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Excerpt from my book about open relationships
Posted:Jul 2, 2020 10:36 am
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2021 2:27 pm

We talked and flirted and he disappeared and when he reappeared a month later I was willing forget the Houdini act and we flirted and made plans meet. He didn’t show and I felt my heart break over again. What was so wrong with that I couldn’t make guys be honest or want meet me and not lie. Was I gullible? Easy trust? The night he stood was raining. Part of was so sad about being stood that I wanted open my flood gates that were heavier than the water soaked clouds. I decided that was his last chance and if he ever messaged me I would ignore it. I was wrong. I saw him again online a couple of times. Finally I asked him why. He said he was nervous. He said he was shy and felt pressured. We talked some more and actually got know each other better. I was willing forgive. We talked while I was recovering and flirting heavily. We made plans meet after I could walk again. Then our conversations started slow down. And eventually he stopped responding and deleted his profile off of the app. I never found out why? This time I was hurt. It made me question how I felt about myself too. I shared so much of my mental self with him only to be rejected. And not even rejected in a , or my face, but he just *poof* was gone. Without an explanation. Without a good bye. Without even a “fuck off”. He was just gone. I’ve been ghosted before and it stinks, but this was different. He had done it before and I vowed myself never talk him again. When I finally had his ear, he promised not disappear again. So I opened and shared and bared my soul and flirted and sent pics. See, men, this is why women don’t trust too easily. If you meet a good woman, and she doesn’t trust you, or wants to check with you every few minutes to make sure that you’re still interested, don’t think she is crazy. It’s because somewhere along the line some asshole betrayed her trust. He strung her , made her feel good, made promises he had no intention of keeping, and when her guard was down, he stomped on her heart and fucked with her mind. She just needs some TLC and someone to give her faith again. Faith that she wont be abused and used. Faith that there are good guys out there. Faith that she deserves a good guy and to be treated good. You see she at once thought these things. This is how she fell so easy for the user and abuser, the liar and the cheat. She had faith he wouldn’t hurt her. She had faith he would be faithful. She had faith he would stick around. She had faith he would never raise a hand to her. The thing about faith is, it’s usually blind faith. You never know what the future holds and when a woman is unlucky enough to have blind faith in someone who will end abusing her she becomes a skeptic. You would think it would be enough keep her from falling for someone again. But Humans need other humans. Humans need love and be loved. So once she picks herself she carries . She moves . But unfortunately those scars are a heavy burden bare. It often times makes the next guy’s job harder. So men, you wonderful beautiful creatures, please be kind and patient and loving and steer clear of those scars. Help her repair the scars you cant see. Be the man she can have faith in again. Show her faith doesn’t have be blind and trust doesn’t have be broken. Show her that love doesnt have be painful.
Obsession: not the perfume
Posted:Jun 7, 2020 11:35 am
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2020 8:26 pm

Guys and gals, let's talk about obsession. To put it bluntly, It's lame. When you find someone who tickles your wet spots online, or in person, its perfectly ok to let your attraction be known, but when they give an indication they aren't interested, please stop and move on. DO NOT keep hounding them. I have a hard time believing that wearing someone down with your ogling and comments and obsession gets you what you want. I personally will not hesitate to block someone. It's not sexy, it's not attractive, in fact for me, it's make the person the opposite. Any chance I may have ever in a million years found them even the slightest bit attractive or fun, is now GONE! I will never see them as anything but desperate, despicable, unattractive, and ridiculous. If you give someone space, maybe they will come around. Once they make their disinterest known, LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE! if you happen across them again somewhere else, you can say hi, or smile, but don't hound them, if its just a dating app, DO NOT MESSAGE THEM AGAIN. Thats the ingredients stalkers are made of. You're one message away from a restraining order. And I am not being sexist, because women get just as obsessed and stalk as much as men. For me, personally, if a guy expresses interest and I express back, if he then doesn't talk to me again, I drop it. I chalk it up to, he must have been horny at the time and maybe jacked off while we talked. OH well, life moves on. I wasn't planning our wedding, we didnt actually get physical and make any commitment to each other. He doesn't belong to me. I know my worth and if a guy doesn't actually want me, he isnt worth my time. Mutual attraction is better than trying to make someone reciprocate your attraction and desire. I hope you all learned from this.
It all starts with a kiss-Erotic story
Posted:Mar 17, 2020 10:19 am
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2020 8:28 pm

