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Age difference  

sussi1028 59F
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10/12/2018 12:54 pm

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11/20/2018 5:03 pm

Age difference

For the most part, men are a few months or older in a relationship, but things are changing, Joan Collins has a younger man and so do many other women.
What do you consider is the largest acceptable age difference between a woman & a man?
I am a woman – a man should always be older
I am a man - a women should always be with an older man
I am a woman – a man should be about my age
I am a man - a women should be with a man her age
I am a woman – a man 10 years younger is fine
I am a man - why should a woman not be with a man 10 years old
I am a woman – a man 20 years younger is great
I am a man - if a woman finds a man attractive who is 20 years her junior GREAT
I am a man - a young man (about 20) keeps any woman young
I am a woman – My man should ALWAWAYS be around 20 years of age

My new dream man roughboy4slutmombut I also like Yardstick236& Greatwhitecock4 despite their age, just watch the videos and you know why
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nottwocum3 83M
1 post
10/13/2018 2:52 am

why are all you people hung up on age ? If someone of the opposite sex interests you go for it regardless of his or her age and if you meet rejection accept that also. Have fun enjoy what is available

s2ndegree 61M  
9736 posts
10/13/2018 11:47 am

    Quoting nottwocum3:
    why are all you people hung up on age ? If someone of the opposite sex interests you go for it regardless of his or her age and if you meet rejection accept that also. Have fun enjoy what is available
Age represents imperfection in men which creates this type of prejudice!

Using more than all the road!

Grits2017 61M
41 posts
10/14/2018 2:30 pm

Age is just a number

fashionablegma 77F
7759 posts
10/14/2018 5:46 pm

Oh first and foremost I go for,am very much attracted to the young man,then if there is chemistry and attraction by both parties I do not mind them being young if their attitude is mature

qyxx 63F
3353 posts
10/15/2018 9:53 pm

Men have no qualms about pursuing someone 20 or 30 years older. Once they get in their 40s, seems that is their preference. Women are slowly coming around.


Lustful_Deviants 45M/28F  
2 posts
10/17/2018 10:25 pm

Not everyone is created Equal...this test is seriously flawed...because two people can be the same age yet one can be totally incapable of keeping up with their partner while the other would wear their partner out...Genetics & how we take care of ourselves & health plays a huge part in that...and for those claiming age is just a number is full of shit! while it doesn't apply to everyone but age does come into effect as we get older that's a scientific FACT...now quit your whining why people that are 20+ years younger than you keep turning you down!

dabrown33 46M

10/19/2018 2:14 am

Some guys see the Celebrity relationships where the guy is 20 or so years older than the woman, and think that's normal. Of course Hollywood isn't normal. Sure, it happens, but usually the guy has a lot more going on than personality. Usually money. But the other direction seems even less common- guys with women well over a decade in difference? Pretty rare.

When I was in my mid-20s I found myself attracted to a woman 11 years my senior. Nothing happened- she preferred older guys, though I'd never tried making a move. I suppose the only reason I found any attraction was because she would actually talk to me, as that seems to be my trigger for attraction. I used to find women 10, 15 years older to be physically attractive but as I've gotten older, so have they. So now it's more a personality attraction, because anyone I find physically attractive is gonna be way out of my league. Regardless of age.

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gntlmstr 60M
101 posts
11/2/2018 1:13 pm

I have been with women 20 years older than me, and 36 years younger than me, and everywhere in between.

skip654321 67M
12 posts
11/6/2018 4:35 am

What difference does age make. The question should be do they enjoy each other.

skinnyboy149 64M  
13 posts
11/6/2018 5:43 am

I love all women and don't care about their ages...unless they are underage. That I care about, because in prison you get all the sex you want and don't want too.

aBootyBandit 20M
3 posts
11/11/2018 2:47 am

I’d love to fuck an older woman, doesn’t matter to me.

boone56 62M  
60 posts
11/13/2018 6:04 am

I prefer much younger women!

lmx12345 25M
11 posts
11/17/2018 11:38 pm

Age is just a number, but I would prefer a mature women.

brandini734 25M
174 posts
11/25/2018 3:38 am

I'm a believer in the "age is just a number" but you know in the legal sense. Everyone has their own preferences and they should definitely be allowed to go for whatever makes them happy in the end whether it's with a someone your own age, older younger whatever but as long as you aren't miserable at least in my own opinion. I strongly prefer older women for personal reasons and becaise of that most of my partners in the past have been mature women at least 10 years older or more and I have not been disappointed a single time but of course not everyone is going to see it that way and that's ok.

WellINever101 51M
77 posts
11/27/2018 1:04 pm

Who cares what the age difference is? It’s allabout the attraction.

blzcpl 57M/59F  
177 posts
11/28/2018 1:17 pm

Our rule of thumb is no way if same age as the children. Would be very awkward.


verycutescottish 34M
13 posts
12/11/2018 3:15 pm

I love older woman the thought of woman being attracted to a younger guy turns me on so much

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12/12/2018 10:34 pm



road_runner04 32M

12/14/2018 8:00 am

1,000 ways to walk 1,000 paths. Each to their own

sweetiepie0922 35F  
2 posts
12/15/2018 4:58 am

i am 34 so i cant say 20 years younger but it doesnt matter at least the person is of legal age

RyuFujin 52F  
1189 posts
12/15/2018 6:05 pm

"Age is just a number", true, though for me I'm not looking for a guy who's young enough to be my son, nor old enough to be my father.

A nice age range for me is 6 years younger, or 6 years older.

"Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who matter won't mind, and those who mind won't matter." ~ Dr. Seuss.

Databank33 57M
2 posts
1/24/2019 5:48 am

I was in a two and a half year relationship with a woman who was 33 years younger than me. I never thought I'd do something like that. She was the age of my daughter. I came along at a time in her life where she needed me. I mentored her. I was a good example of what she should expect from a man. It was a good time for both of us. I showed her a maturity she needed and she gave me the opportunity to recall the days of my youth. I'm in really good shape physically and would wear her out In bed. The attraction was undeniable. Still we both knew there was not marriage on our future because of the age difference. All I can say is if two people come together at a point in their lives where there is mutual need it's not a bad thing. We truly care about each other. That has ended but she holds a spot in my heart that is only reserved for those you love.

Databank33 57M
2 posts
1/24/2019 5:53 am

Here is a pic of us

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