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Jamaica in Cancun
Posted:Mar 30, 2018 8:24 pm
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2022 3:26 pm

Carole stood with her friends in a dimly lit corner of the resort dance club. She was in Cancun for her annual girls trip with six other women. She wasn't much of a dancer unless she was really drunk and she wasn't drunk yet.

Her eyes scanned the room, stopping at two of her friends who were shaking their wares on the dance floor with a couple of young men. The group of seven middle aged women had arrived at the resort earlier in the day. They'd spent much of the afternoon drinking at the swim up bar in the resort's main pool, aptly dubbed the "party pool" before changing for dinner and dancing. They were all varying degrees of inebriated but had sobered up a bit during dinner.

A tall, dark and handsome man caught Carole's eye and she smiled. He was well over 6 feet tall with a fit body and a pleasant face. He wasn't the kind of man she usually found attractive but he was, without a doubt a good looking man.

He returned her smile and Carole felt a brief flutter in her belly. She'd never been much of a flirt but it was nice to know she could still catch a man's eye. It had happened often when she was young but she was in her mid forties with a fat body and greying hair. She'd dyed her hair before she'd left home but it never seemed to completely hide the grey at her temples and it obviously did nothing to hide her rolls of fat around her midsection. She hadn't always been fat. She'd been a petite 110lbs on her wedding day but she'd been happily married for 23 years and had raised two to adulthood. During that time she'd gone from a size 2 to a size 14 and as a result she hated her body. She'd tried diets but with little sustained success and she rarely found time to exercise. She had gotten thin twelve years earlier due to stress when she and her husband had briefly separated. But she had put those pounds, and more, back on and she was at almost her heaviest weight ever when she'd left for the trip.

"Hi, I'm Trevor, would you like to dance?" The stranger asked in a deep, dark voice, startling her from her brief day dream. His velvety tone and Jamaican accent sent a shiver down her spine and she nodded as she looked up at him with questioning eyes.

"Carole," She replied nervously. She hadn't expected him to come over after they made eye contact and she couldn't imagine why he picked her instead of her skinny, and mostly younger, friends but she followed him onto the half full dance floor. He had a fresh, pleasant scent and he was even better looking up close. He was her age but he had clear almost coal black skin and a vibrant, youthful face. His shoulders were wide, his waist was trim and his arms and chest strained against his tight cotton shirt.

Carole moved her body to the music and tried to keep up with Trevor but she wasn't a very good dancer. She wasn't a fan of dance music and she didn't know the song the DJ was playing but she did her best to not make a fool out of herself. She had a slight buzz which helped her go with the flow but he was a good dancer and she couldn't help but feel slight self conscious about her lack of ability.

They danced long into the night with a few breaks sprinkled in to refresh their drinks and chat. He was an engaging man and he had a commanding presence. She could feel the chemistry between them and it shocked her. She had been married to her husband for 23 years and she'd never been even remotely tempted to stray. Her husband had an affair when they were separated and she'd initially harbored a lot of resentment that she hadn't dated when they were apart but if she had they may never have reconciled and she had no regrets.

Her dress was damp and beads of sweat rolled from her brow. She'd continually touched Trevor's powerful arms while they'd danced and he was equally sweaty but he smelled and looked even better after three hours of exhausting dancing. His dark ebony skin glistened and shined. His shirt clung to his body like a second skin and she had struggled not to stare at his taut, athletic body.

Carole had never been seriously attracted to a black man before. She'd grown up in a racially diverse town but her parents were strict and somewhat bigoted. She'd had black friends but she'd never dared even consider dating a black man. She'd had a brief schoolgirl crush on her black friend Benny in middle school but she'd never acted on them and she'd buried those feelings after they'd both graduated high school.

The lights in the club came on, announcing last call, and Carole looked around for her friends. They were nowhere to be found and she felt a pang of guilt for ignoring them all night. The trip was supposed to be about girl time and she'd never been the girl to spend a night dancing with a stranger.

"Is something wrong?" He asked as he placed his hand on her shoulder and guided her towards the bar. His touch was not unwelcome but her visceral reaction was somewhat unnerving. She'd continued to drink throughout the night, maintaining her buzz and she wasn't drunk but her inhibitions were low.

