couch and spread her legs, hiked her cocktail dress up to her waist and began massaging her pussy. The only other black guy in the place made an advancement, but he was brushed away. Ok, I figured, they are here to show off and not to play but it was turning in to quite the show. We all watched from a polite distance as this chick fingered herself and moaned and groaned and humped her hips into the air. When I noticed the man was looking my way. He noticed that I had been watching intently. He motioned me over. I quietly walked over to him and bent down to hear what he wanted to say. He handed me a condom, and asked if I wanted some of that, pointing to her. Now that was not expected. It doesn't normally happen that way. But hey...so I dropped my pants, put on the condom, climbed between her legs and inched closer. She had long ago removed her panties, was using her fingers to spread her pussy lips wide and she seemed very very wet. I just adjusted my position and stuck it in. She was tight and very active in her body movements and I am almost embarrassed to say I lasted only a few minutes. But they were a damn sweet few minutes. When I was done, I backed off to watch him offer her to another guy. It was just as exciting to watch. I then left, not knowing if she did the whole room, or just us two.
Before Fantasyland II
Posted:Jul 30, 2017 12:08 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2020 1:33 pm

In the Drew park area of Tampa, there are several adult theaters. One of them was called AVC which stood for Adult Video Cinema...it eventaully was taken over by Fantasyland, cleaned up and now called Fantasyland II. But...before that happened, it was one of the smaller theaters to attend and couples that did not want large crowds would prefer that venue.

On one trip, there was a couple sitting in the back row couches. They were on the last couch against the far wall and were positioned such that someone could sit beside her and the wall. Guys sat in the same row and watched them for a sign. Some guys sat in the row in front and kept looking back. There were not all that many people there as usual. One guy went to sit next to them and the man waved his hand away. You would have too, because this guy was less than desirable. He looked like a homeless person and using the theater as a place to sleep: Dirty looking, rumpled clothes, unshaven, smelly, you name it. The rest of us still did not know whether they were playing or not so we patiently waited for signs. Finally, we saw him slide his hand up her skirt and we figured they liked to play. A very nice younger guy got up and moved around like he was looking for another seat and eventually got to the back corner. At that time, you could access that back corner from the far wall aisle because the 2nd and third row couches did not go to the wall. He went to sit down beside the woman and there was no rejection. Promising! It took awhile for anything to happen, but the husband started stroking the ladies legs again, slowly lifting her skirt up. The young guy put his hand on her thigh and getting no rejection rubbed up and down like hubby. Hubby finally got to her pussy and the young guy followed his lead. Hubby then pulled his hand away and began working her top, freeing her breasts as the young guy kept massaging her pussy. Another guy tried to get in close, but hubby was firm in his wave off and voice 'one at a time, please'. Back to his seat to watch. The young guy fumbled with his pants to free his cock and stoked it with one hand as he fingered her with the other. Within seconds of him getting his cock out, she reached over to take hold of it and stroke it. She then bent over and began sucking him. Hubby was then all over her, under her skirt, fingering her. She was moaning in between slurps. He again had to wave off a third guy, but the lady kept sucking until the young guy came in her mouth. Hubby handed her a towel to wipe her lips as she sat up. The young guy got up and left as the couple sat there watching the movie as if nothing happened. One of the guys that had tried to get close earlier now got up and went to sit beside her. No rejection, and the whole scene started over again. This guy tried to bend around and get down to lick her, but was waved off. Apparently, you could touch her anywhere with your fingers, what ever it took to get you excited, then she would suck you off. She proceeded to suck off four more guys, including me, while I was there. There were no more takers. I watched the movie for another half hour with no action in the back row. I assume that more guys would eventually come in, and they were still there when I left.
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Again, at a time before Fantasyland was in existence, I was at The Playhouse and I recall this nice couple that came in and sat down near the wall and near the back. Her clothes were stylish and not particularly flashy. I probably would have missed them, except they sat in the row in front of me and to my right. I kept looking in their direction and they never looked like they were doing anything but watching the movie. But the guy caught my eye and sort of motioned to me to come sit close. I did. I then got to look her over as I sat down - still nothing to indicate they were playing. But soon he had his cock out and her hand was around it, but that was all. She kept leaning into him and whispering every now and then. After what seemed like a very long time of nothing, I finally slowly started to unzip my pants. That generated another whisper. I reached in and started to play with myself. I kept looking over at them and saw her more actively stroke his cock as I played with mine. I figured if his was out, I might as well take mine out. Out it came. That generated another whisper. She then very demurely leaned over to me and asked if I would mind her touching me. That was a refreshing twist. Of course not. She reached over and took hold of me and slowly stroked each of us. I could see her smiling. She was enjoying this little bit of contact. Hubby quickly pulled out a handkerchief (who carries those anymore?) as he was cumming while watching her stroke me. With him done, she twisted so as to get both her hands on me. She stroked me for a long time, slowing and speeding up. I reached for her thigh, but she removed her hand from my cock to push me away. Then back to me. I quickly surmised that this was a show and light touch thing for her - no touching back. fine. She continued to stroke me and then leaned over and whispered, let me know when you are about to cum. I was close at that point. When I said I was about to cum, she produced from out of nowhere a slinky pair of panties and she stroked me off onto and into the panties. That was also different. I thanked her for the special treatment and stayed to watch for another 5 minutes or so, then gave her a pat as I got up to leave. Not sure what she was going to do with cum filled panties. Maybe wear them later? mmmm

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