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The Family Party - Driving with a view  

summer2186 34F
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8/31/2020 3:37 am
The Family Party - Driving with a view

Julian stood in his hallway, his wife, Annie, scooping the their two boys George and Freddie, hurrying them the car. He glanced in the mirror, his 6ft 5 frame reflected back him as he straightend the pale pink shirt and the belt the creamy beige shorts he had . "Summer seriously hurry the hell or we will go without you" he called out. His voice booming the stairs, filling the landing.

Summer looked in the mirror, fixed her hair one last time, grabbed her bag and headed out of her room. As she reached the top of the stairs she saw her father stood at the bottom looking stressed. She smiled down at him "chill out daddy, I'm ready" she said softly as she began the decent.

Julian stood and watched as his walked down the stairs. Her sandals wrapped around her calves and made her long toned legs seem to go on forever, the blue dress she wore which flowed freely to her thighs excentuated her tanned skin. The soft bounce of her young suple breasts with every step she took was mesmerising. He couldn't help but smile as he took in the view.

As she reached the second to last step Summer stopped. She was the same height as her father on this step. She smiled at him then leaned forward placing her lips on his cheek. "You look very handsome daddy" she whispered.

Her smell was intoxicating and the view of her D cup breasts was overwhelming as she leaned over on the stairs towards Julian. Even as her father he could not control his Y chromosomes and pulses through his body. "And you look as stunning as ever Summer" he responded after taking a moment to clear his throat and his mind, "now get in the bloody car" he hurried as his hand moved behind her back and motioned her our the door.

Summer laughed at her fathers action as she walked quickly "ok ok" she replied and stood on the porch steps as Julian closed the door behind them and locked it. "Its only Uncle Dominics party daddy, why such a hurry" she questioned.

Dominic was Julians younger brother, 10 years younger. Where Julian lived a comfortable yet modest life with his wife and , goo job, nice car, Dominic had spent his life chasing money and woman, and done it very well. Julien was grateful for he had and the wonderful family he had created but sometimes longed for Dominics lifestyle, especially his sex life.

Julian and Annie had been married for 22 years now. They had Summer almost straight away the boys, George, 11 and Freddie 9 coming much later. Annie, 5 years junior to Julian was a wild in her younger days. They had met a night out and before he knew it Annie had her lips around his cock and her hand massaging his balls. If he was honest Julien didn't really think they would make it past that night let alone 22 years of marriage. But her wildness was what excited Julian. Her daring nature, her love of life, her insatiable appetite for sex. He often wondered where all that had gone, had not only Annie's incredible looks but also her wildness been inherited by his .

After checking the handle on the door Julian turned and paused for a moment. Summer was facing away from him looking out over the garden the drive. Her reddy brown hair was loosely curled and fell down her back towards her wide hips. A back which he could now see was exposed fully by the cut of her dress, almost to the top of her ample arse.

He raised an eyebrow then shuck his head. "The sooner we get there the sooner we can come home" he responded "now come on" he continued softer as he placed his hand on the base of her back and guided Summer to the car.

As they approached the car Annie was arguing with the boys, who refused to sit next to each other as Freddie has broken Georges dinosaur toy earlier in the day and they were "no longer brothers" according to George. Annie appeared from the back of the car, turned to Summer, "you can sit in the front if you want". A short sharp tone in her mothers voice sent a shiver down Summers spine. Summer always tried with her mum, but Annie always seemed to resent Summer in some way. The boys could do no wrong in Annie's eyes but if Summer even dropped a crumb Annie would be straight at her. Maybe Annie saw a lot of her younger self in Summer, maybe she was jealous, no one but Annie could answer that but Annie would never admit she was any different in her ways towards Summer or the boys.

"Thats OK Mum, I know you get sick in the back so ill just climb over and sit in the middle" a smile offered to Annie as she spoke. Annie looked at Summer properly for the first time now "Are you seriously wearing that" she exclaimed with disgust. "Well" she began to respond but was quickly cut off by the deep bellow of her fathers voice "Annie dont start we are already running late we don't have time for her to change and she looks fine ... Summer get in the car please". They both looked at Julian and followed his commands.

Summer grunted and moaned a little as she climbed over Freddie to get to the middle seat. She let out a huff and moved her hair from her face as she finally managed to do the seat belt . As she looked she caught her fathers stare in the rear view mirror and smiled.