They talked online in a chat room for a few months before meeting in person. They had no expectations except have a fun relaxed time. They met for a drink and pool. The conversation was light and fun and they laughed a lot. When it was her turn shoot, he couldn’t help but check out her ass in her tight jeans. The shape of her legs that ended at the shape of her ass was all it took to get him thinking things he would like to do with her. He didn’t let on that he was thinking those things because he was a gentleman. When it was his turn to shoot, she noticed he made a face when he concentrated that moved his lips in a way that made her think of kissing him. She didn’t let on that she was thinking those things because she was a Lady. Eventually it was time to leave and they paid their checks and walked out together. They stood by their cars and chatted some more and laughed. He leaned in and kissed her and she kissed bac The heat that they put off was enough melt a glacier. She found her hands exploring and she could feel his hands doing the same and they knew the night was not over after all. He lived close by so they decided go his house. When they got inside the door the heat was just as strong. They were all over each other. Clothes came off and hands and tongues ran wild with desire. They knew they wouldn’t make it to the bedroom so they found the couch right inside the door. She turned so her back was to him and pushed her ass up against him while he kissed her neck and took her queue and found her wet warm spot and plunged his rock hard rod into her. She moaned loudly and it drove him wild to hear her cry out with pleasure. He reached around her and found her nipples and got to work playing with them. She was pushing herself back and forth so he was sliding in and out and he knew if he didn't stop, he was going to cum and he wanted to make it last as long as he could. So he pulled out and turned her around and found her breasts with his mouth, he laid her on her back and made his way down her body until his head was between her legs. She was so wet with desire for him. He found her clit and began gently licking and sucking on it, while his fingers slid inside her swollen wet pussy. Soon she was arching her back and came all over his face. He moved up her body and his cock found her now trembling pussy and she pushed her hips up to encourage him and he slid inside again. And again she moaned with desire. It was all he needed and within a few thrusts he exploded inside her. They both were smiling now and knew the night had just begun.
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European Fun-Erotic Story
Posted:Feb 21, 2020 7:19 pm
Last Updated:Jun 7, 2020 4:01 pm

They had discussed this morning for almost a week. Building anticipation by sending pics and flirting. Their first date was fun, simple. He kept looking at her cleavage and she kept picturing kissing and having sex with him. They laughed and flirted. She was turned on by his British accent which surprised her. Accent aren’t usually something she got excited over. The morning came and she checked in to the room. She went upstairs and was smiling the whole way from the front desk imagining the fun they would have. She unlocked the door and took in the room. She stood there for a few minutes and finally set her stuff down and got to work. She pulled the sheets down on the bed, and set out some condoms. She put the lingerie she planned to wear on the bed and went and took a shower. He messaged her that he was on the way. She sent him the room number, put the lingerie on and turned on the music. She had made a special playlist for the occasion. She made sure to include his favorite musician to help relax the mood. She had butterflies and wondered if he would too. Soon she heard the soft knock at the door. She swallowed her nerves and answered it. There he stood with a smile on his face. He was taller than her and since he had shoes on he towered over her. His athletic body looked fantastic in his clothes and she knew it would look even better undressed and pressed against her. He said hello and made a joke. His accent making her weak in the knees again. She tried to hide it, but he seemed to sense it cuz he smiled. He walked in and she closed the door. He turned around when he got to the bed. She followed him and could feel herself getting excited. She stopped in front of him and kissed him. He grabbed her ass as she did. Their tongues played well together as their hands explored. She stopped and pulled away. As discussed she lead him to the chair and had him sit. She gently took his wrists and handcuffed him with the cuffs he brought. She slowly unzipped his pants. She didn’t break eye contact the whole time which built up his excitement even more. She took his cock out of his pants and sighed at the site. He was uncut and thick. She knew her pussy was wet at the site of him. She couldn’t wait to ride him. She took him in her hands and then mouth. She started to move her hand up and down his shaft while lightly sucking the head. He moaned. As he moaned she squirmed with excitement. It was all she could do not to sit in his lap and fuck him. She had never given head to an uncut cock before and she was amazed at how natural and wonderful it felt. She used her other hand and slowly and gently massaged his balls. He moaned more, she squirmed more. Finally he exploded in her mouth. She undid the handcuffs and they laid down on the bed. They talked and flirted. Laughed and kissed. Finally they started kissing deeply and their tongues were exploring in their mouths again. He laid her on her back and found his way down to her pussy. He stuck his tongue inside her and she moaned. He licked her pussy and sucked her clit until she was nice and wet. Finally he moved up to join her and entered her. She almost came all over his hard cock. He started the rhythm moving in and out of her, picking up speed and she moaned and breathed harder and louder as he fucked her. Finally she was practically screaming as she came. This made him cum. He filled her up until he was gushing out of her. When his cock was done pulsating he rolled over to his back. They talked and flirted and kissed some more until they could feel the build up of desire again. This time, she happily climbed on top him. Slid her wet pussy down his cock. She started riding him slowly. He grabbed and massaged and sucked her breasts. She moaned with pleasure. She picked up her speed gradually until she was fucking him hard. He grabbed her ass while she rode. Finally she arched her back and exploded with a curse filled scream. He flipped her over onto her back and fucked her sopping wet pussy until he exploded deep inside her. They hoped Monday wouldn't be the last time they got to play.
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Hotel Fun-Erotic Story
Posted:Feb 21, 2020 7:16 pm
Last Updated:Jun 7, 2020 4:01 pm

