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Posted:Jun 8, 2020 3:47 pm
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2020 3:39 am
Thank you for taking some time to stop and see me here. I hope this blog will peak your interest and have you coming back for more. And if it doesn't, that is okay as well.

Before I piece together what I truly want to do with this blog, I am going to take the time to share my profile for those who cannot see it because they are not a gold member. You should be able to see a profile regardless...

To please and Be Pleased

Oh my, what would you like to know...
First and foremost... Yes, I am real... Yes I am from Sioux Falls...
With that being said: I am here because I love sex... I love to watch and be watched... I am outgoing and enjoy the fun in life, and if there is none, I search for it. I will be expanding on this section here some more in the near future...

I do have a few simple rules…
1) Respect, respect, and respect! Yes, I, like yourself, are here for sex, but that does not mean that I do not deserve respect. If anything, I think I deserve a little more because I am not hiding my desires. If you cannot give that respect, I have no problem stopping communication!
2) Please do not just give me your number and expect me to call you! If you do, I will just delete your message.
3) I hope for some open, honest, and fun conversation. We all know how truth always comes out, and the results of being caught in a lie. You will get nothing less than the truth from me, and I hope you will do the same for me!
4) You must be willing to meet in public first (I have met too many creeps not to do this). I like to view it as safety first. Again, if you cannot oblige this request, just keep on looking!
5) If we meet and click, and we mutually decide to have sex, condoms are a must!
6) By no means should you leave any marks on me (hickies, bruises, scratches, etc….).
A Little About Me & Seeking Ideas
Posted:Jun 17, 2020 7:53 am
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2020 8:27 pm
I used gripe about AdultFriendFinder deleting my old site after many years here. Yes, there is still a part of that is a little bent over it, but I am beginning realize that some things are for the best.
I was sitting here this morning, pondering back over the past week, plus and I realized that I am different from the smartypants2u. Not too different, simply different enough. I am beginning to realize that I allowed myself to be no other than smartypants2u, and remained where I was comfortable, remained what others thought of me.
When I came back, I was forced to create a new handle. At first, I was not sure. I came with another witty name, and began the profile… Then walked away. Pondered for a bit… And then decided it was not me. After a couple days, I continued want come back this site for what ever reason, and I continued explore name possibilities… I sat there staring at the screen… Then honestly, I began rub my hand softly over my pussy lips, and then succulent spot was created, just was forced misspell it and look uneducated.
I still can be quite the smart ass, as that is … But that is not of . I am sensual, passion caring, driven, submissive ( a select), and not a by any means. I am selective. That is who this succulent_spot is in a simple nutshell.
I am currently struggling with where I want go with this blog. I want it be fun… Interesting… Sensual… Open and honest. I thought about writing stories and poems again, as I have none of my old ones anymore to share. So, it would be a large time investment. I thought about Open vents… Experiences…
Thoughts of what help make it interesting are welcomed… Ideally I would like to get you to interact instead of read and run…
Fact or Fiction Friday (7/3/2020)
Posted:Jul 3, 2020 8:56 am
Last Updated:Jul 5, 2020 12:05 pm

Walking on a dirt path, holding a variety of conversation, with an occasional person passing by. The conversation started with everyday normal dialogue, eventually leading sexual questions. As the sexual questions began, I glance over his way through the corner of my eye, noticing a shift of facial expressions. His face slowly shifting from that once relaxed and carefree manner one a bit more, shall we say, serious.

My senses were not going off, so I was still feeling safe. We continued walk a bit further. Somehow, I ended up a few paces ahead of him. As I turned back around see where he was, I witnessed his eyes and his head moving up and down, almost as feline does its prey. Instinctively, I spun around, forgetting I had a short skirt on, accidentally revealing that I had nothing on underneath. That serious face immediately had a sheepish smile upon its lips. Placing my hands upon my skirt, bring it laying effortlessly upon my thighs again, I lightly smile while saying “Sorry.”

He replied that there was nothing be sorry about while continuing walk closer . We continued walking that path, at a slower pace next one another, with no spoken words. I am not one for silence, especially in awkward situations, but I felt as though silence may have been the best option at that time. As I heard something in the bushes, I quickly turned my head in the opposite direction of him see what it was. As I was about bring my head back toward the direction of the path, he placed his hand upon my waist, pulling closer. Before I new it, I was standing right in front of him with his other hand sliding up my skirt, slowly reaching between my legs. Immediately, I lost all sense of reality. The hunger and the desire that I had held deep within this entire walk was being released in a split second.