"No," Carole smiled. "I was just looking for my friends."

"Oh they left about an hour ago. They waved to us. I thought you knew."

"No, no biggie," she shrugged. She enjoyed his company and she felt surprisingly safe with him for having only known him for a few hours.

They both ordered a final drink in a plastic "go" cup and he offered to walk her to her room. It was usually a short five minute walk to her room but they took their time as they chatted and then walked aimlessly along the meandering pathways to extend their talk.

Trevor had been born and raised in a small town in Jamaica. He had moved to the United States in his twenties and he was a business owner in a suburb of New York City. He had been married for almost ten years but was recently divorced. He was in Mexico for his first single vacation since his divorce but it had turned into a working vacation because he was traveling to Mexico City immediately afterwards to discuss selling his products outside of the US.

Trevor paused and glanced at a group of small, detached luxury bungalows. They were not cheap and he was obviously wealthy. "Do you want to come inside?" He asked, sounding suave and sexy like Barry White. His question and subsequent eye contact sent a shiver down her spine and Carole paused for a moment.

"I do, but I shouldn't," Carole replied sheepishly. In 23 years she'd never been tempted by another man. She loved her husband and despite his infidelity years earlier and her initial resentment she took her vows seriously.

"Okay," he nodded. "I understand."

"Thank you," Carole smiled. She slipped her arm around his slender waist and they started to walk back towards her room. Her hand slipped under the hem of his shirt and she felt a jolt of electricity as her fingers brushed against his warm, smooth flesh. Her pulse quickened and her mind began to spin. She was tempted to turn around and guide him back to his bungalow. She couldn't believe what she was thinking and she felt her pussy grow moist. Sex with her husband had been good once and after they reconciled it had been great but in recent years it had grown stale. They only did it a few times a month and usually it was quick and largely passionless.

"I really do want to," she said softly as they paused at the steps to her room. She looked up at him and smiled. A lump formed in her throat and she had butterflies in her belly as she gazed into his pretty, dark eyes.

Trevor bent down and kissed her softly. Her hands clutched at his strong back and her fingers and toes started to curl. She felt her resistance starting to melt and she pulled away before anything unsavory happened. Her heart was racing and she dragged her hand across his chiseled abs. Her body was throbbing and she smiled at him before turning away toward the stairs. She could feel his eyes on her as she ascended the stairs and she glanced back as she unlocked and opened the door to her room.

Carole awoke with a foreboding pit in her stomach. She'd been a little tipsy after her final drink of the night and she felt guilty that she and Trevor had kissed. She could still smell him on her skin and she felt conflicted. She'd never been more tempted by another man and she hadn't kissed anyone except her husband in 25 years but she couldn't get Trevor out of her head.

Her friends teased her about her "sexy dance partner" and she smiled dismissively. They didn't know that they'd kissed and she hadn't let on how badly she'd wanted him. She'd felt his cock graze her body numerous times when they were dancing and it felt big. Her husband had an average sized dick and he was the only man she'd ever had sex with. She had sometimes wondered what a bigger dick would feel like because at times her husband's had felt kind of small inside of her.

Her afternoon was spent drinking on the beach and she was rather drunk when they headed back to their rooms to shower and change before dinner.

"You've been quiet today," her roommate April teased. April was her closest friend on the trip and they had no secrets between them but Carole had always been a very private person.

"Yeah, I've been stuck in my head," Carole replied meekly. She knew April would know what she was thinking and they both nodded as April stripped into her bra and panties.

April was a year younger than Carole but looked much younger. She had a beautiful curvaceous body with a slim waist, full hips and perfect breasts. Carole tried not to stare but she couldn't help herself and they both laughed. They had kissed intimately a few times and there was a bit of sexual tension between them but both women were straight and they had no intention of doing anything more than they'd already done.

"So, what happened after we left?" April asked with a knowing smile. Her beautiful green eyes glimmered and her head cocked expectantly to her left.

"Nothing really. We danced and talked and he walked me to my room," Carole replied quietly. Her voice trembled slightly and she shuddered as she remembered their kiss.