He wanted her before he even met her. Her smile and eyes had been on his mind since he first saw pictures of her. They had met for a drink the night before and agreed to meet again to get more intimate. She had rented a room for them and was already waiting when he arrived. She answered the door in a white button up shirt and panties that clung to her ass in the right way. His heart skipped a beat when he saw her back side as she turned around to walk into the room from the entry way. Her legs moved gracefully and he couldn’t wait to be in between them. He followed her to the bed and she turned around. He stepped closer to her and put his arms around her waist pulling her closer to him. They embraced and started kissing. Her lips were just as soft as he imagined and the feel of them turned him on. She moaned gently as his hands moved up her back and to her front. He started unbuttoning her shirt. He slipped it down her shoulders slowly as his kisses trailed behind it. Neck, shoulder, arms, until she was only in her panties. He turned her around and pressed himself against her. He moved her hair to the side and slowly kissed her neck and she moaned again. He reached around and cupped her full breasts in his hands. His thumbs massaged her nipples. She arched her back against him and pushed her ass tighter against his erection. He turned her around again and kissed her lips gently again. He lead her to the bed and laid her down on her stomach. He joined her on the bed and knelt between her legs. He started with her neck and slowly kissed a trail down her neck, down her back to the small of her back. He slowly ran his hands softly down her legs starting at her inner thighs. He brought his hands back up to her low back and gently placed his fingers under the waist band of her panties. He slowly slid them down her legs. She arched her back at his touch which put her ass almost in the air and exposed her wet pussy to him. This excited him even more. He moved his knees to spread her legs some more. She sighed with excitement. He lowered himself closer to her and slowly pushed himself into her warm wet center. She moaned and arched her back more. He started slowly moving in and out of her kissing her neck and back while he did. His chest was pressed against her back while he fucked her. She told him how good he felt which encouraged him to keep going. He pulled out of her and laid next to her. She sat up and climbed on top of him, straddling him. She slid his cock inside her and started riding him, slow at first. He grabbed her hips and she leaned forward to kiss him. She sat back up and his hands moved to her breasts. She moved her hips in a beautiful rhythm. He watched her face, her eyes, her lips. She had a look of ecstasy on her face while she moved on him. He was lost in her eyes. Her pace got quicker and she could feel the orgasm building inside her. She arched her back and moaned loudly as she came. She looked back down at him and smiled a special smile she only had after a great orgasm. He then laid her on her back and got between her legs and entered her again. She lifted her legs up to let him in deeper. Her calfs were against his sides. He moved in and out of her while he kissed her. One hand on her face while the other was on her ass helping her to keep her legs up so he could stay deep inside her. He picked up his pace until he was fucking her hard. The sound of skin slapping together was wonderful. It was enough to push him over the edge and he exploded inside her. He rolled off her and laid next to her. She rolled over and laid her arm on his chest. They smiled at each other with satisfaction. They knew the rest of their night was going to be wonderfully spent wrapped around each other.
Good things Cum-erotic story
Posted:Feb 21, 2020 7:14 pm
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2021 2:27 pm

