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Painting today...9/28/2019  3  
Starting off as a self-sucker and loving my own dick9/27/2019  3  
Did some shopping....9/27/2019  3  
Holy Shit! I meet a crossdressing goddess!9/26/2019  2  
Things you don't see any more....9/25/2019  4  
Should be getting my carpets done this week...9/23/2019  3  
A Nice Surprise9/22/2019  0  
Well, Is This Not Interesting?9/22/2019  3  
"What is edging?".9/22/2019  2  
Shopping list outfits9/19/2019  10  
How the F*CK does she do that?9/16/2019  3  
Those Men!!!9/15/2019  0  
Simmering anger9/14/2019  7  
Wanting to get caught9/13/2019  0  
Free weekend...9/13/2019  1  
MY WIFE’S BIG BLACK COCK FANTASY (By Fernando)9/12/2019  0  
Game night....9/12/2019  2  
How much do you enjoy shopping9/11/2019  0  
FRIDAY INTO SATURDAY!!!9/7/2019  3  
Putinha do Estagiário9/6/2019  17  
E104: Christmas celebration9/5/2019  0  
Did my laundry yesterday.....9/2/2019  3  
Anal Surprise Oh My...9/1/2019  2  
*~ Day care for the guys! 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩2️⃣9/1/2019  10  
Life Catching Up With Me...8/31/2019  3  
August8/31/2019  2  
Getting older8/29/2019  1  
Diminishing Responses8/27/2019  5  
My bloggg ;-)8/27/2019  1  
The importance of connection for fun, casual encounters8/26/2019  2  
Triumph and Disappointment8/25/2019  30  
Saturday....8/24/2019  4  
My first fantasy8/21/2019  3  
Dressing room fantasy8/20/2019  2  
My Favorite Bits (Pardon the Expression) So Far from Netflix's "Strippers"8/14/2019  3  
Online Shopping8/13/2019  6  
We three friends have matching butt plugs.8/13/2019  9  
Shopping8/12/2019  6  
A Fun Girls Weekend in Vegas8/7/2019  1  
More Tuesday thoughts...8/6/2019  3  
Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah8/6/2019  24  
Sunday morning...8/4/2019  3  
After a long and tireless search, I have found what I am looking for....8/3/2019  21  
E099: Somethings new7/31/2019  1  
THE LAYOVER7/31/2019  6  
Scams to Look Out For7/31/2019  5  
Land of the Rising Sun: Namba7/28/2019  7  
Wanking in car and on roadside!7/27/2019  16  
Must be the Im's7/27/2019  6  
Round Two. See below for part one7/26/2019  2