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This is a blog primarily for people who like to talk and write about incest and enjoy giving and receiving oral sex. Cocksuckers are cherished here. Circumcised penises are also highly prized, not that the uncut's are passed over. This blog isn't impressed by the size of a nice cock. We go in for the pleasing look of that nice piece of smooth, healthy meat.
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90 degrees and with a stiff dick
Posted:Apr 25, 2020 10:23 am
Last Updated:Apr 25, 2020 10:30 am
A girl whom I met while she was running down a dirt trail that runs along the North side of my five acres, has gone Seattle stay with a girl friend up there for a couple of weeks while California is in lockdown.

I'm disappointed that she's gone because our friendship gravitated into getting a blowjob from her almost every morning. You see, I discovered that she--Charlotte--is an avid cocksucker. Well, really she's an oralist, and bisexual. I'm pretty sure her girlfriend in Seattle will be getting her pussy licked as much as she wants get off. The thing is, that it's supposed reach 90 this afternoon. My home is on the Southern Calif. Mojave Desert, and the heat so early in this year, combined with this fucking virus, keeping everyone in lockdown, is getting me unusually horny.

Charlotte is a good deep throat artist and also likes cum, and swallows. Moat of the men I know who love suck cock, swallow, but only about a quarter of the women who've blown me want swallow. Charlotte is also very pretty, which adds my enjoyment of her flexible mouth. I don't mind shooting a small load (after all, I am 83, and my load is tasty--I'm told--but what can you expect of an ancient guy?).

Charlotte says she likes a little cum but not the huge loads some guys shoot when they haven't cum in 6 months or longer. she says she also won't blow any guys who smoke cigarettes because their cum tastes terrible.

Charlotte tells me she likes to blow me because my cock is pretty, is not so large that it cramps her mouth, has a big mushroom head, I cum fast, and I'm slender, and don't have a big beer belly. As a matter of fact I don't even drink beer or any alcohol. She says a lot of the men she's blown take forever to get hard, let along to cum, and some of them have dicks too large for her to deep throat them--which she loves to do. She says she's told a few of her intimate friends that she routinely blows an 83 year old man and they unanimously say "Ugh!" I can understand that, and I'm not offended by it.

I guess I'm sort of unusual sexually. I've always been highly sexed. My mother always worried that I would get into some sort of trouble about sex when she discovered my older sister and I made out with each other every chance we got. Mom never found out that I also blew my older brother almost every night. (We slept in the same bedroom, so sex with my brother was inevitable for me to instigate). I loved sucking off my brother. He was older than I, and could shoot cum. I loved the taste of it, and the sensation of that creamy warm load shooting in my mouth. Also, my brother had (he's long since just the dust of memory), a small penis that fit in my 8 year old mouth without causing me a lot jaw loc My brother loved , and not just because I gave him so much pleasure. He told he thought I was a savvy little guy who would do alright in life.

So, anyway, here I am writing this blog with a strong craving get off. I also wouldn't mind sucking a pretty dick off myself right now. Remembering my brother always gets me in the mood for cocksucking.

Love, Stardust, Saturday morning, April 25 2020.

Posted:Apr 20, 2020 4:56 am
Last Updated:Apr 25, 2020 9:01 am
I live on the Mojave Desert of Southern California. I've been in the same spot and in the same house for 44 years. When I first moved here from Hollywood in 1976, the friends I left behind all scratched their heads and wondered out loud what the F--- I was doing. I was 39 at that time in 1976, and Hollywood had become a different place from what it was when I first moved there after being discharged from the Infantry at Fort Devens, Mass. in the late 1950's. During those early years in Hollywood, I really thought I'd died and gone to heaven... Hollywood was The Garden Of Eden. Hollywood WAS, it isn't any longer.

I grew up on the East Coast. My father worked for a company as a tech installer and repairman--although during his lifetime there wasn't much technology invented yet. Because of his work, and the need for men in various locations where the company was located, our family was transferred all over the East Coast from New York, to Connecticut, to Georgia, and to the West-- to Texas.

When I was 13 our family was living in Decatur, Georgia, and I found myself in an all boys military school there... The school was great for little cocksuckers like me, because it was literally a hotbed of homosexuality. Most of the sex was carried on between the boys, all of whom were between the ages of 13 and 18. In the late 1940's while I was in that school, Homosexuality was illegal, and carried a prison term if a person was arrested for it... Most of the time gay sex went on behind closed doors with nobody getting arrested. BUT, gay sex was kept as a secret.

