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Car Sex Fantasy  

swingingpearls69 50M/40F  
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6/2/2020 10:18 pm
Car Sex Fantasy

I have turned into a middle aged, horney housewife. This is the story of one of my frequent fantasies that I have.

I was contacted by Dan through social media. I couldn't believe he had tracked me down after all of these years. Judging by the pictures he had posted, he sure had aged well.
I met Dan about 10 years ago, when my husband encouraged me to find a one-night stand and video our encounter. Dan was the man. About 20 years older than me, he was my unicorn. Graying goatee and bald (like Patrick Stewart), and a lean, muscular body. We hit it off, spent a really nice afternoon together and that was that. Until...
I hemmed and hawed for a few weeks over whether to respond, and with the approval of my husband, I finally suggested we meet for coffee.
When I walked in and glanced around, he stood up as our eyes locked. He was reinforcing my fetish for older guys alright. Still gorgeous, still in shape, still classy. I approached the table and kissed his cheek.
"Wow, it's so great to see you! You haven't changed a bit!"
"I can't believe you have gotten so much better with age," Dan replied.
"Let me grab my drink," I said. Then I sat down and we started chatting about things that had happened since we last saw each other. We sat there, going through the motions of small talk for about 30 minutes. Then came a slight lull, and I took my opportunity.
"So, would you be up to talking a bit more privately?"
"Absolutely." Dan jumped up and smiled. "Let's go."
So we walked over to his car, and as I got in, I gave him directions to a more secluded spot we could park. As soon as he put the car in park, I jumped out and headed for the back seat.
"Care to join me?" I asked. Dan couldn't turn off the car fast enough and raced to hop in beside me.
"So..." he stammered, but I squashed any thought of conversation by pulling his head down into a deep kiss. He thrust his tongue deep into my mouth as my hand came down to rest on his chest. As we kissed, Dan's hands began rubbing my leg, getting closer and closer to the curve of my ass. When I couldn't wait any longer, I grabbed his hand and put it on my butt, under my skirt, so that he would know I had skipped the underwear for our meeting.
"Ohh, you came prepared," he whispered against my now swollen lips.
As his mouth began to travel down my neck, his hand was caressing my back and ass. At the same time, I was unbuttoning his shirt so I could run my fingers across his hairy chest, occasionally tweaking his nipples.
When Dan's mouth made it to the edge of my shirt collar, just above my bra, he grabbed my thigh and pulled sharply, bringing me to sit on his lap, straddling his legs.
I went for his pants, unbuttoning them and pulling out his erect, thick dick.
That's when he yanked my<b> collar </font></b>down so that my full breasts just popped out of my shirt and bra. As Dan kissed his way around each breast, never quite touching my now hard nipples, I stroked his hard cock, the head of which brushed against my wet pussy ever so slightly.
"I need to be fucked!" I said hoarsely. I grabbed his big dick that was standing at attention so nicely, and wrapped my pussy around the head. As I sat down hard, riding Dan in the back seat of his car, Dan's mouth latched on to one of my breasts. He sucked hard, while one hand was pinching my other nipple. His other hand made it's way to my back and he began pushing a finger very slowly into my asshole. This made me pound his dick harder and faster. I could barely think straight when he switched his mouth to my other breast and continued sucking like he was breastfeeding.
Dan paused in his sucking to look up at me and say, "I'm about to give you all my cum! Do you want it baby?"
"Oh my God! Yes! Please, I want all your cum! Give it to me! I can take it all, I can take it hard!"
As his mouth went back to sucking, his finger disappeared completely in my ass, and Dan emptied his load in my dripping pussy. I could feel his warm cum shoot out, the tongue playing with my nipple, and his finger in my tight ass, and my whole body clenched as I hit a huge orgasm.
As I sat there, my head bent to Dan's chest and his dick still inside my cunt, Dan said, "Imagine what we could do with a whole bed to use."
"Maybe we should go find one right now," I suggested.

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6/3/2020 10:48 am

Hey, sp69.

*Interesting Fantasy*

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theotherme1978 42M
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6/6/2020 7:05 am

Holy Shit swing! That was an amazing fantasy! You really know how to turn up the heat! And it also gives some info into your personality. Loved it, and thanks!

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