He continued feel aimlessly between my legs, till he found my ever so wet cunt. His finger slipped effortlessly inside, stroking slowly, almost as though he was trying savor every moment. Suddenly his finger slipped out of my juices and began brushing its way up my ass chee I remember that cold wet feeling every time the wind would brush against that wetness, as though it was happening today. Without warning, I felt the warmth of his throbbing hard cock resting between my ass cheeks. Being caught off guard, I stood straight up. However, he had a different idea, because as I was standing upright, he gently leaned me forward. I followed his lead, and as I came to a 90-degree angle I felt that even stiffer cock piercing through my thighs, trying to find its way to my cunt. The desire was so strong, I opened my legs slightly allow his cock find its way my now aching cunt. Upon the second stroke inside , there was a gasp from behind. I stood straight, to see a mother and approaching from behind. The mother then informed us in a scolding tone, that we were in a family area.

What do you believe it is this week?
As for those who read last weeks, it was fiction.... Though very desirable, it was truly fiction...
Thirsty Thursday
Posted:Jul 2, 2020 7:39 am
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2020 10:07 am

Hope you enjoy a simple play with words on Thirsty Thursday...

Eyes covered.
Mouth open,
Body yearning,
Mouth salivating.
Anxiously anticipating.
A warmth invades
My open mouth.
A stiff,
Rests within.
Up and down
The eager
Moans heard.
The back
Head grabbed,
Me in.
His body
Warm liquid,
My mouth.
To swallow
I sit back
My feet,
Staring up
The face
Wisdom Wednesday (7/1/2020)
Posted:Jul 1, 2020 8:18 am
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2020 9:43 am

Okay, I will admit that this “bit of wisdom” was inspired by a question I was asked a little while ago, by a gentleman who I have had history with. I was a bit taken back by the reply (NOT the question itself) to my answer following being asked if I had an orgasm after having sex him. I replied that I did, and anyone who know , know I have a severe issue with lying (I do not tolerate it from others, and I cannot personally lie, no matter how hard I try). His response was a puzzled “oh.” Of course, my curiosity had gotten the better of , due the tone of that ‘oh,’ so I had inquired the typical question of “why?” Taken back quite a bit, he said, that some women fake it.

First, I would think that after one was told that they did create an orgasm, their ego would boost some, and their feathers of pride be stroked. That puzzled “oh” made me think that he thought I was lying. Please keep in mind, this gentleman knows me and that this was not the first time. Which comes to the moral of this story…

I get there are women out there who fake their orgasms, that is their fault in doing so. It is their problem! If they want to lie to themselves whether to assist themselves in feeling ‘normal’ or to assist you in boosting your dang ego, take it and run with it. Do not question it! For that woman who you question their answer, you may very well offend unintentionally. That woman may not have the ability rationalize with your so said response, and you may never see them again. It is as unfair assume that all/most women fake their orgasms as it is say that all men are egotistical ass hats! Give us real truthful women the benefit of the doubt!
Touching Tuesday (6/30/2020)
Posted:Jun 30, 2020 7:28 am
Last Updated:Jun 30, 2020 7:55 pm

Hope everyone has a fantastic Touching Tuesday... May this help lead the way....

Laying flat upon my bed, feeling the slight cool breeze of the fan that sits in the bedroom doorway embracing my body. My legs spreading further and further apart, as my mind dances with our last conversation while staring aimlessly at the ceiling. The further my legs spread the more my loose brown skirt rises. As my eyes begin to close ever so slowly, my right hand begins to brush lightly upon my skin, moving upward from my thigh. Brushing over my skirt, my hand finds its way up underneath my tank top, roaming over my bare skin. Lightly running over my stomach, my ribs, my chest, finally coming to rest upon my left breast. The pressure from my hand begins to increase with each stoke over my breast. My back arching, as my other hand joins. Biting my lower lip slightly, as both breasts are being massaged firmly. As I hear your sweet seductive voice in my mind, both my hands begin to roam aimlessly, imagining my hands are yours. My body beginning to ache, yearning for more. My right hand begins firmly rubbing over my freshly shaven pussy, and my left hand grabbing my left breast firmly…

Now your imagination is free to take over, enjoy….
Happy Mounting Monday (6/29/2020)
Posted:Jun 29, 2020 9:06 am
Last Updated:Jun 30, 2020 7:24 am

, the sweet joys of Mounting Monday. May one or many of you be finding the sweet joys of mounting on this fine day, if but find one good thing about this dreaded day Called Monday. We all take advantage of the weekend, included. Some weekends, like this past one, I took to claim for myself. I even went to the extend to writing my Submissive Sunday piece on Friday so I could take a break from everything (Other than opening the computer, cutting and pasting continue the first, of hopefully many short stories). Other weekends, we cram too much fun and/or drinking in them. Either way, Monday rolls around and we generally let out a sigh, because we want more of what the weekend had brought us.

