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He was  

swtalentedtongue 44F
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11/4/2007 4:17 pm
He was

The warm air brushes my face and my mind flashes to a time of extreme lust and passion. I always felt so small in his arms. Always so safe like nothing could hurt me or take me away from him. He was muscular and stood well over 6 ft. I always felt so small and delicate next to him. His face was strong, sexy. Eyes that could melt the frozen of worlds, the color a ever changing color unexplainable. His smile oh his smile was so brilliant. His shoulders massive in size but they matched his very rock hard pecs. His abs a stunning 8 pack tight and firm like nothing I had ever seen. His legs toned, muscular, and so strong. No matter how baggy his pants could be they were always tight on his thighs and his ass. Then I sit and reminisce to the last we saw each other. He took me to dinner then we went for a walk in a very secluded park.he held my hand tightly as we walked. We talked for what had seemed only minutes but was hours. We found a isolated area where we sat and talked. Then he pulled me close and kissed me so passionately and deep. His hand so big but yet so gentle. His hands felt my body slow. The passion and desire in his eyes for me was so intense. He moved his kisses to my neck I moaned softly. He moved his kisses down my shoulders to my nipples. I undressed him slow and reached for his cock. Which was getting hard and wanting to be in me. He moved his lips down to my pussy and started to lick and suck me I moaned more. I started to stroke his cock making it harder. As he kissed my pussy so good, I pulled back on his short dark hair, I couldn't take it anymore. "take me now, make me cum" he smiled and started to run the head of his cock up and down my slit. Then his head finds my pleasure hole and he slides it in slow and before my pussy has swallowed it all he slams it in and with I moan " Oh fuck yesssss" He starts to thrust his hips in and out of me each time going faster and deeper, I moan even louder. My pussy starts to talk to him, as I get closer to my climax I dig my nails into his back and with this he growls and fucks me faster and deeper. Screaming his name, moaning so loud my body tenses and I start to shake. The flood gates open and I cum like never before, we continued to fuck till the sun came up. Then he drove me home walked me to my front door kissed me for the last time and walked out of my life forever.....

It's all about the tongue baby, Cum Enjoy IT....

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