Their last encounter was a year previous. He had moved out of the area for work. They remained friends and had emailed each other less than a handful of times since then, until he emailed her to say that he was moving back for a little while. She felt her stomach do a couple flips when she read his email. “Just thinking of you” was the subject of his email. She responded, trying not to get her hopes up that she would see him again. After exchanging a few emails the format changed to texting. Their banter was light and flirty and she smiled when she saw the alert of his texts.

Finally the day came when he was back in the area and settled. They agreed to meet for coffee to keep the pressure low. He was already there when she arrived. It was the same coffee shop they had met in for the first time. She walked in and glanced around for him. When he saw her, he knew he wanted to be naked with her again. She was wearing jeans that hugged her in the right places and the shoes she wore when they first met. It had been a conversation piece when they talked after. Her eyes found him and she smiled. He had almost forgotten how beautiful she was. She felt her knees get a little weak at the sight of him. She felt the almost forgotten rush of attraction to him. She walked over and they embraced in a tight hug. They both got excited at the way it felt to be that close to one another again.

They sat down and instantly fell into conversation like it had only been a few days since they last saw each other. They both smiled the whole time and the laughter felt good and familiar. After a little while of conversing, he took a chance and invited her to his place. She felt blood rush to all the right places when she accepted. They left in their own vehicles and she followed him home. She couldn’t stop smiling and he loved making her smile. She followed him in the house and she set her purse down.

They were kissing almost right away. Hands hungry all over each other. He pulled away with a smile and gently took her hand and led her to the bedroom. She followed and couldn’t stop smiling. When they got there he turned to her and kissed her gently in reassurance. His hands found themselves around her waist, gently. She put her hands on his shoulders and stood on tip toes to kiss him while he leaned down to meet her lips. His hands moved to under her shirt and he slowly lifted it off her, taking his lips off her for just a moment then finding their place again. She slipped her hands under his shirt and did the same. Their warm skin touching excited them more and the kissing became more energetic. Once they were wearing barely any clothes, they moved to the bed.

Their movements fell into sync quickly and they had no need to talk. Their mouths were happily occupied anyways. The tension and excitement building, she pushed him to his back and climbed on top. She guiding him inside her and they both moaned. Slowly she moved her hips. She wanted to savor the feeling of him being inside her. He touched her skin anywhere he could and brought her face down to him so he could kiss her. He put his hands on her hips and moved them as he felt a wave build. Her breathing changed and he could tell she was also building up. With a few more kisses and movements of her hips she felt herself over the edge and she arched her back as she exploded on him. He shorty followed her over the edge.

She fell on the bed next to him with satisfaction. He felt the same satisfaction as he rolled over to face her. Just as before the cuddling was great. They fit together like puzzle pieces. They talked and laughed some more and kissed while they allowed their hands to roam over each others warm naked skin. The kissing ignited their excitement again like wildfire and before they knew it he was on top this time and inside her. The second time was just as sweet if not more. As soon as he was inside her she moaned, He almost exploded right then. She felt amazing. Wet and warm and still snug. He kissed her breasts. He couldn’t help but fuck her fast and hard. She moaned with pleasure as she could feel her orgasm building again. He knew they were both close and kept going. He kissed her as they both exploded. He stayed inside her for a second while the wave calmed down. Kissing her beautiful lips and neck. Their breathing slowed and he rolled over next to her. She rolled to her side to face him and he melted at her smile. He draped his arm over her waist and pulled her close to him. Kissing her and smiling. He told her he didn’t want to leave the bed. And so they laid there for a little while talking and smiling. Desire built and they started kissing and touching. Soon they were wrapped in each other again. Moaning and touching and kissing. Each time they started touching it felt like the first time again.
Best Summer Ever-Erotic Story
Posted:Feb 16, 2020 11:04 pm
Last Updated:Jun 7, 2020 4:02 pm