Julian had watched as Summer contoured her body to get to her seat and get comfy. Her long legs straddle the coloum between the seats her knees parted. Her full breasts had hung, swung and wobbled softly in her dress and now as she sat he could see the tease of her nipples poke against her dress. The engine started and he placed the car in gear they gently set off on the two hour journey to Dominics house.

As he drove, the others entertained by phones or the gentle lul of the motorway causing them to drift off for a nap, Julian pictured how the evening ahead would be. Dominic big house the pool, the gorgeous woman barely dressed. He imagined Dominic in a smoking jacket
A la Hugh Hefner. He rolled his eyes and smiled. He then glanced the passenger seat where Annie was asleep, then the right and left in his mirror where Freddie was following in his mothers footsteps, only he wasn't drooling and George was playing some game on his phone with his headphones on. He finally rested on the middle of the rear view and the sight of his who was simply looking out the window into the distance. He smiled at how beautiful she looked and how proud she made him. Seeing her grow from his little girl to this incredible woman he saw in the mirror. She really was incredible. And a woman, not a little girl anymore, a full bodied woman and an attractive one at that. She must drive boys crazy he thought. Especially if she takes after her mother at her age his mind continued. She definitely reminded him of Annie at that age, perhaps more full figured and prettier but with the same nauvhty glint in her eyes and devilish smile. Thoughts of her smile, her lips, how they were just like her Mums. How good those lips had felt around his cock that first night. How if Summer was so much like Annie had some random guys cock had the pleasure of tbose lips? Did Summers lips feel the same as Annie's. What would Summers lips feel like on his cock. Julian shuck his head vigorously as though to shake away the idea of his own daughters lips on his now throbbing cock.

He looked down at his crotch. His cock bulging in his shorts. He panicked. Shuffling in his seat and praying for the bulge to go before Annie woke and saw. He tried to fill his mind with thoughts of insects, cheese and anything else he could to readjust his blood flow.

"You ok daddy". Summers soft tone filled his head and he looked back in the mirror at her and smiled. "Yes sweetie are you" he responded. He took in her smile as Summer replied with a simple nod before returning her gaze to the outside scenery. Julians gaze remains on her for a moment as the road ahead was clear, his eyes wandering over her body. Her dress hugging her full pert breasts, falling freely over her soft skin. Her wide hips hugged by the seat belt strap. Her thick thighs barely covered by the thin blue material of her dress. Her legs parted and knees open allowed for a view of her white lace panties. A view he should not, but could not help but enjoy. A view which was not helping the bulge of his thick cock which was pressing even more now against his shorts.

He glanced back to the road knowing the turning to Dominics house was fast approaching. He needed to do something about his now hard cock but he couldn't help but look back at his and the forbidden fruit she held between her legs. Questions raced through his mind, was she smooth, from what he could tell it certainly looked that way. How many times had she been entered was her pussy tight. What did she taste like. He wasn't sure if it was the bloody rushing to fill his 8 inches or whether something was seriously wrong with him to be having these thoughts of his own . All he knew was he had to stop immediately. His hand dropped to his thigh and he allowed himself a gentle stroke of his cock through his shorts. Just one he told himself as he gripped the outline and ran his fingers along the<b> shaft. </font></b>He stopped and gripped the steering wheel again.

His thoughts were quickly overridden by the sounds of George shouting "we're here we're here" awakening the rest of the car and causing panic to set in. Julian adjusted once again in the seat as Annie and Freddie stirred. Summer joined George in his excitement on their arrival with a "wohoo Uncle Ds" cheer. Julien drove the long winding drive which led an obscenely large house, the kind you see the rich people in films live in. He pulled outside the front entrance, "you guys get out and head on in ill park and get our things for the rooms". Annie unbuckled and opened the passenger door as Summer helped Freddie. George was already out or the car and running into the grand hallway. "Want a hand daddy" Summer ask softly as Annie took Freddies hand and headed towards the house. "No no you go sweetie" he said softly with a smile, thinking his should not give him a hand with what he was going do. "Sure" Summer questioned before she received a nod from her father and moved get out of the car.

Julian paused for a moment and watched her walk the house. Her plump arse jiggled with each step she took and her hips swayed rhythmically to the sound of the gravel underfoot. He let out a long sigh and turned the wheel to the right and set off to park the car in the garage.

