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How do you eat a pineapple  

staci_19702 50T
176 posts
9/11/2021 5:26 am
How do you eat a pineapple

One bite at a time.

Go the store and buy some type of fruit today! Have some fun to round out the summer!!!

Have a great day! 💋

Tmptrzz 58F
102586 posts
9/20/2021 1:07 pm

We do buy a lot of pineapple here as it's so good for you, one bite at a time..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

staci_19702 replies on 9/21/2021 3:07 am:
Pineapple becomes one of our summer favs. Snacking, grilling, drinks and sexy stuff!

MacMac930 64M
52 posts
9/16/2021 3:57 pm

That has all the makings of a good BBQ!

staci_19702 replies on 9/17/2021 3:17 am:
It had it all!

PonyGirl1965 55F
18934 posts
9/13/2021 12:44 am

Very sexy pics

staci_19702 replies on 9/13/2021 3:29 am:
Thank you. We love our summer time.

c0cksr1ng 59M
2911 posts
9/11/2021 9:29 am

Looks like a great way to eat one
Have a sexual day !

staci_19702 replies on 9/11/2021 11:30 am:
Thanks! You too!!!

spunkycumfun 61M/66F
38490 posts
9/11/2021 7:27 am

That looks like an interesting pineapple cocktail!

staci_19702 replies on 9/11/2021 9:21 am:
Pineapple might be an aphrodisiac!

author51 58F
123666 posts
9/11/2021 6:38 am

How Sweet It Is!.. Love the photos and you have a killer tan Hun...xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life..xoxo


staci_19702 replies on 9/11/2021 9:20 am:
Thanks Joy! I’m glad you like!

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