I've always been highly sexed. That school was one that I always enjoyed going to.
The early morning classes were spiced up with a trip to the boy's room where I could always have my dick sucked and suck another dick myself. If you know anything about boys of that age, or if you remember your own youth, you know how horny we were and how fast we could cum under the right circumstances.

Even now at 83, I still like to cum at least once each day.. I've been very fortunate during my lifetime to have never really been ill. Where I live is ideal for a place to ride out this Covid 19 virus in isolation... I guess all you horny people who are yearning to have your genitals played with by some other person are doing a lot of stroking of your own playthings just as I am...Things will get better, but I know it's going to take some time...

Love to you all, Stardust--April 20, 2020

The joy of cocksucking
Posted:Apr 17, 2020 7:57 am
Last Updated:Apr 17, 2020 8:35 am
I've been turned on by sucking a pretty, big headed, circumcised cock, since I was eight.

At eight I learned that I could easily take my own penis in my mouth and soon learned bring myself off with a dry orgasm.

I was a thin, long limbed boy who was very limber and avidly curious about everything. I've never been interested in anal sex. Oral sex with healthy men and women is my thing. I don't like labels, and don't consider myself being gay, or bi, or a bottom. I like getting sucked off by either a man or a woman. I've fucked a few men if they are very pretty, but It's not my preference.

After I learned to suck myself off, I graduated to sucking off my brother who was old enough to squirt cum. I liked the taste of his cum. He and I shared the same bedroom and I sucked his dick almost every night for a number of years. He sucked me off a few times, but he didn't enjoy it the way I did. We soon settled on me sucking him off and then going down on myself as my brother watched... He tried to suck himself off too, but was never able to bend at the waist the way I could. After a score of times sucking my brother off I got so I could cum just by sucking his cock slowly, and spontaneously cumming myself when he came. It was wonderful.

After my brother left home I graduated to a boy next door who I taught to suck me off. He liked sucking cock as much as I did, and I found out he'd been able to get his father (a nice looking, still young man). to let him suck his mature dic This was a real revelation . I'd never considered such a thing was possible. The 's name was Mike, and Mike's parents were very young. Mike must have been conceived when his mother was still a .

It didn't take too long for me to also be sucking off Mike's father.

This was a happy time in my life, and I'm very happy to tell you loved site, horny sex lovers, that nobody ever discovered our little sex triad. It lasted until my family and I moved miles away to a small farm in upstate New York where I was horny as a stray with a hard on, until I made "special" friends in that area, which took some time to do.

Love to all you horny hound dogs who took the time to read this little bit of true sex lore...Stardust, April 17, 2020...

The World is on YouTube!
Posted:Apr 2, 2020 6:10 am
Last Updated:Apr 17, 2020 7:59 am
I have a younger sister who is still alive. She's ten years younger than I, and lives in Washington state... We communicate by Texting almost exclusively. We both hate talking on the phone, but both like the features for texting on the Apple phones, so that's how we communicate these days.

I'm a huge fan of YouTube. A couple of years ago I bought a new computer running Windows 10 with a 26 inch touch monitor. Because I live on the MoJave Desert . miles from any towns, the only form of internet service I had was through the telephone line I had installed (that cost me too much). AOL service via dial up is a total waste of time and money, but I struggled with it for ten years.

By a stroke of good fortune I stumbled on a way to connect to the Web via a ZTE hotspot running Sprint. The monthly fee is not exorbitant, and there's a cell tower located on the open desert only 2 miles from my house on five acres. So, at this time I finally get 4 bars of service and can watch YouTube videos along with all the other delights of fast internet service.

When I was born in 1937 the only forms of mass communication were newspapers and radio. If the Internet and YouTube had been around during my youth, I would have become a different person--not that I'm complaining about how my life turned out, I'm just saying that technology has changed the world greatly during the past hundred years.

During this period of the raging Corona Virus, I'm staying as isolated as possible with my 3 dogs. I hope those of you curious enough to read this blog are doing the same thing, especially if you're over 60.

I'm hoping we all get through this freaking virus unscathed. Love, and happiness

Stardust, April 2,2020

I think I was 18 when she did me the first time
Posted:Mar 31, 2020 12:58 pm
Last Updated:Apr 18, 2020 1:12 am

It was a few days after my 18th birthday when she stopped outside as I was my way a night class at the Bridgeport Engineering Institute. Mom and
Dad didn't like us talking close together as we were now, the porch outside the house. She smelled good as she pressed against me.

