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Obsession: not the perfume  

sweetsheree518 41F
45 posts
6/7/2020 11:35 am
Obsession: not the perfume

Guys and gals, let's talk about obsession. To put it bluntly, It's lame. When you find someone who tickles your wet spots online, or in person, its perfectly ok to let your attraction be known, but when they give an indication they aren't interested, please stop and move on. DO NOT keep hounding them. I have a hard time believing that wearing someone down with your ogling and comments and obsession gets you what you want. I personally will not hesitate to block someone. It's not sexy, it's not attractive, in fact for me, it's make the person the opposite. Any chance I may have ever in a million years found them even the slightest bit attractive or fun, is now GONE! I will never see them as anything but desperate, despicable, unattractive, and ridiculous. If you give someone space, maybe they will come around. Once they make their disinterest known, LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE! if you happen across them again somewhere else, you can say hi, or smile, but don't hound them, if its just a dating app, DO NOT MESSAGE THEM AGAIN. Thats the ingredients stalkers are made of. You're one message away from a restraining order. And I am not being sexist, because women get just as obsessed and stalk as much as men. For me, personally, if a guy expresses interest and I express back, if he then doesn't talk to me again, I drop it. I chalk it up to, he must have been horny at the time and maybe jacked off while we talked. OH well, life moves on. I wasn't planning our wedding, we didnt actually get physical and make any commitment to each other. He doesn't belong to me. I know my worth and if a guy doesn't actually want me, he isnt worth my time. Mutual attraction is better than trying to make someone reciprocate your attraction and desire. I hope you all learned from this.


LoneGinger82 38M
5 posts
7/14/2020 2:21 pm

Thank you for sharing the honesty

ManOfTroy503 57M
13 posts
9/3/2020 7:00 pm

I will take any lesson I can get. Wisdom is a good thing

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