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Walk in the woods Based on a true story ;-)  

swtwcomesFL 60M
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5/15/2020 1:25 pm
Walk in the woods Based on a true story ;-)

I met him over on kinkyads org and we had been talking for a while. We never could seem get our schedules align. After months of talking texting an emailing, he asked if I knew of any good places in the area. I mentioned a hidden boat ramp I knew and that there was a trail off the side. I simply got a that said “I’m leaving now, bring lube”. I jumped into the car and was there in 15 minutes.
After a few minutes I see a vehicle pull up, so I texted “here?, with a rely of yes”. He got out and I liked what I saw, altho not passable I could tell he was a fem and was smooth. We took a walk up the trail until we faced each other. I took the initiative and took my cock out and stated stroking it. I could see in his eyes he wanted to touch it so I vocalized go ahead and pushed the cock towards his hand. I could tell he had handled a cock before cause he instantly started pumping it back and forth gently. In a few minutes I got harder and I could see he enjoyed feeling it get hard in his hand. He looked up and asked if he could taste it. I didn’t reply, I just guided his head down and placed my fat cock head on his stretched out tongue. At first he just took the head into his mouth and started some pumping in and out. I felt my cock fill with blood as he got more into and sped up. I could feel my head trying to enter his throat and tickle his tonsils. As tempting as it was to blow my load in his mouth: I knew I was going to dump my load deep in his boi pussy. I turned him around and he knew, so he dropped his shorts. He had on a nice lacey pair of panties and was smooth just the way I like it. After a couple drops of anal eze on my fingers and my cock I pulled aside his panties and worked in one finger and slowly pumped it in and out. When I felt he had relaxed, I worked in the second finger. It wasn’t long that he was slowly grinding against my fingers so I pulled them out and started to run my cock head up and down his ass cheek teasing his boi pussy with the head while keeping his panties to the side. I could tell he was digging it cause of the moaning and his hip movement. Every once in a while I’d put a drop of oil on my cock to keep it slick so it would slide up and down his ass chee I heard him start whispering please, please fuck . Please put it in. I pressed my cock head against his ass until the head sunk inside. I could hear him gasp as I worked it in slowly and pulled it out an inch at a time. With each stroke I could feel him press back against me trying take more, but I restricted it and controlled how much I feed him. It only took a few minutes before he was taking about half my cock with each stroke. The moaning and groaning started. I reached around and took his cock out of the panties and started stroking it. This started driving him wild until I didn’t have any choice but fuck him with the entire length of my cock until I was balls deep. Increasing my<b> strokes </font></b>I could feel my balls slapping against him and he would thrust backwards meeting every thrust. I felt his cock start to twitch as he shot his load from his shaved little cock on the ground. I grabbed his shoulders and started speeding up using his shoulders for leverage. My balls started twitching so I forcefully buried my cock into him and let my load fill him up. I could see it seeping out as my cock deflated. I was tempted to make him clean me up, but decided to save that for another time. Once cleaned up we talked for a few minutes, I promised the next time I’d let his wife see what a good sissy cocksucker and how well he can take a coc I look forward ur next meeting.

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