"You know I'm doing Dad, don't you?" she asked.
"What do you mean by --doing?"
She pressed really tight against me and whispered in my ear."Sucking his dick, silly."
"No! I thought you were just hugging him and, like, flirting with him the way you do with me that gets Mom and Dad mad at us, " I said.

"You're such an innocent baby" she said.
"No I'm not! I know about girls fellating men."
"Sucking them off is better" she laughed in a whisper against my ear, "Or cock sucking! THAT gets me hot just saying it out loud...Cock Sucking."

"Let me hear you say it," she coaxed..
"No, I can't," I stammered.
"Yes you can," she said. "Just try it---you'll like it," she giggled into my ear.
She reached her hand to my crotch and felt my penis..."! You're hard!"

I tried back away from her, but my legs wouldn't move.
She knew her way around a man's fly that was for sure because she had my pants unzipped and was working my penis out from my undershorts before I could
understand what was happening.

My dick was throbbing before she even took it in her mouth..
"Sit the porch railing here."
I leaned back and she took my penis down into her throat. I could feel the constriction as it passed her gag point. Her mouth and throat were hot and smooth and it felt better than any jerking I'd ever done to myself. And I'd done a lot of that.

She made a low "Ummmmm" sound as my hot cum spurted out into her mouth.
She got and patted my cheek...", that was so good," she said, and licked her lips.."You'd better get going your class now, or you'll be late."
Before I had assimilated what had happened, she disappeared very quietly back into the house.

I had trouble listening to that night's lecture the stress points of various steel beams. My eighteen year old penis kept staying hard and wanting a repeat performance of what my older sister had done ... I was happy that her flirting with was obviously finished and real action would now hopefully be the

by stardust--Tuesday, March 31, 2020
2020 Hard times
Posted:Mar 26, 2020 9:37 pm
Last Updated:Apr 17, 2020 8:39 am

What the heck! The world is kicking our butts right now and there's no guessing how long, this Corona Virus is going to be around.

The time to get cozy with strangers is now a possible walkway into the Grim Reaper's realm. I hate it of course, and I'm sure most of you reading this little blog do too.

I was in the Local Post Office on Wednesday this week and there was a woman going through a large basket of discarded coupons that those of us who have a P.O .Box use to throw our discarded mail in after we've taken a look at what was in our mailbox and decided it was junk.

I kept my distance from her as we've all been cautioned to do. My P.O. Box had a bunch of ads from local burger joints along with two from Taco Bell.
Excuse me," I said to the lady as she was bending over the cart where all the discarded mail had been thrown. The woman jumped, and I told her i was sorry for frightening her. When she straightened up and looked at me, I recognized her, but I couldn't place from where, or when, it was that we had met.

She was a nice looking woman with long grey hair and a beautifully shaped mouth. Her eyes were a pale blue and as she stood up, I guessed she was about 5 feet 4 inches tall. As I was guessing her age at being around the mid sixties, my memory clicked in, and the memory of her came back to me very clearly.

She had given me a blow job in the local park about a year ago. I could tell from the startled look in her eyes that she remembered me too. Her cheeks got a faint tint of pink in them and she said, "WOW!, it's a small world!"

"Or at least a small town! " I said with a smile on my face. The Post Office was empty. It was very early, only a few minutes after 8 on a cloudy, cold morning.
"So what are you fishing for down in that cart? " I asked.

"The coupons for discounted and free food. My was one of those people who lost his job until this stupid virus gets over, and we're having a hard time without his paycheck coming in. Say!" she said suddenly and looked around the empty Post Office and then lowered her voice a little. "Would you like me to do you again? I could do you right in your car."

"Oh, sweetheart I would love for you to, but not with this virus crap going around."

She started to come closer to me and I knew from the memory of how she was from the time in the park, that she was going to start rubbing my crotch when she
got up close to me. I was horny as all hell, and I knew it she got her hands on my dick I'd be lost. For all I knew she was carrying the virus. I held up my hand to stop her advance on me.

"I'll do you really good!" she pleaded. "I'll swallow!"

To stop her from begging I pulled out my wallet and took out two twenties. I stretched out my arm and she did the same and took the money.

"Bless you"" she said, and there were tears starting in her pretty light blue eyes.

