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PART 4 How it all started.
Posted:Dec 11, 2021 2:20 pm
Last Updated:Jan 14, 2022 5:49 pm
No. I don't mind at all, long as it pleases you. Nice meet you. With this said, Joel started moving his hips slowly, going deep into my ass. I let out a moan and Carol told him to make me squeal. He increased his strokes. I was dizzy, I just knew I was on the verge of loosing consciousness. I fought it. I didn't want to miss one moment. The feeling was indescribable. The emotions running wild . I never felt anything so damn good. On and on he pumped his member in and out, slow and fast, long strokes, short stroke and a combination of all at once. Carol walk over, stood over me and reached down to kiss Joel.
Now in my mind I'm trying to act like I've done this a thousand times before. In the last twenty four hours I've experienced a lot of first. Go with the flow I heard my mind say to me. Oh well, go with the flow.
Carol proceeded to walk over to the table and was busy rolling a fat one, watching us fuck like rabbits. She came over and blew us shotguns and once again said that's so damn hot. Please continue, don't stop I'll be right back.
She made a grand entrance. Didn't have on any clothes. Her body was a masterpiece of art. She draped herself over the couch. Slowly opening up her athletic legs, She started to please herself and she let out a smooth cry of excitement. Joel had me mount him as he laid on his back watching his hot wife do herself with a vibrator as I rode his cock like a cowboy sitting in a saddle on a bucking . Once again Carol said that's hot. Stop with the Paris Hilton impersonations already I laughed.I can't help it cause it is. As I rode his giant manhood it seemed to get harder and much bigger. I knew my lover was going explode. I dismounted, took him into my waiting mouth. I drove down on him as I felt his pulsing increase and any moment I'm getting a hot sweet load. Not only did he fill my mouth not once not twice, but three times. His cum hot and sweet as I tried to shallow it all. Once again Carol stated the record " that's hot".
PART 1 How it started.
Posted:Oct 24, 2021 5:09 pm
Last Updated:Dec 13, 2021 8:24 pm
Does one remember then you realize you were anything but straight. I was on a Greyhound bus, the man sitting next me took off his jacket, drop it in his lap and said hello. I smiled and return his greeting. He ask me where I was going etc, So we shot the shit for a couple of hours. We talked about sports, the shape the world was in today etc.. About 1am I was napping. I felt his hand touch my leg and start moving up to my manhood, it was hard as a brick. I was taken back on how hard I was. I've never done anything like this before, never let another man touch me. I was arouse like never before.. He took his jacket and placed it in my lap and started to unzip me and pulled my rock hard cock out of my pants. Slowly he stroked me up and down.
I morn escaped from between my lips. He smiled at me and said to me, Babe try to be quite and I will rock your world. I told myself to stop him but it felt so good. He looked around and at once he saw it was clear, he bent over and replaced his hands for his wet lips. I lasted two minutes and shot a load like I never shot before. Sure I've had head before from my high school sweat heart. However, never this good. He sat back up and smile and said that was fast, maybe next time it might be longer.. I told him I was getting off in Phoenix and I've never been with a man before until now. Plus your old enough to be my dad, Yes, everything you've said is true he told me. He also said he lived in Phoenix and he wants me to come with him. I did.
Now I fine myself in his house alone, turned on, and scared. I didn't know what to do and what was about to happen He handed me a drink and told me to take off my clothes. I hesitated. He kinda smirk and proceeded to undress me. I didn't know what to do. One part of me said run and the other part of me was saying yeeeesssssss. He stood up and turned to face me. He unzip his pants and put out his manhood. It was huge. I could see his heart beats through his veins running the length of his shaft. I never sucked a cock before but now I could not wait to try my best to devour it. He looked at me and told me to get down on my knees now. I couldn't wait to obey. He place his hand on the back of my head and steered my waiting lips on his cock. I've never sucked a cock before. I did pretty damn good. He stated move his hips. We got in sync. I heard him say deeper and I went down as far as I could. Up and down his hand went driving my head. Then it happen. The explosion. His load of sweet hot cum came flooding into my mouth. He came so much that was more then I could swallow. I was dripping cum out the side of my mouth. I reached and wipe it with my hand. I lick it off my hand and wanted more. He told me to clean him with my mouth. As I was servicing him he lite a joint. When he finished it he said now I'm going to teach you how to please your man. He kissed me, reach into his nightstand and put out some lube. He said roll over and open that ass up for me. I told him I never done this. He said I know but I will show you how to love it.. He pulled out a dildo from the nightstand. He oiled it and said it's all about how you breathe. You'll learn in no time. I was on my knees bent over with my ass in the air. He placed the head of it on my ass. You ready,I said " I don't know". He then slide it in. I let a cry out. It hurt a bit, but at the same time felt real good too. Breathe he said. I soon learned what he was telling me. At first he moved slowly until he saw me move my hips. He drove home then. I couldn't believe how this was me and I wanted more. I wanted now.

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