She was my neighbor, and had been for a few years. I could see into her backyard at certain spots on the fence that separated our yards. Every summer she would lay on her deck by her pool in the tiniest bikini. She had the most perfectly shaped breasts and when she would flip to her stomach I could see her perfect ass, she wore a G string bikini. How I wanted to be that string in between those perfect mounds. I often times found myself standing at the fence staring at her while I stroked myself. If cum was paint, my fence would have had a new coat every summer. One summer when I was going particularly stir crazy seeing her traipse around her yard in barely any clothes she showed up at my door step. I almost jumped of my pants. She was standing there in a skin tight summer dress that clung to her every inch. I was speechless. She had a naughty smile on her face. She told me she knew I had been watching her and touching myself. My jaw dropped. She told me she wanted to watch how I stroke myself while watching her. I just stood there and she gently pushed her way inside and we both stood in my living room. She started slowly peeling her dress off as I could feel my cock getting stiffer in my pants. The fabric started to hurt against it while it strained and begged to be set free. She saw this and smiled wickedly as he continued to undress. Soon she was in just her white thong and bra. She was so sexy with her golden sun kissed skin against them. Still wearing her heels she walked over to me and gently slowly slipped her hand in my pants. When she touched my fully erect cock I almost came in her hand. She must have known because she moaned a little. She started stroking me asking me if this is how I did it. I just nodded slightly not wanting to move, afraid I would make a mess of both of us. She stopped stroking and slowly pulled my pants down. She sat me down on my couch with the arm on my back, She sat across from me and propped her leg up so I could almost see her pussy. She instructed me to touch myself. I obeyed. I must have started to fast because she told me to slow down and go slow. I obeyed again. She reached down and pulled her thong to the side and I could see her completely now.. Her pussy was more beautiful than I could imagine. Her lips were the perfect size and I could see they were swollen and her clit was poking and was swollen as well. I could tell she was turned on, I could see her wetness from where I sat stroking myself. Seeing this made me want to stroke faster. She instructed me to fondle my balls. She started massaging her clit while I massaged and stoked myself. She pulled one of her beautiful breasts of her bra and started to massage and pinch her nipple with one hand and continue to massage her clit with the other. I could see her getting wetter. I could feel precum on the tip of my head. She moaned seeing it. Suddenly she stood up and slipped her panties and bra off. I didn’t know what was coming next. She told me to stand up too. I complied. She took my hand and pulled me closer. She turned around facing away from me and propped one leg on the arm of the sofa and with her hands she gently guided me closer. When I was close enough to feel her wet pussy, she slowly put the head of my cock inside her. She was so tight. I almost came right away. She pushed against me as if to tell me to fuck her. Once again I complied. With each stroke her pussy milked my cock. She moaned with pleasure. I reached around and massaged her clit with one hand and fondled her nipple with the other. She started bucking her hips faster which made me pick up speed. She came quickly and I was surprised I didn’t. She realized I was still hard and wanting to fuck and she pulled my cock sat me down on the couch again. She straddled me and this time she put my cock in her ass. Her ass was even sweeter than her pussy. I was in heaven. She rode me, her ass fucking my cock hungrily. I sat up and laid her on her back so I could see myself fuck her sweet asshole better. Her pussy started to get wet again, so I happily started fingering her while I kept fucking her. She came quickly again and I exploded in her ass. I sat back in disbelief at what had just happened. She got up and put her bra, and thong on, and as she was walking the door put her sundress back on. Before she closed the door she looked back at me and said maybe next time we fuck in her yard instead of me painting the fence. We continued to meet and fuck that summer. At my house, her house, her back yard, against my fence. She was so sexy and the best fuck id ever had. The next summer she moved . But I still get hard thinking about her. I will lay in bed and stroke myself like she liked when I do.
Club 21-Erotic story
Posted:Feb 16, 2020 11:03 pm
Last Updated:Jun 7, 2020 4:02 pm