I drove home with a half hard cock. After I was settled behind my desk with a hot cup of coffee and my dogs all outside, I took a small bottle of baby oil that I keep on a corner of the desk, turned my computer to my favorite porn site, and watched the 26 inch monitor light up with the video of an older woman sucking off her aged . As he shot his creamy load into his mother's mouth, I shot my load in a soft paper towel.

by Stardust 81937 --March 26, 2020
My older sister was fun to play sex games with..
Posted:Sep 30, 2019 4:34 pm
Last Updated:Apr 3, 2020 4:45 am

It was probably in 1945. She was 4 years older than I.. She was pretty.

She's dead now. Heck, you all know how that goes. Nothing gets off this world alive. At 82, and still standing, I'm thoroughly surprised that most of my marbles are still intact, and I only drool into my pillow at night once in awhile.

I loved the smell of her pussy when she first let me look closely at her vulva. I think I was 18 or more probably 19. That would have put her at 21 or 22, but I remember that her smooth pussy had no hair, and I'm sure around 1945 or 46, no girls were into shaving their pubic hair. Maybe we were both younger than what my memory is telling me.

"Charles said you can suck on your penis." she said. It was a Saturday afternoon and the parents were miles away grocery shopping as they did on every Saturday. Charles, our older brother, was also out somewhere. "Take off all your clothes and let me watch and I'll let you see my " flower" she instructed.

I didn't mind stripping off my clothes for her. I loved being naked . " Why do you call it a flower? " I asked her as I slid out of my pants. My penis was already hard with the anticipation of taking it in my mouth with her as an audience.

"That's what Mom says it is. She says I'm as pretty as a flower and my puss is a beautiful rose."

"You ARE really pretty, " I told her. I knew she loved to be fussed over about her looks, and I was hoping she'd let me do more than just look at her pussy. She had long auburn hair and with her blue eyes and beautiful cream colored skin, she was awesome to look at.

It only took a couple of minutes for us both to drop our clothes on the floor next to her bed. I lay down on her bed and placed her pillow at the nape of my neck and threw my legs back over my head so that my penis was lined up only any inch from my mouth...

"Wow!. you really do that fast !"

I didn't answer her, but took the head of my penis in my mouth and started sucking on it while locking eyes with her.

In only a few moments I was plunging my penis down to my small testicles into my mouth. As my eyes locked with hers I lost focus as the wonderful feeling of approaching orgasm came closer. In another couple of moments I was shaking and moaning as my penis jumped and quivered in my mouth.

When my vision cleared, my sister was still there beside me. She had one hand on my naked back and ran it down to my buttocks. "That was really beautiful and intense," she whispered while still stroking my ass. I vividly remember that her cheeks were flushed and her eyes looked very soft and kindly at me. I untangled
myself and stretched out on her bed.

She kissed me softly right on the lips and then put her hand on my penis. It was soft now and wet with my saliva. "It's pretty." she said. She started to get up.

"My turn" I reminded her. I climbed off her bed and stood next to it so she could stretch out. She did, and I wasted no time getting down close to her pussy.

The first thing I noticed and remember even now, was the faint but delicious smell of her body. "You're pretty too." I whispered.

"You can touch me there if you want to."

We were not dumb country . I was an avid reader and a precocious little brat informed about sexual things beyond my years. I did touch her--with my tongue.

I licked along her slit, and she make no effort to stop me.

She started cumming before I had enough of her. A few moments later she pushed my mouth away. We looked at each other and there were tears in her eyes. We were instantly bonded. We were in love, and we stayed in love with each other all our lives.

Te end... by Stardust 81937 ---9/30/2019
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Oral Sex... my lifetime experience.....
Posted:Sep 29, 2019 8:25 am
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2020 9:53 am
I've never considered myself a gay man. A bisexual man, definitely yes. During my lifetime I've been with more women then men. I've never had any impulses to love a man the way I've fallen in love with quite a few women. I've never been interested in anal sex with a man, although I have fucked a few men, and I've been rimmed and fucked by three women who were into that, during my life.

Even many psychiatrists get a bit mixed up and confused when they try to explain human sexuality. We humans can, and do, get turned on by all sorts of crazy things.

I've known men and women who were all over the board with the types of things they did with other people. One of my favorite things to do is to sit down with a man or woman and talk about sex. I love doing that with people who get aroused easily and we end up both needing to got off before we part . Sex is so sweet when one is really turned on. I've known many men and women who've had sex with brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, and even animals...I'm not a cop. I don't censor the people who talk with me. At the same time I have no desire to ever do anything with anyone that would break the law and get me in jail.

