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The First Time!  

squirt4you68 57M/57F
11 posts
4/3/2007 3:16 pm
The First Time!

It happened, and it what a night it was! Nothing in my mind could cum close to what transpired...
We spent the time on the ferry resting, arrived excited & anxious of the night ahead.
Checked ourselves into our room and prepared for the evening, I was wet with excitement!! I knew it was finally going to happen, I was going to be with a woman! and my man was going to watch me bring pleasure to her..

Ding dong went the bell, we were greeted by the hosts with smiles. I relaxed right away! There were 3 other couples talking, and laughing over drinks, it was very comfortable. It was a pajama party so we changed into our Pj's.

The evening started with a game of spin the bottle, perfect I thought. It was fun and playful great ice breaker!! My inhibitions had disappeared along with my pajama's. Once everyone was now in their birthday suits the games continued with " Truth or Dare" and it was all dares! lol..

My man had a dare for me to suck his cock, that was easy as I enjoy sucking him anywhere! He then asks the woman who sat beside me " if she would like a taste"? wide eyed, she gave a shy smile and I watched as her mouth cover his engorged head, I lick his thick shaft with long steady stokes as she continues to suck on his knob, his cock looks beautiful glistening with saliva! our mouths meet at the top and our tongues play together on his dick! I feel my juices flow through my body, the heat and desire were very present now!!

I look around the room and everyone is doing something, lots of oral!! My honey takes me by the hand, whispers in my to see" how I am"? "HORNY, HOT"! with a smile I tell him .

He leads me to another couple, I kneel on the floor before his hard cock and begin to suck him, then there is another so I suck that one too! I go back and Fourth sucking & stroking each prick Mmmmmmmm! I would have liked one fucking from behind. I had hands on my tits as they played with with my nipples, rolling them between their fingers, arousing me more! the heat was intense, the sounds ever so erotic!!!

There she lay on her back, legs spread cock in her mouth. I go towards her and start to suck on her nipples I feel her warm flesh under my hand as I massage her mounds of pink skin..I want to kiss her lips, so I do and it was soft and sensual. I tell her "that am going to lick her pussy" she smiles with consent..

This is the first pussy I have kissed! She had no hair, shaved smooth..I kiss her body that leads me to the place I have dreamed of! Her cunt wet with excitement, I first kiss it then I start to lick her, suck her mmmmmmm it was so good!!I devour her! my finger enters her tight, hot, wet box...I fuck her pussy with my fingers the way I fuck my own pussy!mmmm I can hear her juices flowing, my man pulls her legs up as I continue to have her! I feel her contract and her juice spills fourth, I drink from her, am intoxicated from it all!

The playing continues around us, Am now charged and ready for more! I watch my man fuck a beauty from behind!!! I go beneath to watch his cock fuck her delicious pussy i start to lick his balls and her pussy! this was awesome! Listening to the sounds of pleasure from all, I start then to suck on her partners big hard cock! I hear her juices fall to the floor! faster & deeper I suck this yummy dick, I feel it swell in my mouth! he lets go his load and fills my throat! Yes! I lick every drop!

That night I had not One, but three pussy's!!! It was the best party ever! When we got back to our room we talked of the night & events that took place, the rush of it still lingered with us! my honey with dick so vial and hard ! fucked my ASS so good!!! I wanted a to be sucking on a cock! Maybe next time....

rm_pscotts 59M

4/6/2007 8:40 am

with no single males at this party

wantingforfungr1 56M

4/30/2008 8:13 pm

very well written and very sensual

rm_dickyand69 64M/61F
15 posts
8/29/2008 8:34 am

Sounds like you had a very arousing and excellent first time experience... and thats wonderful.

Everytime we have a new partner its so arousing, its like I'm losing my virginity all over again; and believe me that was a wonderful experience.


biguy669 53M
1 post
2/10/2009 12:15 pm

Reading this definitely makes me want to play with the two of them in a 3some or moresome
xoxoxo John

brow690 57M

10/7/2011 8:56 am

Sounds like a wonderful night, wish I could have been one of those lucky cocks you enjoyed.

Bedrebels 60M/61F

1/2/2015 3:15 pm

Great story........

xtasea2010 62M/58F  
8 posts
6/4/2016 1:03 am

Sounds like a great Start, lets keep it up...lol

funbccouple60 68M/66F  
6 posts
11/26/2016 5:44 am

We loved your first erotic play time story was awesome

Hedollfun 61M/58F

12/30/2016 3:09 pm

What a wonderful description of a first time, We hope you have had many more since then and would love to join you in some other first's...

JC2345 67M  
75 posts
3/19/2018 3:08 pm

Great story and well written. Thanks for sharing

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