It was the winter before I turned 21. I was looking forward to the holidays with my girlfriend. We had been together since high school. My only complain about her was she wasn’t adventurous sexually. She seemed afraid to do most things. I would suggest things to try and she would shoot me down. One night I was out with my friends and with our fake ID’s we snuck into a club downtown. From the moment we walked in the door we were hooked. Women all over the place gyrating on the closest man to them. It didn’t matter if they knew him or not. Everyone was happy to be there. I took in the scene and after a moment noticed my friends had walked off farther in the club without me. I scanned the room but couldn’t see them, so I started walking in the hopes of finding a familiar face. I was enchanted by all the sexy bodies I had to maneuver around. I heard her voice before I saw her. It was as smooth as silk. She called me sexy and asked if I was lost. I finally found the face to match the voice and was not disappointed. She was the sexiest thing I had seen on 2 legs. She was older I could tell but wore her age well. I scanned her up and down and was so turned on by what I saw my cock strained in my pants. She had a very naughty look on her face. I admitted to being lost and she offered to help me get found. Something in her voice told me she didn’t mean she would help me find my friends. I was speechless. Then slowly I smiled at her back. She offered me a seat at the bar with her. I accepted. She smelled of roses and something else I couldn’t quite place but I was intoxicated by it. We chatted briefly before she put her hand on my thigh without taking her eyes off mine. She slowly pushed her hand up my thigh as a smile spread across her face. I could feel my pants getting even tighter. She made a gesture with her head that told me to follow her and I wouldn’t regret it. She lead me to a room at the back of the club. It was filled with bodies that were in various stages of sexual touch. She said something I couldn’t quite make out and everyone left, and we were alone. I asked her what that was all about, and she said the owner of the club was a good friend of hers. She sat down on a couch and patted the seat next to her. I quickly took my place. She put her hand on my thigh again and picked up where she had left off. I was hard again. She slowly slid her hand up while keeping my gaze. She took her other hand and put in gently up my shirt. She sighed at the feel of my young chest. Her breathing picked up and I could tell she was excited. I could see her hard nippled through her thin dress. Her hand arrived at my cock. She looked at me for approval before unbuttoning my pants and putting her hand inside. Her touch was soft and warm. She stroked my cock in a way only an older women with experience could. She slowly got down on her knees between my legs and gently took me in her mouth. Her mouth was warm and wet and her tongue was hungry. She used both hands her mouth to bring me to the brink. I filled her mouth with my juice and sat back in amazement. My girlfriend could never make me cum like that. I thought for sure I was spent. I watched her swallow my load and smile. Licking her lips she pushed me onto my back on the couch. She started kissing me and her mouth was salty and sweet at the time. Amazingly, I could feel myself getting hard again. She must have know because she smiled that wicked smile and I knew she wasn’t done with me. She lifted her dress and I could see she had no panties on. She also was shaved bald. Not a hair in sight. She straddled me and slid her tight pussy down my shaft. I moaned and that made her moan. She asked me if wanted to fuck her. I almost couldn’t get the words to say yes, fuck yes. She stood up and I thought she was going to leave. She sat her sweet ass down on a table in the room ad put her legs up to show me her sweet spot. I was up and between her legs in a flash. She gave me an approving look and I pushed my cock deep inside her. She arched her back and told me to fuck her hard. I obliged. I didn’t think I had it in me, but I fucked her sweet tight wet pussy hard and fast. She had her legs up and I could see my cock going in and of her and almost exploded. She told me I wasn’t allowed cum yet it was her turn. She stopped me and stood up again. She turned around and bent over the table exposing her ass to me. She pushed her pussy up against my cock so I had to choice but to push back so I was deep inside her. She told me to fuck her hard again. I happily obeyed. She came quick and covered my cock in her sweet juices. I kept fucking her knowing I wouldn’t until she told me it was ok. She kept pushing herself into me and I pushed back. She softly said fill me up and I exploded. I came so much I was dipping of her, onto the floor and on myself. She stood up and put her dress back in place like nothing happened. She took a card from her bra and gave it to me. It had her and on it and she told me to her so we could fuck again. I smiled and agreed. She walked of the room and I fixed my clothes and followed. When I got of the room I couldn’t see where she went. I saw one of my friends and could tell he was being shot down by a woman he was ogling. I joined him and told him I was ready to go. He reluctantly agreed and we rounded up our other friends and left. I felt guilty about my club encounter when I saw my Girlfriend again. I admitted to her what had happened expecting a blowout. She got quiet and then asked if I could show her what the older woman had done to me so she could do it too. I was happy to oblige that request and from then on my girlfriend fucked me like she was starving for it. I was the happiest man ever.
Grocery story run in-Erotic story (not based on any real experience)
Posted:Jan 27, 2020 7:52 am
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2020 6:30 am