I'm very picky when it comes to sucking off a man. It's just my personal preference but I like a circumcised penis much more than an uncut penis. I also like a penis that has a large mushroom head and is pleasing to look at. Men who have ultra large dicks are not my preference. A six inch, thick, circumcised, straight penis is the one I'll go for. I'm also the rare cocksucker who doesn't want a man to shoot a quart of cum down my throat. I like men who cum regularly so their cum is in small amounts and hasn't been stored in their prostate glands for a long time, (sort of like Miracle Whip that has been sitting in the frig. for 6 months). I know it's probably contrary to the things you've heard about old men, but honestly, I like to cum each day, and on some days I cum twice. My favorite way to cum is to be sucked off by a woman or a man. I love to cum in the red lipped mouth of boys (18 or older, of course). I also get very worked up licking the pussies of (18 or older, of course). Anyone under 35 is young to me!

Sex is a wonderful bonus that's given to us. I feel sorry for those people who have never received great joy from it.

the end....Stardust, 9/29/2019

Starting off as a self-sucker and loving my own dick
Posted:Sep 27, 2019 12:49 pm
Last Updated:Mar 28, 2020 6:20 pm

When I was eight years old I found I could lay on my bed (in the bedroom I shared with my brother who was six years older than I ) , prop my head up a little, and then throw my legs up and over my back. In that position my penis would dangle right in front of my young mouth. It didn't take me long to stick out my tongue and lick the head of my penis..

With a little experimentation during the next couple of days, I was taking the head of my penis in my hot little mouth and gently sucking on it until my penis got very hard and scared me with the feeling going through my body. When the funny, but nice, feeling started, it would make me stop sucking on my penis because I didn't know what was going on with my body...

About the fourth or fifth time I'd gotten myself worked up like this, my older brother happened into out bedroom and caught me in the act. He was 14 and was a good and kind brother to me. "Wow!" he said as he came over to the bed where I was laying in a pretty weird position from my brother's point of view. "What are you trying to do? Break you back?" Then he noticed my hard 's penis and also the saliva on it where it had been in my mouth..

I untangled myself and sat next to him on my bed as I explained what I had learned to do to myself. My brother had all his clothes on, but I was all in the nude, and my penis was still erect and throbbing a little. My brother kept staring at my erect penis as we talked. When I told him about the weird, but nice feeling I got when I had my penis in my mouth, and that I'd been afraid of going any further after the "feeling" started, he explained that I was about to have an orgasm, but he didn't know boys as young as I was could have them.

On that particular afternoon, it was a Saturday, my parents were both gone into town grocery shopping, and we both knew they wouldn't be back for a couple of hours. My older sister was home, but she was in her bedroom and we knew she wouldn't be disturbing us. Charles (my brother) said ,"Let's have you try it again. With me here to watch over you, I'll make sure you don't have a heart attack, or something like that when that feeling comes, and you can keep sucking on it and see what happens. I bet you'll really like the feeling when you let yourself go all the way.

So we did just that. While Charles looked on I had my first orgasm, and it was fantastic. It was so good that I was hooked on having as many of them as my young body could give me. In a short time of many practice sessions, I was able to take my entire penis in my mouth down to my testicles. Of course my orgasms were dry climaxes. I didn't produce semen until I reached puberty at 13....but....my older brother did...But that's another life story for another day...
The end.. 9/27/2019 (Friday) Stardust81937
Posted:Sep 5, 2016 6:39 am
Last Updated:Sep 29, 2019 10:32 am

Thank you for coming to my blog this summer. A very special thanks to those readers who used the energy, and took the time to leave COMMENTS.

Those of us who blog on this site are in a minority, but all the bloggers I've known through the years are especially grateful to the people who leave comments.

Goodbye until until May 1, 2017.

When I return, assuming the Grim Reaper doesn't catch me while tending other projects there will be a new President and 2017 will be well under way.

May all you beautiful, sexy people, have a marvelous winter with moderate temperatures, and plenty of lustful sex..

Love and tenderness to all... David Stardust, Monday morning, September 5, 2016...
Posted:Sep 4, 2016 2:17 am
Last Updated:Mar 28, 2020 6:00 pm
Back in the DAY, there was a small beer bar named THE 55 CLUB located on Western Avenue where Hollywood Blvd. crosses Western Avenue. I lived in this area of Eastern Hollywood for a decade when I first came to Southern California.

