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Hiking Fun (erotic story)  

sweetsheree518 41F
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11/25/2018 10:08 pm
Hiking Fun (erotic story)

He had been trying to get her to go on a hike with him for awhile. She finally reluctantly agreed on the condition it wouldn’t be a grueling trail and they could stop and have a picnic lunch. He was excited to get her outdoors and spend time with her. He made sure to bring a blanket for their picnic. He picked a spot that was private as well as easy and scenic. When she emerged from the bedroom ready to go he was even more excited for the hike. She was wearing black tight capri exercise pants, and a tank top that showed off the great support her sports bra was giving her large breasts. He must has been staring because she startled him when she asked if they were going to leave. He smiled and nodded his head. They drove to the hiking spot. In the truck they talked about everything. It wasn’t small talk, but it was light, easy and fun. They laughed a lot on the drive. He loved making her laugh and seeing her smile. She was most beautiful when she let her guard down and he saw happiness in her face. He loved being the one to make that happen. They started out on the hike. She seemed to have forgotten how much she dreaded hikes. He let her<b> take the lead </font></b>and set the pace for two reasons, He didn't want her to get pooped out too quickly and suggest they turn back, also he loved the way her ass moved and her pants gave him the best view of it. They stopped a few times along the trail to drink water or to make a comment about something they saw. She seemed so relaxed and was enjoying herself. They finally found a clearing and he realized how hungry he was. She agreed to stop for the picnic. He laid the blanket down and she sat down on it. She smiled as she watched him unload his backpack with their lunch. He glanced at her a few times and finally asked why she was smiling. She thanked him for convincing her to go on the hike. She said she was enjoying it and his company. This made him smile too. He leaned in and kissed her. He felt a stirring in his pants. She must have felt one in hers because she leaned into him more and they started kissing passionately. She pushed into him and he laid back on the blanket. His hands finding her ass and holding on. He was straddling him and kissing him. She started grinding on him. The food forgotten while they fed their appetites with each other. Their bodies were on fire for each other. Kissing while hands roamed. Clothes were fumbled with as they couldn’t get them off fast enough. They finally had their clothes off and she was onto him again. This time she had slid down his hard cock with her wet pussy. She began riding him hard. He grabbed her hips and moved his hips to keep the rhythm. Her beautiful breasts bounced as she rode him, and he was happy for the view. Their eyes met and they both smiled. He lifted her up and laid her on her back on the blanket. He entered her again and fucked her hungrily. He didn’t think he could ever get enough of her beautiful body. He felt the familiar feeling of her orgasm building. Which made his build too. They came at the same time in a blinding rush of ecstasy. He rolled onto is back on the blanket. They realized how hungry they were and ate their food in the nude while they talked. After they ate they were ready for dessert. Their kissing seemed to pickup where they left off. Suddenly they could hear voices on the trail so they quickly got dressed and packed up their lunch. They continued their hike. Before too long they stopped to admire a waterfall. While they were standing there she looked at him. He sensed her eyes on him and he turned to look at her. She had a naughty look on her face and he knew what was on her mind. He embraced her and she stepped back until he had her pinned to a tree. His hands were all over her and hers all over him. She reached in his pants and grabbed him. He almost came in her tight grip. He grabbed at her pants and pulled them down. She turned around and he pulled his cock out as she back her still wet pussy onto him. He grabbed her hips while she grabbed the tree and he fucked her. Her ass slapping against him. She was moaning so loudly. They both came again. She stood back up and faced him She kissed him gently and told him again how happy she was he talked her into the hike. He had a feeling she would want to go on more hikes after that.


LakeRidgeBBWSeek 60M
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11/26/2018 1:21 am

Very good, wish it had been me hiking with you !

I_willoralu 46M
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11/26/2018 9:29 am

Being a man that hikes all the time, I loved the story. I would go hiking with you anytime

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11/26/2018 9:08 pm

Great Blog!!

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Oh Yeeaaahhhh!!


13838 posts
11/26/2018 9:09 pm

...Great Profile Photo!!!

Great Ass!!


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