Mounting Monday is my escape (and hopefully yours as well) to the reality of Monday! If, even it is just purely imaginative, a good mount is always ever so satisfactory. Now for a bit of truth…

Lately, I have been staring over at my bed while I am working (currently working from home), and my imagination has been getting the better of me. I imagine a gentleman, one that I would trust enough, to be sitting on the edge of my bed, naked. I walk into my room, in my usual short skirt and loose-fitting tank (with nothing under) seeing him sitting there, exposed, and cock standing at attention. I walk closer, and he begins to smile at me as when he looked see my sheepish grin. I waste no time, I place my hands upon his cheeks, as I raise one leg up onto the bed next to his thighs. Leaning in, I kiss his lips to divert his attention, somewhat, as I pull myself up on to the bad, placing my other leg next to his other thigh. He then gently bites at my lower lip as I raise my hips high enough to slide my soaking wet pussy around his rock-hard cock. My pussy so wet, that it was gliding so effortlessly as I raised and lowered myself onto his cock. At first, I started slowly, as I wanted nothing more to tease him. That however backfired, as I began thrusting my hips faster, and soon harder. The tease became a hunger…

And once again... Happy Mounting Monday!
Submissive Sunday- Part 2 (6/28/2020)
Posted:Jun 28, 2020 12:53 pm
Last Updated:Jun 29, 2020 9:20 am

Part 2

I could feel my heart beginning race, my earlobes becoming warm, and most noticeably the moisture increasing within my vagina. Captivated by Daddy’s words, I began rise slowly from the chair without taking my eyes off the computer screen where I seen him watching with the utmost pleasure. When I was standing tall, I placed my right hand the upper right side of the towel, and my left hand the upper left side of the towel, and slowly and elegantly began to open the towel, exposing my body little by little. Daddy’s grin was growing with each move. I so wanted to ask Daddy if he liked what he seen, but I knew better. I knew Daddy is aware of my desire to please, and my yearning to hear of his approval.

As I let go of the towel, and it fell to the floor, Daddy’s smile stopped. He placed his fingers onto his chin and spoke the words I was craving to hear, “Good girl.”

Softly, with my head tilted slightly to the ground, I spoke “Thank you Daddy.”

“Baby girl, why is your head down in shame? Please raise your head so I can see your face.” He replied.

Raising my head up, looking into the web cam, I responded “Sorry Daddy, I was worried I did something wrong.”

“, dear sweet little girl, you know you can never disappoint ,” he replied. Then after a short hesitation he continued with “you are ever so pleasing your Daddy.”

With my head straight , my posture straight, I could feel the smile slowly returning my face. Daddy must have seen it too because he then said “That’s more like it baby girl. Now turn around, Daddy wants to see you from behind.” Slowly, I began gracefully turning around, as one of the things Daddy taught early was that quality could never be rushed.

Just as I was about completely turned around, I heard Daddy’s voice from behind saying, “Now spread your legs some for Daddy.” I did, just as Daddy requested. My feet were about shoulder length apart, exposing my wet pussy the air-conditioned air.

“Is this far enough Daddy?” I asked.

Rather than a reply the question, in a firm tone he spoke “Spread your ass cheeks for Daddy.” Without thought, my hands that were resting gently upon my lower thighs began to gracefully graze against my skin the way the small of my back. Then, I began lowering them down upon my ass cheeks, caressing them, just as I knew Daddy likes. After the fourth time of evidently caressing my ass just for Daddy, my hands met one another right above the crack of my ass. I lowered my hands slightly, before spreading my ass cheeks, just as Daddy requested. Suddenly, I could hear a deep seductive moan from behind me, followed by a slight pause, and then those words I crave, “That’s my girl.”

be continued....
Fact or Fiction Friday (6/26/2020)
Posted:Jun 26, 2020 1:04 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2020 8:52 am

Happy Fact or Fiction Friday!