I spent my leisure time in THE 55 CLUB. I'd gotten to know the owner of the little bar whose name was Eddie, and at the TIME of this little piece of my history, Eddie and I had been friends for five or six years.

Eddie, who'd been born in Moscow, was an interesting character. He was gay, and I confided to him early in our friendship that I was bisexual.

Eddie and I weren't attracted to each other, but we still bonded in a strong friendship where favors were exchanged.... At times I'd acted as bartender when one of Eddie's beer maids quit with out notice, or got sick and had to be off for a night or two.

Eddie hired attractive girls to work in the bar. I've always liked attractive girls. Pretty girls attract me as much, or even sometimes more, than pretty cocks.

I've always used men for fast, erotic, oral sex sessions. I'm only interested in sucking men off and getting sucked off. I've never wanted to hang out with men exclusively, and never wanted to form any lasting love relationship with a man. It's strictly an oral thing with me. My oral fixation started way back in my early childhood, and I've written enough about all that a lot of times since I've been on this sited.

THE 55 CLUB wasn't very large. It had one or two tables tucked into corners and sat about twenty people on comfortable stools along the bar.

When I sat down on one of those comfortable stools one particular summer afternoon, I noticed Eddie had hired a new girl.

There were only about 7 or 8 people in the bar. The girl, a tall brunette, with creamy white skin, and a trim figure came over to me as I sat down. She had an open smile and pretty blue eyes that twinkled like she was having the time of her life. "Yes Sir, can I getcha' a glass, then?"

Her English cockney accent was bigger than anything I'd ever heard on the radio, or the tube. It took me back to the visits I'd paid London a few years back while stationed in Germany in the Army.

"So, then sweet love," I said right back to the pretty woman, "What English flower did you buzz from?"

"Oh, Sir!" she laughed at my corny pickup line, while her blue eyes looked not at all shyly, into mine.

This was the beginning of a fifteen year friendship that took me into the depths and enjoyment of an English girl who was as depraved as I was. We seemed to recognize each other with that first meeting.

Her real name was Kathleen Smith. I write her real name here because it's such a common name I'm not giving anything away.

Kathleen was an only . She'd come to Hollywood from her small village on the outskirts of London to become a songwriter and become famous.

Of course Kathleen never became famous. Nor, did I ever become any of the things I'd dreamed of before coming to the magical land of Hollywood. Kathleen and I DID, however, have some fabulous adventures.

She was not a virgin when I enticed her to live with me. But her experiences concerning sex were very limited. The first time she swallowed my cum, she ran to the bathroom and had immediate diarrhea, a reaction by her body to immediately reject the living substance she had never swallowed before.

"I like doin' it David, and even sorta' like the taste --it's different, kinda' salty like, but it runs right through me. That's very embarrassin' ! "

I told her. "Your body just has a strong immune reaction, I've known some young men who start sucking cocks that get diarrhea at first."

"So then," she asked, "Did that happen to you when you first started sucking 'em?"

"No," I laughed, "because I first started sucking my own cock, and I was too young to cum with any semen!"

Kathy thought THAT was hilarious, and over time I confided my entire story of that part of my life to her.

Kathleen became almost addicted to anal sex with me. I was her first at that, too. She and I weren't in love. We were in "like", which in a lot of cases between two people is even better.

I've never really cared that much for anal sex. The only time I'll do it is if a shower or bath is immediately available. My dick also happens to have an extra large head when it's fully engorged, and the anus of most people squeezes my penis too tightly when I cum up their ass,dampening the enjoyment of my climax.

These were the days before HIV, and Kathleen said she loved the feeling of a dick squirting it's load in her ass.

When I had to leave Hollywood on very short notice, I lost contact with Kathy. In the two years that I was gone. Kathy moved from her apartment, and her old telephone number no longer reached her. Mail that I addressed to her old address came back "ADDRESS UNKNOWN". Because her real name, Kathleen Smith, is so common and because I really don't remember much of what she told me of her mother or father, or even what village she came from in England, I've never been able to find her.
The days that I knew her were long before computers and cell phones were in existence.

Kathy Smith was seven years younger than me. She would be 73 today, and was a healthy woman who took care of her health, so she's probably still alive somewhere. She loved Hollywood, and I imagine she's still there. Perhaps she got happily married and had a couple of . Where ever she is, I hope she's had a happy life.

by david stardust...Sunday morning, September 4, 2016....

