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I found a stranger online  

sydney468 50M
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8/10/2020 4:57 am
I found a stranger online

I took a long road trip for work. On my way back home I searched for some small cocks online. Below average or small is what I prefer. Stopped at every little town along the way. Got some replies from some very cute shaved cocks but no hook ups. I still have no experience with cock but I'm very cock curious. So, there was one horny asshole just wanted some head. I told him I'm still a newbie and just want to jerk him off for the experience. He said "I can't get off like that I need head" I never got to with a cock and I'm fucking horny and very curious. His cock is kinda of big for my liking but curiosity got the best of . "I'll Jerk you off that's it. Or you can just sit there by yourself and get nothing at " He ends giving his address. I pull into his driveway, way off the main road really private spot in the woods. He's his deck I'm sitting in my car trying decide if I'm going go through with it. I can hear him what you waiting for. He's in boxers and t-shirt. I see him put his shoes walks and says are you gonna fucking blow or not, being really aggressive. I said "NO. Back the fuck off" I can be really aggressive and intimidating myself. After he backed off his aggression. I looked down at his shorts "I want see that" and held my hand out my car window. He stepped forward I pulled at the waistband of his boxers and stared at his limp cock. I pulled the boxers down and cupped his<b> balls </font></b>giving a really good examination of what he got. After a few mins of handling his<b> balls </font></b>and limp cock, giving them a close look, he pulled his boxers. He asked come his deck. I get out and follow him his deck. He pulls his boxers off sits down and I sit across from him. "You wanna with it some more" asking in a more pleasant way now." Yeah sure thing but stand and put those boxers back ." He looks at weird but gets puts his boxers back ,"why" he said "maybe you would like a drink first?" I shook my head no. I motioned with my hand come closer. I wanted be the one pull his boxers off. I don't know why I just did, then again I'm not really sure why I'm so cock curious either. I get him stand really close. I put my hand the leg of his boxers and cup his<b> balls </font></b>again. I liked playing with his balls, after a gentle little ball massage I got more curious. I wanted get really close his cock n<b> balls. </font></b>Pulling him closer by his ball sack I buried my face into his shorts and to get a good smell, just to see if I really could stand it being right in my face. He smelled good. I was enjoying it. Massaging his balls, my face buried into his shorts feeling his cock through the fabric, I get this urge to get even closer. "You smell clean but I gotta be sure" He's still looking at me weird. I pull the waistband down until his still limp dick pops out, then his balls, his shorts fall to his ankles. He kicks his shoes off then kicks his shorts away. He widens his stance to get more comfortable. I get more access to his<b> balls. </font></b>I can cup his<b> balls </font></b>and feel his taint between his legs. I gently take his cock, lift it up out of my way and bury my nose into his<b> balls. </font></b>I proceed to gently move my nose from his<b> balls </font></b>traveling slowly up his shaft taking a good sniff of now not so limp cock. "Yeah nice and clean" I get another almost uncontrollable urge to taste a little bit of his precum. I lick his knob, well I'm getting into now, "WTF am I doing" I'm saying to myself. He starts a little moan and puts his hand on my head. I slap it away like a fly, "fuck that, keep your hands to yourself." That was the first time my mouth ever touched another mans cock or a mans anything really. I like the taste of my own precum, but now I just tried to lick some off the knob of some guy. There was no precum but now I want to get some. His cock goes back to limp but I'm enjoying it anyway, I'm having fun. I like the feel of it limp, I like the feel of his<b> balls. </font></b>It doesn't take long before he is hard again. He grabs his cock and starts to jerk himself, I stop him immediately taking his hands away from his cock. Fuck that I'm playing here. Now I'm cupping his<b> balls </font></b>with one hand jacking him off with my other hand. I'm watching every bobbing moment of his cock and I start leaning in. I already licked his knob, I like playing with those balls, so now I wanna try licking his smooth<b> balls. </font></b>OK, now I'm licking balls, while jacking him off, I go from licking his<b> balls </font></b>to licking his shaft, back to jacking. Making sure I avoid his knob cause now I'm thinking I want to get a good amount of precum oozing out of that knob. I want it dripping so I can have a good taste. After quite awhile of this tongue bath and jacking session I switch to just jacking him off looking straight down the barrel right in front of my face trying my best to milk this thing. Of course still cupping and massaging his<b> balls. </font></b>Still no precum not even a little, I know because I put my lips on the tip of his knob a took another little taste and nothing. He says his back is sore from working earlier that day and he can't stand there much longer wants to go inside to lay back in bed. So, after ignoring his request and playing for 5 or 10 more mins. I said "fuck it lets go" and follow him into the house, into his bedroom he lays back I sit in between his legs and start licking his<b> balls </font></b>and shaft again. I slide his knob into my mouth, just the knob I didn't go deep at all, slowly jacking his cock and massaging his<b> balls. </font></b>Then back to licking his<b> balls </font></b>and shaft. I even ventured down below his<b> balls </font></b>to lick his taint for a little bit, (after another sniff test) only because it was shaved smooth and smelled good. Then right back to jacking him again. Still no precum. Not a drop I'm disappointed now and still a little pissed off at his attitude earlier, before I corrected it that is. I got up and said I'm done you can finish yourself off. He looked pissed off and I thought he was gonna say something but I gave him a cold stare he just nodded yes, then I walked out. So, I finally got to play with a cock it wasn't my preferred type but it was some experience and was a lot of fun. I know now I'll do a little more than just jack someone off. Maybe next time I'll get someone who drips a lot of precum I need to try it straight from the tap lol. Sorry my story is probably boring to most and a little tame but this is very new to me I going very slow about it. Maybe there is other curious guys like me that are going through the same thing, if so that's my first experience I'd love to hear yours.

Newguy0784 36M
18 posts
8/25/2020 3:46 pm

Obviously you didn't find the right guy because I'm in halifax, i drip precum like crazy as soon as I'm hard and in the mood here it cums. And anyways up for something new.

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