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Fact or Fiction Friday (6/26/2020)  

suculent_spot 50F
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6/26/2020 1:04 pm
Fact or Fiction Friday (6/26/2020)

Happy Fact or Fiction Friday!

All evening while talking on the phone, I could feel my pussy getting wetter with great anticipation, as I could not stop thinking of all the endless possibilities that could happen when we meet at the park at 915 after I got off wor I kept pondering over past chats, and ideas that had been passed back and forth as I let my hand run gently over my pussy while talking customers on the phone.

We had been chatting for a few weeks now. We got each other incredibly aroused numerous of times. Both were equally eager to meet in public, so that we could see if our chemistry meshed enough to proceed with a few of those ideas we shared.

9pm came, and I was finishing up my last call. I debated changing, at least my skirt to be one with a little more length, in hopes to not give you the idea I was desperate. For what ever reason, I passed on changing, grabbed my bag and my keys and walked out the door. My heart began to race, I could not believe the time had finally arrived. I had no second guesses, no worries, no nothing (other than a pussy that was getting wetter with every fleeting second).

Upon arriving at the park, I looked all over for you, but I could not see you. So as agreed upon, I walked over to the park bench next to a large tree and sat down on the top of the table part. There was no one around, so I sat there comfortably, close to how I would sit in my own house… My legs spread slightly, my arms upon the table behind me, leaving my back to arch. Silly me, I was not keeping an eye out for you like I should have been, but instead I was staring up to the darkening sky above. Out of nowhere, I heard my name said with the feeling of a breath upon my nec I sat up abruptly, with my knees coming together but my feet still spread apart.

You apologized and told that I did not have change positions just for you. I could feel my cheeks warm slightly and agreed politely with you before returning my original stance, as I felt comfortable enough do that. You came and sat next , and we began talking, a little about everything. Losing track of time, it was getting darker out, and as I thought about asking if we should leave the park, you asked “Would you mind?”

Confused at what you meant; I made the mistake of saying no, rather than asking for clarification. As you continued talk, I felt your hand sliding softly up my leg, massaging the inner thighs. Consumed in the moment, I lost control, let out with a soft moan, and opened my legs even further.

What is your guess for this week?
And for those of you who read last weeks, it was Fact…

Elision3 60M

6/28/2020 10:35 pm

The poet, Keats, famously said, ‘what the imagination seized as true is true’ - Adam dreamed of Eve and awoke to find her real. This piece has the ring of authenticity to it, whether literally “true” or “false”. You have the mark of a genuine writer, just enough suggestiveness to stimulate the imagination and allow the reader to stew a little with the anticipation of what is coming. So much that passes for erotica on this site is no more than a series of over written cliches (like porn, generally). You play with these tropes beautifully in this piece. From my point of view, it is true. Thank you for sharing.

CleavageFan4U 64M  
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6/27/2020 5:33 am


Now for you - FIRST lady I've ever talked to from this site. On-going issues finding time that worked for both to meet for very first time (at hotel). Finally just set-up met at local park, She suggests a walk down a trail. She grabs my hand pulls me off trail in to bushes. Undoes my pants. Takes out my cock. Sucks me till I cum, swallows it all, and does the porn-queen "aaaaahhhh" prove it. Fact or fiction?

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xtita3 59M  
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6/27/2020 3:11 am


MrWrong4RghtNow 55M  
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6/26/2020 3:42 pm

Fiction. But I hope it’s a fact.

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