He pressed the remote his brother had given him for the garage door and rolled his eyes at how privileged he was to be worthy of access to his brothers garage. He parked the car and sat for a moment. His bulge lessened but still present in his shorts. His head met with the seat rest and his eyes closed. What was he doing thinking about his own that way. How could he questions what her pussy looked, tasted and felt like or worse how many times she had a cock in there. That was his for fucks sake! His mind told him he was a pervert, he was wrong to think those things. His cock however thought very differently and began to pulse once more. Julien looked down at the re-emerging bulge in his shorts "are you fucking kidding me" he groaned at its direction.

A moment of hesitation passed before Julien aggressively unbuckled his belt and pulled down his zipper. He paused again and looked down at his firm cock. Julian wasn't a fan of underwear at the best of times, but especially not in summer. If he just gets it out of the way it will be done, he told himself. Its not about Summer, its just about a hot young woman and being pleasured. It had been some time since he had been pleasured or indeed pleasured a woman. Annie had lost all interest in sex a long time ago. Julian had often considered an affair but had never indulged for fear of the damage it would do to the family. Instead he took to the internet for cheap thrills to curb his desires.

Maybe the Internet could help again now he thought taking his phone. He loaded an incognito tab and headed to pornobae.. he scrolled through the latest video uploads but nothing sparked his interest. He clicked categories and began scroll. Lesbians. No. Bondage. No. Dad crush. He clicked on the category. The third video down caught his attention. The girl looked a little like Summer he thought. He turned off the Bluetooth connection to the car so not to have his sick little fantasy broadcast throughout his brothers garage.

As the girl dropped to her knees and took her 'dads' cock to her lips Julian took hold of his thick cock firmly as began to stroke and down his<b> shaft. </font></b>He positioned his phone on the dash behind the wheel and allowed his now free left hand cup his balls. The POV angle allowed his mind be filled with thoughts of his cock sliding in and out of a warm mouth. Pre cum oozed from his tip as his speed increased. He moaned and grunted as he edged closer cumming. His body tensed. He stroked and squeezed his balls softly as a howl escaped his lips and his cock erupted. His loads covering his hand and the steering wheel. He reached down the door well and pulled out the packet of baby wipes, this wasn't his first car rodeo that was for sure. Taking a wipe he cleaned himself and the steering wheel placing the wipe in a carrier bag tucked in the well.

He took a moment to enjoy his release before zipping back . As he rest his head against the seat his thoughts immediately returned his . His hope that once he had cum he would no longer fantasise about her dashed with the realisation that now he wanted her even more.

What had he become he questioned himself. How could he think like this. What was wrong with him. He opened his eyes as the sound of his phone going off startled him.

"Where are you daddy" the voice boomed "just coming Summer sweetie, just coming" he replied.

slo2600 44M
175 posts
10/12/2020 12:51 pm

Ok, I gave writing a story about this one a try. It's in my blog now. (I don't know how to link to it yet, though!)

If you read it, let me know what you think!

gramp4u 71M  
26 posts
10/4/2020 12:52 am

So did Summer and Julian ever fuck?

summer2186 replies on 10/7/2020 5:14 am:
We are still to find out

slo2600 44M
175 posts
9/18/2020 10:32 am

Hey, is it ok with you if I write a little bit of a story to go along with this one? I'll either post it here for you, or on my blog and link to your story if you want.

summer2186 replies on 10/7/2020 5:14 am:
Of course, go ahead

profcoquin27bis 56M
3471 posts
9/16/2020 7:15 am

what a hot text !
I often have thoughts like this
once I saw my partner's daughter's cat

summer2186 replies on 9/18/2020 3:09 am:
Oh really? Love to hear about it

slo2600 44M
175 posts
9/12/2020 7:51 am

Great story!!

summer2186 replies on 9/13/2020 3:17 am:
Awwww, thanks so much 😊

forgotforgetting 54M
7250 posts
9/3/2020 9:28 am

Nicely done! Enjoyed the story. Thanks for sharing.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

summer2186 replies on 9/3/2020 1:17 pm:
Awww thank you 😊... glad you enjoyed it

neilcoates 44M
1450 posts
9/2/2020 6:35 am

naughty .. and nice

summer2186 replies on 9/3/2020 1:16 pm:
Thank you kindly

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