Posted:Sep 3, 2016 1:50 am
Last Updated:Sep 4, 2016 2:37 am
I don't know how many of you believe we live our lives, die, then return again.... Reincarnation.

I'm pretty agnostic about the idea. It makes sense in a way that we come back again and again to get things right. But looking at the whole idea from the "resistance to the salesman" point of view, I say, "Go sell your vacuum cleaner to someone else!"

When you delve seriously into Reincarnation, it gets pretty complicated. There's a lot of things about New Souls and Old Souls that baffle me.

I almost can understand the part about NEW souls; after all the world has a lot more people on it now--7 billion plus, of us--then it did in say, the time when Jesus was supposed to have walked on water. New Souls are somehow created from the essence of what? Quantum physics? String Theory? Dark matter? Left over photons from the Big Bang Theory?

Somewhere beyond my ability to understand-- NEW SOULS keep popping from the wombs of women, and go for their first position at the reincarnation bat. Presumably, if a New Soul hits a home run of goodness and holy perfection--which few doe--they've graduated from this earthly "damnation" and go on into paradise.

We humans are supposed to be able to pick if we'll get squeezed from a woman's innards as a boy baby or a sweet baby girl. That is, we're supposed to be able to choose while our souls are in the "other" realm what sex we'll be here on Earth when we're born.

From the standpoint of a man who's very happy being a man, I wonder if picking out our sex was possible-- if we really COULD choose our sex prior to birth-- if there would be any EVEN distribution of men to women.

Women on this Earthly plane seem to me to get most of the crap in life, so how many new souls would choose to be born a girl?

When you look at all the various places on Earth, and all the religions bumping and humping into one another in this world, it's pretty obvious to everyone that women are treated like real pieces of crap in a good proportion of places.

I've written many times on these posts, that I believe men are innately like dogs, ready to screw an appealing piece of 3/4 inch plywood if it has some hair glued around a cut out hole in it. It's the genetic imprint in males to shoot their seed and run before the seed takes root and grows.

The rare man who stays to create a nest and make a family, is fighting against his DNA in order to stay with one woman.

Society puts as much pressure as it can on men to try and MAKE them be responsible for the life they seed. But we've all read many times of men living on food stamps and welfare who have fathered more than a dozen , all from different women. Perhaps these men are simply the reincarnation of our early cave-dwelling ancestors who were hunter-gatherers and would have been leaders of their tribe by fathering countless to fill a world empty of humans.

by david stardust... Saturday morning... September 3, 2016

Posted:Sep 2, 2016 2:17 am
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He came in my mouth and I savored it on the top of my tongue and the roof of my mouth... It wasn't thick like some guy's cum. It was thinner and tasty, with a little sweetness under the salty flavor.

His penis started to wither. It began to droop and I took my forefinger and thumb and gently milked the big tube on the bottom of his pretty cock to get the last drop of cum, and slurped it up.

I hadn't let myself climax while sucking him off like I usually do because M wanted me to cum in her mouth after I did him.

We were sitting on a park bench just as it was starting to get dark.

The guy and M. were. That is, the guy and M were sitting on the park bench... I was down on the ground still holding the guy's balls and watching his nicely shaped cock deflate. I hadn't cum yet and I was still hard... I wanted to suck another cock...I wanted more.

"Come back up here, David, and let me do you..." M. said.

I got back up on the bench. We saw a guy on a bicycle coming toward us on the park trail. The guy who I'd just blown got up and said "Bye," and walked off in the oppisite direction of the bike rider. It was still light enough for us to be able to see quite a way. The bench we always picked along the park's trail was sheltered under a tree, and we'd always had good luck finding guys who were cruising for sex in that spot.

M was hot for it, and kissed me even with the guy on the bike almost up to us.

"Ummmm your mouth still tastes like cum..good!" she said to me.

The guy on the bike stopped just in front of us..M. reached for my dick. I was still tumescent. M reached for my cock on top of the thin green cotton shorts I wore. We both looked up at the bike guy from where we were sitting on the bench. He sat on his mountain bike with a big friendly smile. M wanted him to see her playing with my dick.

"He's young." M. whispered in my ear. She played with my stiff dick over the thin fabric of my green shorts in plain sight of the bike guy. "He may be a cop.." I whispered back to her.

