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Submissive Sunday (6/21/2020)  

suculent_spot 49F
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6/21/2020 1:41 pm
Submissive Sunday (6/21/2020)

Eagerly awaiting in front of the computer in nothing but my lush purple bath towel per ’s instructions he left in my inbox early this morning. I begin biting my lower lip with grand anticipation, as I begin ponder on how has many great features, but one of His finest qualities is His mind and those thoughts escaping through His sweet lips for hear.

Mmmm… How his words alone push limits I never knew existed before. The things does His baby girl without one touch to the skin, without one brush of breath upon the neck, or without one hand to the ass chee is teaching His baby girl many things, but the greatest at this moment is the power and strength of tone and words to create what lies in that mind of His.

I lean forward, placing my chin upon my palm, staring deep into space, reminiscing of past experiences. Smiling contently, as I begin to feel my sweet pussy lips becoming moist, and eager to be touched. so tempting touch without knowing, but I knew if was ask if I touched myself I could not lie and tell Him no, as He never stated in the email if I could or not, and I wanted to be that good little girl, till released the naughty slut he enjoys.

Suddenly I hear a slight ding, grabbing my attention toward the computer. There I see a request to accept a cam request. It was . how my heart skipped a beat (or more) in great anticipation. I rush click on the request, hear ’s seductive voice telling His baby girl how proud He was that I was so quick at his request.

“Baby girl, why are you biting your lip?” asked.

I bashfully replied, “I got caught in memories of us .”

“, baby girl, I am pleased hear that” replied, and after a couple of seconds he proceeded ask, “Did you touch yourself?”

Without hesitation, I replied calmly with a “No.”

“Now that is ’s good little girl. I am so proud of you.” replied. And then in his deep seductive voice, requested “Baby girl, I want you stand up for , and drop that pretty towel to the floor.”

To be continued...

CleavageFan4U 63M  
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6/22/2020 5:47 am

Off to a good start.

Will we be seeing actual photos of the event?

Maybe Ill Just Become a Homebody
Little Green Doughnuts
L is forWell You39ll See on HNW
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SeattleGent4U 58M  
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6/21/2020 3:27 pm

"Such a precious babygirl......"

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