All evening while talking on the phone, I could feel my pussy getting wetter with great anticipation, as I could not stop thinking of all the endless possibilities that could happen when we meet at the park at 915 after I got off wor I kept pondering over past chats, and ideas that had been passed back and forth as I let my hand run gently over my pussy while talking customers on the phone.

We had been chatting for a few weeks now. We got each other incredibly aroused numerous of times. Both were equally eager to meet in public, so that we could see if our chemistry meshed enough to proceed with a few of those ideas we shared.

9pm came, and I was finishing up my last call. I debated changing, at least my skirt to be one with a little more length, in hopes to not give you the idea I was desperate. For what ever reason, I passed on changing, grabbed my bag and my keys and walked out the door. My heart began to race, I could not believe the time had finally arrived. I had no second guesses, no worries, no nothing (other than a pussy that was getting wetter with every fleeting second).

Upon arriving at the park, I looked all over for you, but I could not see you. So as agreed upon, I walked over to the park bench next to a large tree and sat down on the top of the table part. There was no one around, so I sat there comfortably, close to how I would sit in my own house… My legs spread slightly, my arms upon the table behind me, leaving my back to arch. Silly me, I was not keeping an eye out for you like I should have been, but instead I was staring up to the darkening sky above. Out of nowhere, I heard my name said with the feeling of a breath upon my nec I sat up abruptly, with my knees coming together but my feet still spread apart.

You apologized and told that I did not have change positions just for you. I could feel my cheeks warm slightly and agreed politely with you before returning my original stance, as I felt comfortable enough do that. You came and sat next , and we began talking, a little about everything. Losing track of time, it was getting darker out, and as I thought about asking if we should leave the park, you asked “Would you mind?”

Confused at what you meant; I made the mistake of saying no, rather than asking for clarification. As you continued talk, I felt your hand sliding softly up my leg, massaging the inner thighs. Consumed in the moment, I lost control, let out with a soft moan, and opened my legs even further.

What is your guess for this week?
And for those of you who read last weeks, it was Fact…
Wet Wednesday (6/25/2020)
Posted:Jun 25, 2020 7:12 am
Last Updated:Jun 26, 2020 9:22 am

Happy Wet Wednesday Everyone!

There is just something about sex in the shower. Regardless if it starts and finishes in the shower or if it starts in the shower and soaking wet bodies continue in the bed (or other desired locations).

Wet bodies intertwined are, at least in my opinion, one of the hottest scenarios experience. There is just something about the feeling of water running down embracing every part of your body, allowing zero friction for your partners hands… Allowing their hands glide and explore without resistance. Then there is that wet, skin upon wet skin that just creates a near animal instinct within.

Wisdom Wednesday (6/24/2020)
Posted:Jun 24, 2020 7:24 pm
Last Updated:Jun 26, 2020 6:15 pm

All I have to say for this fun wisdom is that I would love to see my energy level after Morning sex and a cup of coffee.... So needing that extra jolt of energy lately...
Quick Vent
Posted:Jun 24, 2020 7:21 am
Last Updated:Jun 25, 2020 7:07 am

Okay, I am not one for venting in this avenue, but I am truly annoyed. So I hope you all do not mind taking a moment of your time release.

Long story short, last Tuesday I was supposed to meet up with a "gentleman" but work had gotten in the way, and there was no way of letting me know. Okay, things happen I get that. Well a few days passed, and I heard from him again. We chatted some more, and made plans again for yesterday. Yesterday morning all was confirmed for last night. Last night came, and again another "no show." This time, he had the means to contact me if something came up, and nothing.

Am I upset at the fact that I did not have sex? Hell no! I am more or less upset at the fact that people cannot even be nice enough to let you know something changed, whether it be changing their mind, or that something came up, or what ever... It is called common curtesy, AKA respect!

Call me fashion if you may, but I believe that how you treat others is a sign of how you treat yourself! Kind of along those lines of you cannot expect others love you if you cannot love yourself.... You seriously cannot say you have self-respect, if you do not provide respect others.

Okay, rant over.

Touching Tuesday (6/23/2020)
Posted:Jun 23, 2020 7:50 am
Last Updated:Jun 26, 2020 10:48 am
Happy touching Tuesday everyone!

No matter how you enjoy touching, please reach out and touch someone… Whether it be yourself, your significant other, your mistress, your Master, your sub, your fuckbuddy… You get the idea…

For my first official Touching Tuesday, please enjoy, at least half as much as I had…


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