"Boy," the guy said, "It's still hot! Do you guys have a little water with you I could have?"

"There's a water fountain just up around that turn in the path," I said.

"You're just being paranoid," M. whispered back to me. "He's not a cop!"

"Wait," M. said to the bike guy. "I have a bottle with me you can have if you sit here with us for awhile and rest."

The bike guy stared at us for a little while and then got off the bike and put down the kick stand so the bike was standing in front of us and blocking anyone's view if they were staring at us from a distance.

He was not very tall, only about 5 ft, 6 or 7 inches, with a slender build, and looked only about 25 or 26.

"OK", the guy said. His voice was nice. Soft like, with a Southern accent.

The guy sat down next to M., and she handed the plastic bottle of water to him. "Are you in the military?" M. asked him.

The bike guy swallowed most of the water in a long gulp and said, "Yeah", and he told us the unit he was attached to which I won't write here. I knew it was the tech. school and the bike guy looked right for that. All the while the guy was staring at M.'s hand on MY tented green shorts. I wasn't wearing any underwear, and the shape of my hard cock was obvious.

M. had on orange shorts and a matching bra. Her midriff was bare. She was still a nice looking slender woman with short black hair at 60. She smelled good to. She was wearing her favorite hook-up scent---straight 100 percent vanilla extract!

The bike guy was wearing sneakers and dark purple tight shorts that came down to mid-thigh. He had a grey t-shirt on the top part of his body. I could smell his sweat, but it wasn't a turn off for me.

I watched as M.'s other hand reached out and rubbed the leg of the bike guys shorts.. M. had one hand on my covered penis and the other hand on this bike guy's thigh. I watched his reaction, when M. did that, but the guy didn't jump away from her or do anything. He just sat there sipping from the water bottle and watching M.'s hand play with my dick.

"Aren't these shorts you have on too tight for you? They look like they'd be uncomfortable while pedaling your bike."

"No", the guy said, "But they are like swimming trunks and I have to pull them all the way off when I need to, you know, pee."

"These shorts HE has on" and she pointed to me, "open up like this"---and I drew in a deep breath as M undid the top of my shorts-- "and have a nice long zipper to free everything up.."

I figured if we were going to be arrested NOW would be the time.. M took out my stiff penis.

The bike guy was staring at my penis. I knew the look on his face, because I've had that same look of hunger when looking at a cock I wanted to take down my throat..

Marisol said in almost a whisper to the guy.. "You can have it.. He wants to cum and you can have it.. " She reached the hand that was on the bike guys thigh up to his head and gently pulled his face down to my throbbing cock.

I was in erotic heaven.

The bike guy hesitated with his lips almost touching the head of my cock, and then he moaned and his red tongue came out and his hot mouth encircled my cock down to my balls..

"Oh, yeah! M. said.. she drew her hands away from my cock and the bike guy's head and put them into her crotch rubbing herself while moving as close as she could to watch the guy on my cock.

The bike guy just held his mouth all the way down on my cock as he scooted sideways off the park bench and with his mouth glued down to my pubic bone he used both his hands to pull off his purple shorts down to his sneakers in one swift move.

It was starting to get dark now, and there were a lot of shadows forming, but from my view it looked like the guy had a monster cock..

Marisol didn't waste any time getting down next to the guy while trying to get his huge cock all the way between her red lips and down her throat.. She had to back off and spit on the the guy's dick to get it to slide down. The guys grey t-shirt was in the way, and the bike guy grabbed it at the bottom and I heard it rip as he threw the shirt on the ground beside us.

Jeez! It was awesome.. The guy began to milk my dick with his throat, and M. was almost crying like she does when she cums, and then I came in waves of hard beautiful spasms. It if was possible I think all of us came at almost the same time.

The bike guy sat up with his shorts back up and the ripped t-shirt back on, and finished drinking the water M. had given him..

Marisol was slumped against my shoulder.

"Do you guys come here often?" the guy asked..

"Once in awhile," I said.

It was black out now. The bike guy got back on his mountain bike and pedaled off. A short distance down the path he turned on the bike's lights and M. and I watched the tiny lights fade away in the distance..

"So..." I said to M. "I know we made a deal when I was involved with Gia years ago, but do you think it would be alright if I took Gypsy's email when I leave the site on Monday...?"

Marisol gave me her cold Apache look, and said, "If you do, I'll bite your dick off some night when you're sleeping..."

by david stardust...September 2, 2016---Friday morning....


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