"He didn't invite you to his room?"

"He did and I said no," Carole answered with a playful grin. She was being coy but she knew her friend knew something more had happened.

"But you wanted to," April replied with a confident nod.

"I did," Carole said wistfully. "I still do. He was hot." She giggled and sat down on the bed.

"So why didn't you?"

"I'm married," Carole responded feigning incredulousness. April knew of Jeremy's affair years earlier and she'd been on the other side of that equation, having left her first husband for her current.

"And you have been for 25 years, you should go for it. No one but you will ever know and it's about time you tried a new dick," April laughed. She liked Carole's husband Jeremy but she knew her friend was in a dry spell and had grown restless.

"Twenty three years," Carole corrected. " And everyone would know." As much as she wanted Trevor she wasn't willing to throw away her marriage for a vacation fling. Not even for a hot sexy man like Trevor.

April assured Carole that no one would say anything. They'd all fooled around with other guys in the past and in fact Carole was the only one who hadn't yet given into temptation.

April took off her bra and smiled. "Or we could just do each other," she smiled knowing it was just a bluff.

"Tease," Carole laughed. The image of Trevor, sweaty and hot, again popped into her head and her smile widened.

"The offer is always open," April countered. She knew her friend would never take it, though if she did April wouldn't have minded. She'd never really been with another woman, at least not all the way, but she did fantasize about doing so and girl on girl porn was the only kind she liked.

After dinner Lisa and Heidi insisted they go back to the dance club. Carole, April and Mary resisted and as usual Beth remained indifferent. Eventually Carole and April relented but only for an hour at which point they planned on heading to the piano bar near their room.

Trevor stood by the bar when Carole entered the room and their eyes met. Her stomach started to flutter and her heart began to race. She'd almost forgotten how sexy he was and within moments they were together on the dance floor. Carole's legs were sore from dancing for hours the first night and after just a few songs they were seated at a small high top table in the back of the room.

The club was loud and Trevor asked her if she wanted to go somewhere quiet where they could talk. She nodded and then checked to see if her friends were watching.

She slipped quietly from the room and moments later Trevor joined her outside.

"I don't think anyone saw either of us leave," he assured her. His big meaty paw grabbed her diminutive pale hand and they started to walk. She could feel her heart pounding and her pussy grew damp. She wasn't used to being seduced but she liked how it felt and when Trevor steered them towards his bungalow she didn't resist.

He opened the door and Carole breathed deep. His cologne filled her lungs and her body started to hum. She was only slightly buzzed from her earlier drinks but she felt drunk from something other than alcohol as she stepped into his big room.

She shifted nervously from side to side and looked up into his sparkling dark eyes. They looked like black diamonds surrounded by a sea of bright white in a pool of dark ebony flesh. His wide nose and full lips looked beautiful on his handsome round face and she reached for him. Her arms slid around his waist and their lips met. He had soft, supple lips and her mouth opened, welcoming his tongue inside. Her body melted against his and she purred softly.

She could feel his turgid manhood swinging like a pendulum in his pants and the wheels in her head began to turn. She tugged at his shirt and lifted it over his head as they continued to kiss. Her heart was thumping and she breathed deep and steady. Her hands trembled as she reached for his pants. She'd never seen a hard cock in person other than her husband's and she was anxious to free Trevor's. She'd felt it when they danced and she knew the stereotype of the well endowed black man. She wanted to see for herself if it was, in fact, true.

Trevor reached down and lifted off Carole's dress, baring her thick curvy body. Her big natural d cup breasts spilled from her black bra and her chubby stomach hid most of her matching thong. She felt woefully self conscious and used one hand to cover her midsection as she eased his pants down with the other.

He stepped out of his pants and Carole's pretty golden brown eyes focused on the bulge in his red, silk boxers. The head of his cock stretched down the leg of his underwear and she swallowed hard as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of his boxers and lowered them to the floor.

Trevor's semi erect dick swung free and Carole's eyes widened. It was the color of Hershey's dark chocolate and thicker than her wrist with a shiny bulbous pink tip. A drop of precum oozed from the tip and her knees felt rubbery and weak.

