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swtalentedtongue 44F
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11/10/2007 7:18 pm

I close my eyes and drift back to a time that was very different, cruel and harsh. A smile slowly appears on my face. The thought is of a seductive, captivating woman, who I had the pleasure of briefly knowing. My mind wonders to the first time I seen her.... This heavenly creature crossed my path she smiled at me and whispered hello. Those beautiful eyes let me in without hesitation. Her smile was that of angel so soft and the shade of her red lips from her lip stick. Long dark hair, silky smooth flowed so delicately in the wind a single strand of hair sticking on her lips. Her skin looked so soft and when the breeze hit just right the soft smell of vanilla danced off of her. Her legs so perfect as they were being hugged by her boots that had a 4in heal. As she smiled and said hello I was taken by her beauty, I returned a smile and said "How are you doing this fine day?" she replied "oh its going a lot better now"
I smiled and then said sweetly "why is that?"
she smiled even bigger and said "well I just seen something that I really liked and would like to get to know them better." 'oh really thats great'
we started to walk together and continued to talk about the fascination that caught her eye. As we walked she moved closer to me so her arm was brushing against mine. My heart started to race, I could feel myself getting bashful. She thought this was cute. Then she slide her arm into mine as she started to nuzzle my shoulder. We had decided to share some dinner. After dinner she got quiet and I thought she would now tell me it was nice but she had to go. "I'm very interested in you and think that I may want you to join me at my house for a quiet drink" I smiled and shook my head yes. We walked to her house. She opened the front door and invited me " this is the first time I have ever done something like this" she confesses to me. 'its ok I usually don't either' we walked in and she walked me to the front room poured me a drink and excused herself. I sat there so nervous, she was so exciting and hot could this be a dream I thought. I quickly drank my drink. As she returned to the room. "I hope you don't mind I had to get a little comfortable" she stood before wearing a black lace corset with matching stockings and graters. A very small black thong. She walked over to me slow working me. She was seducing me with her eyes and then her lips moved, "you are something spacial and I want to give you what you need and deserve." She was standing right over me she picked up her leg and placed it over mine as she straddled me.........

It's all about the tongue baby, Cum Enjoy IT....

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