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Welcome friends  

sweetnplayful90 34T  
70 posts
4/5/2019 9:57 am
Welcome friends

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63bareme 66M
8 posts
6/4/2019 1:51 pm

I wish I could be closer to you so we could get to know each other better. You are so beautiful and I bet you have many friends out side of this site. Love all you let us in to see.

DM_in_MD 57M  
8 posts
6/14/2019 8:44 am

Thanks for accepting my friend request! You're lovely and (apparently by your vids and pics) incredibly sensual

Griphen96 51M
2 posts
10/3/2019 2:06 pm

Thanks for sharing your group and thoughts. Most of all thank you for being you.

OpenMan 59M  
189 posts
1/10/2020 9:15 am

You are like a magical unicorn to me - all the perfect assets and SO loving and sensual!

Tstststs68 52M
19 posts
2/17/2020 5:42 pm

Hi Brittany I think you are wonderful. I am very new to all of this and would love to build a friendship with you. Of course I am physically attracted to you but I know it’s very unlikely we would have the pleasure of meeting.

2plus1morefun73 47M/47F  
1 post
3/20/2020 12:54 pm

Hey sexy just wanted to say I think you got a really good attitude and you’re smoking hot !!!!!! Hope we get a chance to hang out someday

sweetnplayful90 34T  
17 posts
3/20/2020 3:02 pm

Thanks honey, you are fun too!!!! XOXO Brittany

Tanyacd48 60T  
12 posts
3/27/2020 8:45 pm

Just had to stop by and say hi

SirPeterStone 64M  
156 posts
3/28/2020 8:30 am

Just saying Hi Love your Profile and Your TS/TV BJ Group.

sweetnplayful90 34T  
17 posts
3/31/2020 6:33 am

Tanya, your new photo is fantastic. I know it's not brand new, but I took notice. You look great. Stay safe sweetheart.

domatheart 65M  
52 posts
5/20/2020 4:14 pm

Brittany you are absolutely delicious from the tip of your pretty toes to those pretty eyes.. and every inch in between of soft succulent smooth skin..

sweetnplayful90 34T  
17 posts
5/20/2020 4:38 pm

Thanks doma, I see all your comments. You are sweet dear. XOXO

surfing1725 63M  
83 posts
7/27/2020 5:06 am

Thank you for allowing me to join the group. 4205450]

sweetnplayful90 34T  
17 posts
7/27/2020 10:42 am

Sure honey. Enjoy!!!

quazzi427 58M  
3 posts
7/30/2020 12:05 pm

Hey Brittany , Looking Forward to Meeting you someday soon

sweetnplayful90 34T  
17 posts
7/30/2020 12:55 pm

Hi quazzi, thanks for saying hi baby.

beachlvr499 78M  
30 posts
8/5/2020 5:27 am

Good morning. I truly enjoyed our chat last night. I'm looking forward to many more of the same and hope to have the opportunity to meet sometime soon. You are so sweet and sexy.

NJ_Rider 52M  
2 posts
8/26/2020 12:39 pm

Hi Brittany, You are beautiful! I look forward to meeting you one day!

sweetnplayful90 34T  
17 posts
8/26/2020 3:42 pm

HI Rider, thanks for visiting baby.

orlandofun7 54M  
167 posts
9/21/2020 5:45 am

I just know you have a really beautiful soul.
I really think of you so much because I think of just incredibly beautiful you are.
I would be a very lucky man if I ever get an opportunity to not just kiss you but look into your eyes and express the fact I really adore you.


orlandofun7 54M  
167 posts
9/21/2020 5:46 am

I believe you know I really adore you.
Affectionately Always yours,


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