The memory of his hands on her body was burned into her skin. She found herself lost in thought about him. She had been in the grocery story shopping when his cart bumped into hers. She looked up, startled, to his beautiful eyes and smiling lips. He was gorgeous. Tall, with scruffy facial hair she could see herself touching. He apologized and she almost couldn’t form the words to say it was ok. The look they shared lingered before she excused herself and started walking away with a smile. She turned into the other aisle just in time to see him turn down the same aisle at the other end. Their eyes met and they both smiled and turned away. She continued to shop. As she walked down the aisle her body was very much aware the farther down the aisle she got the closer to him she was. Before long he was only a carts distance away. She could feel her body reacting to him being so close to her personal space. She liked it. She glanced out of the corner of her eye and saw him glance at her too. She shyly smiled and tried to get distracted something on the shelf. But soup only held so much interest. She started to walk past him but must have stepped wrong and started to fall back. She felt strong hands catching her. She looked up and there he was. She felt a flush of embarrassment in her face. He was smiling like nothing had happened. He helped her stand up and she mumbled a thank you, still feeling embarrassed she started walking away. He stopped her and introduced himself and told her it was the least he could do for running into her cart. She smiled again and he asked for her . She thought her ears were deceiving her and nervously laughed and then gave it to him. He asked if he could call her and take her out sometime. She agreed. The rest of her day was consumed with those moments in the store. A day went and he called. They spoke on the phone for hours, the conversation light and easy and fun. Finally before they hung up he asked her out. She agreed. She could hardly focus on the days leading up to their date. She met him at the local bowling alley. He was waiting in the parking lot for her. They hugged and she couldn’t but get a whiff of him and she felt a familiar tingle between her thighs when she did. He smelled heavenly. They walked inside and rented their shoes. They chose a lane and their bowling balls. While they bowled they chatted and flirted. She kept looking at his lips, imagining kissing them. Imagining his strong hands on her body. How good it would feel. He kept looking at her ass, she caught him a couple times and just smiled. They finished bowling and returned their balls and shoes. He walked her to her car and stayed to chat. He leaned in the car towards her and she could feel the heat coming off of him. She shivered with desire for him. He smiled and she knew she needed to kiss him. Not want, need. She leaned in and her lips were on his. She tried to refrain from inhaling him, but lost that battle and her nose was permeated with him and her lips became as her loins started throbbing. He matched her hunger with his own lips. Grasping her waist and pulling her to him their hands became explorers and every inch of them within reach was touched and savored the other. She heard herself tell him to take her to somewhere more intimate and she was glad her desire was in because she would never have been bold enough to ask that alone. He smiled and agreed. He grabbed her hand and lead her to his truck. Opened the passenger door for her and let her in. He kissed her before closing the door and joined her through the driver side. They drove to his house in silence. The sexual tension was thick in the air and could have been spooned and served as an appetizer itself. They arrived at his house and he got out and opened her door for her. He grabbed her hand again and lead her to the house. He unlocked the door and without thinking they collapsed into each other. He barely managed to close the door before clothes came flying off. She somehow sensed where the bedroom was and she walked backwards towards slowly taking clothes off as she went. He followed matching her strip tease as he did. His eyes got wide when she got down to her panties and bra. Her body was beautiful. She had ample hips and large breasts. She bore body art in a few select places. She had scars from another life and stretch marks that gave away the secret of motherhood. He couldn’t wait to put his lips all over her. They made it to the bedroom. She stopped at the bed and he joined her. He took over stripping her. He took his time and slowly slid her bra straps off. Kissing her shoulders as he went. Eventually her breasts were bare. She had a slight look of being self conscious on her face and he smiled and kissed her to try to ease her worry. He told her she was beautiful and led her to the bed. He sat down and grabbed her waist to make her stand in front of him. He kissed her stomach and she put her hands on his head and ran her fingers through it. His hands were in her ass while he kissed her stomach up and down. She was torn between getting turned on and putting her clothes back on to cover up. He sensed this and looked up at her. He told her she was perfect but he wouldn’t make her do anything she didn’t want to do. She smiled and seemed to relax. He moved further on the bed leading her gently to follow him. She laid down on her back and he laid on his side next to her. He let his eyes and hands roam all over her body. His ache for her told him to go fast but his respect for her made him slow down and take his time. He leaned in and started kissing her gently. She moaned and he could tell her breathing she wanted him too. His hands stopped at her panties and he waited. She smiled and looked at him with approval and he slowly slid them off. He started kissing her inner thighs as he did, down her legs and when he looked up he could see her perfect pussy staring back at him. His erection was becoming painfully hard. She reached down and grabbed his hands and pulled him up to her. She kissed him and gently laid him on his back. She slowly straddled him and kissed him softly before lifting herself into his cock. He almost exploded right then. She felt amazing. Wet and warm and still snug. She started her stride slow. He put his hands on her hips and she smiled at him. He cupped her breasts and his thumbs traced the outline of her nipples. She arched her back and picked up speed. She moaned and exploded. He lifted her up, laid her on her back, got between her legs and entered her again. He couldn’t but fuck her fast and hard. She moaned with pleasure as she could feel her orgasm building again. He knew they were both close and kept going. He kissed her as they both exploded. He stayed inside her for a second while the wave calmed down. Kissing her beautiful lips and neck. Their breathing slowed and he rolled over next to her. She rolled to her side to face him and he melted at her smile. He draped his arm over her waist and pulled her close to him. Kissing her and smiling. He told her he didn’t want to leave the bed. And so they laid there for a little while talking and smiling. Desire built and they started kissing and touching. Soon they were wrapped in each other again. Moaning and touching and kissing. Each time they started touching it felt like the first time again.
Posted:Jan 18, 2020 12:05 am
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2020 7:49 am