"Oh my God," she gasped as her jaw dropped. It wasn't even fully erect and it was twice the size of her husband's hard dick. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and squeezed, making him moan softly.

A smile crossed her pretty round face and her hand moved up towards the tip, milking more precum from his big black cock.

Her knees buckled and she dropped to the floor. She'd never particularly enjoyed giving blowjobs but for reasons unknown she couldn't wait to taste his big dick. Her mouth started to water and she looked up at him with a sexy smile.

Carole gazed up at him as she grabbed his massive shaft with both hands. She couldn't believe how big it was. Even with both hands holding it there were still several inches before the head and her mouth opened wide. She stretched her lips around his glans and her tongue swirled over the smooth spongy tip. The sweet yet briny flavor of precum danced on her tongue and she swallowed letting it slide down her throat as her head started to bob.

She sucked hard, her cheeks bowing inward and her hands stroked his pulsating shaft. They continued to make eye contact and her panties grew moist from her drooling cunt. She was as wet and excited as she'd ever been and she needed to feel him inside her.

His cock slipped from her tired mouth with a loud plop and she flashed a sassy grin. She reached behind her back and unfastened her bra and then grabbed his throbbing dick again. She felt a need to touch and feel it. Her tongue slithered up its length and then back down. She opened her mouth and sucked on his salty chocolate balls making him groan wantonly.

"Let's go to bed," Carole said in a low, raspy tone. She pushed her thong past her hips and let it drop to the floor. Her stomach was turning and her knees still felt weak as she watched him climb onto the big, kingsized bed. He tore open a magnum sized condom and rolled it onto his big black cock as she licked her lips like a wanton .

She straddled his waist and leaned forward. Their lips met in a torrid kiss and Carole guided his dick into her frothy cunt. It was a tight fit and she groaned loudly. He buried the length in her cunt and she began to gyrated her hips.

Trevor began to thrust upwards and she moaned loudly each time he did. She could feel him bottoming out against her cervix and her belly tensed. She looked into his eyes and she started to quiver and quake. Her eyes closed and then rolled back as a warm euphoric sensation washed over her. She writhed and groaned while wave after intense wave shook her quivering body and then her eyes opened.

"Holy shit," Carole gasped. "I've never cum like that." She pulled her feet under her with his dick still deep inside her. Her hands steadied her body and she began to ride him slowly. She felt sensuous and sensual. She moved languidly, savoring every delicious inch of his huge cock.

Trevor watched her move as he relaxed and enjoyed the view. She was a pretty woman with beautiful eyes and an engaging smile. He'd known the moment he saw her that behind her conservative exterior was a tigress waiting to be released. He grabbed her hips, pulled her down until his big, heavy balls touched her dripping pussy and then gracefully rolled her onto her back. He hoisted her legs onto his shoulders. He propped his torso on his long, outstretched arms and began to thrust hard and fast. The pain each time his prodigious cock slammed against her cervix was intense but it surprisingly made the sex feel even better. She'd never liked pain but when mixed with that much pleasure the combination was intense.

Carole cried out as she came. Her toes curled and she groaned like a ravenous . Her hips bucked and writhed and her body trembled. He rammed deep and grunted deep and low as he emptied his balls into the condom.

Trevor collapsed beside her and stripped off the soiled condom.

Carole couldn't explain why she did what she did next. She'd cum twice but she wanted more. She had, in 23 years, never cum from straight sex but Trevor had finished her off twice before he'd cum and she needed more. She turned sideways on the bed and took his slimy, cum covered dick into her mouth. She'd rarely tasted her husband's jizz but she knew it was salty and unpleasant. Trevor's tasted sweet and delicious and she sucked tirelessly until he was rock hard.

"Fuck me doggy style," she panted like a bitch in heat. She knelt on all fours, lowered her face to the pillow and arched her back like she'd seen porn stars do in movies.

Trevor knelt behind her and smacked her pale white ass making her yelp like a frightened puppy. A red hand print appeared on her dimpled flesh and he slapped her again as he rubbed the tip of his cock against her engorged labia. He rolled a fresh condom onto his cock and eased it slowly into her.

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