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Submissive Sunday- Part 2 (6/28/2020)  

suculent_spot 49F
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6/28/2020 12:53 pm
Submissive Sunday- Part 2 (6/28/2020)

Part 2

I could feel my heart beginning race, my earlobes becoming warm, and most noticeably the moisture increasing within my vagina. Captivated by Daddy’s words, I began rise slowly from the chair without taking my eyes off the computer screen where I seen him watching with the utmost pleasure. When I was standing tall, I placed my right hand the upper right side of the towel, and my left hand the upper left side of the towel, and slowly and elegantly began to open the towel, exposing my body little by little. Daddy’s grin was growing with each move. I so wanted to ask Daddy if he liked what he seen, but I knew better. I knew Daddy is aware of my desire to please, and my yearning to hear of his approval.

As I let go of the towel, and it fell to the floor, Daddy’s smile stopped. He placed his fingers onto his chin and spoke the words I was craving to hear, “Good girl.”

Softly, with my head tilted slightly to the ground, I spoke “Thank you Daddy.”

“Baby girl, why is your head down in shame? Please raise your head so I can see your face.” He replied.

Raising my head up, looking into the web cam, I responded “Sorry Daddy, I was worried I did something wrong.”

“, dear sweet little girl, you know you can never disappoint ,” he replied. Then after a short hesitation he continued with “you are ever so pleasing your Daddy.”

With my head straight , my posture straight, I could feel the smile slowly returning my face. Daddy must have seen it too because he then said “That’s more like it baby girl. Now turn around, Daddy wants to see you from behind.” Slowly, I began gracefully turning around, as one of the things Daddy taught early was that quality could never be rushed.

Just as I was about completely turned around, I heard Daddy’s voice from behind saying, “Now spread your legs some for Daddy.” I did, just as Daddy requested. My feet were about shoulder length apart, exposing my wet pussy the air-conditioned air.

“Is this far enough Daddy?” I asked.

Rather than a reply the question, in a firm tone he spoke “Spread your ass cheeks for Daddy.” Without thought, my hands that were resting gently upon my lower thighs began to gracefully graze against my skin the way the small of my back. Then, I began lowering them down upon my ass cheeks, caressing them, just as I knew Daddy likes. After the fourth time of evidently caressing my ass just for Daddy, my hands met one another right above the crack of my ass. I lowered my hands slightly, before spreading my ass cheeks, just as Daddy requested. Suddenly, I could hear a deep seductive moan from behind me, followed by a slight pause, and then those words I crave, “That’s my girl.”

be continued....

CleavageFan4U 63M  
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6/29/2020 6:25 am

Very nice.

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MrWrong4RghtNow 54M  
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6/28/2020 3:43 pm

Can’t wait for the next installment. Very nice indeed

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