most poetry you can find on the place that tumbles with posts. I also have some stories on there too. feel free to follow me on there, I am missbehaven518 on there
Broken Prison-Poetry
Posted:Jan 18, 2020 12:03 am
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2021 2:27 pm

I long to fly away from here
My Broken wings are torn
To soar above the big blue sky
Feel innocent as born

Want to run from all of it
But feet don’t want to go
Smell the earth beneath my stride
Be fast as a strung bow

Yearn for dreams of distant lands
My mind is broken still
Dance and twirl with native beings
Flex and use my will

My body is broken, My hope still lives
My wish is strong as steel
So ill dream of dreams in my flesh prison
Knowing ill never heal
Posted:Jan 18, 2020 12:00 am
Last Updated:Jun 7, 2020 4:02 pm

My cup is full of black despair
My heart is empty still
My mind is blank of all good thoughts
I wish there was a pill

To fix my bent and broken spirit
Would take an act of God
Abandonment is to blame
For my gravely clod

I reach for help without movement
I cry for help in silence
Crumble down around myself
Death a welcome violence

I smile and laugh with no backed thought
Play the role of life content
But deep inside this fake weak temple
Lays a curled up spent
Posted:Apr 2, 2019 9:30 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2020 7:50 am

I haven't posted in awhile, so I just posted a few poems before this update.
Poetry is like therapy sometimes. I write stories, as you can see, but my heart is always poured out into my poetry. My stories are more what I pour raw lust into, LOL. Feel free to comment on any of them, or message me. Im always up for a chat.


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